Excerpt: 'Sam Saboura's Real Style'

The good news is, there are lots of ways to draw attention to your lower body and create the illusion of equal proportions. Think bright bottoms. Pants and skirts in vivid colors and prints will offset the size of your top half. Pleated and tiered skirts do the same thing by adding fullness to help balance your upper body. The flowing shape of palazzo pants is also a smart choice, because the wide legs run from hip to hem and fill out your lower half.

A short skirt is fine for the diamond, but keep the length within reason. A too-short skirt or dress will make your top half look larger compared with your slender legs, and the trade-off just isn't worth it.

Tops for the diamond are best in V-neck and scoopneck styles that draw attention away from your broad shoulders. Avoiding boatnecks, horizontal stripes, or any kind of intense pattern on your top half will keep it looking leaner. These add unnecessary width to the shoulder line and draw attention to your larger torso. Epaulettes and shoulder pads are out for you, because they magnify your upper body.


Best Feature: Sensational Legs

As a diamond, you should focus on the lower half of your body when getting dressed. Keep the top half simple and muted, and go to town on the low down. Printed skirts and pants, shorter hemlines, and sexy shoes are everything you need to show off your legs. Minimize your shoulders and bust with deeper necklines, and camouflage the fullness of your arms with draped sleeves in any length.

Try a top that falls below your hips, creating the dropped-waist look without wearing a dress. Pair it with a tube skirt, which is shaped like a long tube and hugs the body, tapering slightly from the knee down and ending at the ankle. The coverage will fill out your bottom half while providing a lean, sexy look at the same time.

Drop it!

If the diamond were stranded on a desert island with only one dress to wear, it would be one with a dropped waist. Reminiscent of the twenties and thirties, this is the classic flapper-style dress. The loose-fitting top hides your fuller upper body, bringing your great legs front and center.

The Half-Pint

You're actually in a class by yourself. You can have any of the body types addressed above, but the one characteristic that sets you apart is your short stature. You might have a stocky, athletic body, or you could be a petite version of the willow. No matter how you're built, one thing is certain: If you gain five pounds, it looks like ten.

To make up for your lack of height, you wear three-inch heels to the grocery store -- just because. You struggle with the proper skirt length for your frame, and pants are always too long. Since it's not likely that you'll be having a leg lengthening procedure in Switzerland anytime soon, you're anxious to find out what you can do to look longer and more proportional.

You can magically add inches to your height by wearing all one color. (This is called monochromatic dressing.) It makes your body look like one long, lean line, because there are no other colors to break it up.

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