Father's Day Makeovers

Father's Day gifts usually involve golf clubs and gadgets, but this year "Good Morning America" and Redbook magazine teamed up to give three deserving dads a different kind of gift -- a Father's Day makeover.

"GMA" took three fashion-challenged dads, and plucked and primped them from head to toe -- haircuts, new clothes, manicures and even teeth whitening and eyebrow shaping.

New Look Adds Up for Math Teacher

The first deserving dad was Joe Shaboo, a 34-year-old math teacher and father of a 14-month-old son, Matteo.

Joe's wife and mother said they'd like to see his look and wardrobe more in the "21st century."

"I'd like to see him in something neater and something that fits a little bit better and that's stylish," said Joe's mom, Sara.

Cheryl Kramer, beauty director for Redbook, stripped Joe of his bushy goatee and eyebrows and trimmed his thick hair.

Kramer also made Joe ditch the tie-dye T-shirt and cut-off jeans and dressed him in a funky but fashionable button-down and modern jeans.

Uptight Dad Gets Unbuttoned

Dad No. 2 was David Donnelly, a university dean who needed a fashion tutorial. Dave's kids said that his wardrobe is "old-fashiony."

"If there's gonna be one thing I could change about my dad's looks, it would be the clothes he wears, like, everyday," said one of his daughters.

Dave's fiancé, Carol, said she'd like to see some changes in the facial hair department.

"I wanna give it a shot at the goatee coming off," she said.

Dave said goodbye to the goatee, and lightened up his look with a light-blue cashmere sweater, a bold-striped shirt and classy khakis.

Surfer Dude Becomes Slick Dad

Michael Kinnett, a self-proclaimed California surfer dad, was still sporting shoulder-length, bleached-blond hair, even though he is also the chief executive officer of his own real-estate company.

Michael hasn't cut his hair in 20 years, much to the horror of his daughter, Ashley, who is getting married in the fall.

"For as long as I could remember, he's had longer hair than me -- curly, curly, blonder hair than me," Ashley said.

And Michael's wife said that his grooming rituals take longer than hers.

"Wherever we go, he's gotta have mousse in the bag," she said. "He's gotta have it at the beach in his surf things. He doesn't want to go underwater swimming. There's a lot to maintaining that hair the way it is."

Stylists chopped Michael's long locks and dyed them a more subtle shade. He was also fitted with a stylish new suit to boost his real estate career.

All of the made-over dads and their families loved their new looks.

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