George Stephanopoulos' One-on-One with Benjamin Netanyahu

And I think the important thing is that it'll be a real peace. A peace that we can defend. In our neighborhood -- it's a very tough neighborhood, the only peace that lasts is a peace that you can defend. Peace with security. This is something that we can only negotiate with our Palestinian neighbors or with any one of our other neighbors who want peace. You can only make peace with those of your neighbors who want peace. We want peace. We are ready for peace. I've been calling for peace. And I hope that we'll move on the path of peace as soon as we can.

STEPHANOPOULOS: And you're not worried that war could break out this summer?

NETANYAHU: If it's up to us, there won't be any war. I've heard these attempts to destabilize the area and … it's not a secret that Iran is goading this through Hezbollah they're trying to create tensions, probably to deflect world attention from Iran's advancement and its plan to develop nuclear weapons. It is trying to distract the agenda on false charges against Israel.

(There is a quick break, then the interview resumes.)

STEPHANOPOULOS: Mr. Prime Minister, thank you for joining us again. Let's talk about Iran. Headline in the New York Times today … about a memo Defense Secretary Gates wrote back in January. Secret memorandum where he outlined his fear that the United States does not have an effective long range policy to take on Iran's nuclear program. Do you share that fear?

NETANYAHU: Look, we all are concerned with Iran. I don't get into internal American calculations, but … you know, I spoke with President Obama when he was Senator Obama. He visited Israel. And I was the leader of the opposition at … that time. And I said … if he gets elected President, I said to then-Senator Obama, all the issues that will flood his desk will one day be pushed aside by one overriding issue.

And that is if Iran attempts to develop atomic bombs. Because they could very well either use it or threaten to use it or threaten to give it to terrorists or even give them a crude device with fissionable material that can be put in a container ship. And this could come to Manhattan or to any port in the United States or in Europe or, for that matter, in Israel.

It's a huge, huge danger. It's the biggest issue facing our times. And I think that … president has expressed his understanding of how serious a challenge it is. And we all should work together as world leaders to make sure that that challenge is met. That Iran does not acquire nuclear weapons.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But if the current effort designed to get a sanctions resolution of the U.N. Security Council, is that effective?

NETANYAHU: Will the U.N. resolution affect it or the failure to pass the U.N. resolution on it?

STEPHANOPOULOS: … we've had three U.N. resolutions so far and … the Iranis have continued to develop their nuclear program. Do you believe that this next round of sanctions being discussed in the U.N. Security Council can be effective?

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