10 New Supermodels Join 'Victoria's Secret' Angels Roster

The ten women walk the runway and talk about the road to becoming an Angel.
2:23 | 07/28/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 10 New Supermodels Join 'Victoria's Secret' Angels Roster
you by target and let's see the big picture here because we have supermodels taking over times square this morning. They are the newest Victoria's secret angels and this is their first ever appearance all together on live TV. They put the pregnant lady right in the middle of all them. How do I look? Do I look good? Oh, yeah, you can tell it all. Totally. How about we start, lady, tell me what it's like. You get the call doing the body campaign. What is it like to get the call you'll be an angel? It's the most exciting thing ever. We were so excited to be part of the amazing lineup that they have of angels. It's cool, ten angels all from different places and come from different backgrounds so it's really awesome? Doubling the number of established angels. We know some of them have -- have any of them given you some tips? Yeah, I mean all the date -- the girls have been great and just -- we are shooting the holiday commercial and seeing them working doing this for so many years it's just seeing them is like the best advice you could ever get. Angels hit 98. It's been a long time. Now you all are part of that and happy you're here and also wondering for everybody at home a takeaway. How do we work out like you? What do we eat? What do we do? Please tell us how to be you? Wow. We all do many different workouts. A lot do soul cycle or model fit. Pilates classes. Boxing. A lot of us box and a lot of us have our little eating bash bad eating habits. I eat some pizza before the holiday shoot. Everybody did. We were in Italy. We had to eat pasta and gelato. We're launching the new body by Victoria collection. All of us were in the campaign together and you can buy it today online and in stores. The most comfortable collection yet and, yeah, it looks really great. Looks really good on you, even if you eat pizza. Finally, how do I stand like in a pose and minimize this? No. Do that. Yes, great. Use it. Okay. I've been there too. You've been there? Yeah. She's been there. We have to talk and I'll get you

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{"id":32731697,"title":"10 New Supermodels Join 'Victoria's Secret' Angels Roster","duration":"2:23","description":"The ten women walk the runway and talk about the road to becoming an Angel.","url":"/GMA/video/10-supermodels-join-victorias-secret-angels-roster-32731697","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}