2013 Top Political Ads: An Afro Boosted an Election, Shaq Went Political and 'Duck Dynasty' Quacked

Comedian Mark Eaton weighs in on some of 2013's most memorable and ridiculous ads.
3:00 | 12/27/13

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Transcript for 2013 Top Political Ads: An Afro Boosted an Election, Shaq Went Political and 'Duck Dynasty' Quacked
-- Hello and welcome to top line -- Olivier knocks from Yahoo! News and I'm Rick Klein and ABC news. And today we're counting down the top five political -- -- 2013 with the help of a very funny man mark's -- a mainstay writer performer in the capitol steps mark welcome thank you -- me. Let's start off are -- run down with this little earnest more honest and funny. Someone tell you a little bit about -- -- he's the only Democrat to gusts are really breaks from the Bloomberg here's the only one will raise taxes on the rich. -- lows will be in the air for every New York no matter where they live. What do. And I see that even if you work. So market a twist ending what do you make of that. Well I think the first time you see -- unit and hear what he's saying -- measures mesmerized but after that it takes you where that is seventies ABA Africa. But the act -- for the first time you see it kind of the the punchline is out there that this is his dad. But I think it had such impact because people were wowed by it originally and you see this you know this this young man and you're coming your law all the longer thinking okay this kind of standard political fare. But then the ad says something that he did actually -- -- you can't say out loud which is by the way -- -- black right. -- -- is the only one that would tax the rich deep and that's really true. Really the only -- that happy woman mayor for all New Yorkers and what the -- reliever but you're not gonna care where not much OK and other news to celebrity that we wanna get into at a very high profile races take a look at take a look at this from -- New Jersey governor Chris -- I won't endorse many politicians. For Chris Christie's different. He's a good man. Excuse me he's a great man please join me supporting Chris Christie the government. OK so big man out of knicks really practice and I love that they put the basketball gold mining that we might forget -- -- actually hasn't been -- I love that he's dressed what did you -- -- -- -- cut that bush is the exact same set that he doesn't new gold -- body -- at RadioShack everyone is attacked him -- and it's already agreed at this that a sequel which is absolutely you along with -- -- -- -- respects and -- Zealand and strike fear into the hearts of all it can affect owners. If there is significant shut down the Golden Corral that's what fountain of chocolate everything he had and the next candidate the candidate won. Let's see it's because or despite -- -- I did well Robertson remind you to get out that in November states Spain. Matt McAllister what's your gut response to the senate. Mike that responses that I am I'm worried that we're gonna see other reality stars now having to endorse candidates you know who's honey do -- You guys -- truckers endorse this. The next that is from an unsuccessful alt national the other it was -- -- is -- far from winners and he starts with a little bit of a poke at what negative ads -- like ethical. Gabriel Gomez is a very bad man. Kill old people -- hey where did he even leave the toilet seat. Congressman Markey must think which do you -- an independent -- friendly BC UP real goons. It's actually was an attack at but it didn't it starts by. Setting up attack and write her credit reversed attack yet we're so attuned to hearing what those attack ads are like these days that you had carried him inside them like this right where bulletin there's an ultimate that -- diseases -- must think we're stupid. It shows a picture of the toilet seat up they should be here that shows that it's not because we can't figure out that they -- Calling -- stupid in that regard as the after winners at a loser now we have us something about tossup. This is and one of the most high profile races in the country the Kentucky senate race it's let's take a look at this. I -- they would I want -- me and I want to thank Alison lender and not -- -- their last name and married into. -- -- -- -- -- you can't look away hey and up the -- seen this one has done the best traffic on YouTube it's nearly 600000. Was 600000 people who -- assume clicked a link Atlanta on their in box with Peter OMG or WTF. Is this a good -- I think it's horrific -- You guys might have violated the Geneva convention but so were all gonna wake up at 3 AM this morning with us on her head we're going to be so angry citizens can keep rule in rule but here's the question do we get that angry and thinking about Mitch McConnell or Allison -- -- -- -- -- -- I think -- would. Definitely err on the side of disliking her having her name repeated over and over in your enemy they should that -- went on a move today could finish the -- to be begging for water or. -- -- On that I think she carried -- -- -- on. Mark thank you very much -- that -- opera that's all the time we have for top line. I'm Olivier Knox Yahoo! News you can follow me on Twitter at -- Knox and Everett climbed from ABC news you can follow me on Twitter at -- follow our guests our mental meandering path to -- steps find us all week long it abcnews.com. And Yahoo.com. And -- ever -- on us next time.

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{"id":21345465,"title":"2013 Top Political Ads: An Afro Boosted an Election, Shaq Went Political and 'Duck Dynasty' Quacked ","duration":"3:00","description":"Comedian Mark Eaton weighs in on some of 2013's most memorable and ridiculous ads.","url":"/GMA/video/2013-top-political-ads-afro-boosted-election-shaq-21345465","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}