Target to Sell 99 Dollar Wedding Dresses

Store chain will offer four styles of gowns, 10 bridesmaids dresses and two flower girl frocks.
2:32 | 05/23/13

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Transcript for Target to Sell 99 Dollar Wedding Dresses
Target is out with wedding dresses that are just $99. Abc's bianna golodryga is here with that. Bianna, this is good news for brides. Good news and these are beautiful dresses too, good morning, everyone. There is no denying target is not your typical big box retailer. Over the past few years executives at the chain have been thinking outside of the box. Teaming up with high-end designers like missoni and neiman-marcus last winter. Their latest may have more saying "i do" than ever. With every celebrity wedding a new trend is born. With jessica biel's pretty in pink gown with keira knightley's short and sassy number. While these a-list frocks are fun for inspiration they're not friendly to the pocket of book. Now target is affording it exclusively online. That latest targeting nuptial necessity. S it's a huge industry, it generates that 4 billion a year and we've seen a lot of online retailers enter the space. ♪ Reporter: Here's what they're offering. Four styles of wedding gowns, ten bridesmaids dresses and two flower girl frocks in sizes ranging from 2 to 28. And the nicest news for your wallet, the prices range from 69.99 to $129.99. The average wedding dress currently costs around $1200. For that amount of money, brides-to-be could purchase six wedding and eight bridesmaid dresses at target. But costco isn't the first to take a walk down the aisle. Costco cashed in in 2011. Most famous for bulk toilet paper and mixed nuts got into the bridal game. Handler not included. I think it's a great idea that had just not even crossed my mind. Reporter: Newly engaged taylor is on the hunt for her perfect dress. It's hard because you want it to be special and perfect and beautiful but how much can you really spend on a dress that you wear one day one time? Reporter: So would she consider buying a dress from target? They're so classic, they're timeless. This he's simple and it's really evident that you can do whatever to make this your own. Well, these dresses are only available online and target has no plans to carry them in stores but if you order a dress and it doesn't fit it can be returned as long as shoppers comply with their return policy. Great. Exactly. I'm just glad it wasn't available when my dad was helping pay for my wedding. He would have nudged me towards target.

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{"id":19240721,"title":"Target to Sell 99 Dollar Wedding Dresses","duration":"2:32","description":"Store chain will offer four styles of gowns, 10 bridesmaids dresses and two flower girl frocks.","url":"/GMA/video/99-wedding-gowns-target-store-start-selling-gowns-19240721","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}