Algerian Hostage Crisis: Fate of the Americans

Crisis meets bloody end, at least one American killed.
2:20 | 01/21/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Algerian Hostage Crisis: Fate of the Americans
Now, to the hostage crisis in north africa. New and chilling details emerging about that raid and standoff at a natural gas complex in algeria. Several americans did manage to escape. Abc's brian ross has the story of their terrifying ordeal. Reporter: During the four-day siege, authorities say some hostages were executed. Others made to wear explosives around their necks. A phone call from inside, made to authorities outside, about what algerian tv said was one of the hostages in broken english. We have prisoners. We have hostages with bombs planted on the body. Please, call back. Please, call back. Reporter: An al qaeda commander followed back with this ominous message in arabic. We will kill the american hostages here. We will slaughter them. Algerian tv said one of the hostages made this video, as he and others escaped across the desert. Survivors said one of the captors spoke excellent english and may have been from canada. And many of the terrorists were dressed as security guards, making the decision to run for it very difficult. You don't know who they are. And we know the terrorists are dressed the same as the security forces. And it was a huge decision. Do you stay? Or do you go? Reporter: The rogue, one-eyed al qaeda leader, mokhtar belmokhtar, has taken credit for the attack. We and al qaeda announce this blessed operation, he was reported to have said. The chairman of the house intelligence committee told abc news, the u.S. Knew that some kind of an attack was coming from his group. We didn't know for sure if they would be this particular place under those circumstances. But we knew that they were trying to find and complete a target against a western target, which this clearly was. Reporter: Algerian officials say they have discovered a number of bodies that were so badly burned or disfigured they cannot be immediately identified. As of this morning, of the ten americans known to be at the plant, seven escaped. One from texas has been confirmed as killed. And the fate of two others is growing concern about what happened to them. They were inside the plant when the army launched its bloody rescue attempt, amy. We are certainly thinking of their families this morning. Brian ross, thank you so much.

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{"id":18270164,"title":"Algerian Hostage Crisis: Fate of the Americans","duration":"2:20","description":"Crisis meets bloody end, at least one American killed.","url":"/GMA/video/algerian-hostage-crisis-fate-americans-18270164","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}