Child Star Seen Reading Headline on Own Downfall

Amanda Bynes' erratic behavior is seen in paparazzi photos from the streets of NYC.
3:00 | 04/10/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Child Star Seen Reading Headline on Own Downfall
The pint-sized prankster on nickelodeon's "all that." I have one thing to say, welcome to the cast! Reporter: Gone from headlining her own sketch comedy show at just 13. My name is amanda. To this, a nearly unrecognizable amanda bynes. These photos illustrate the 27-year-old's behavior on the streets of new york even caught reading the headline. Perhaps this paparazzo captured best, what happened to this child star? Even this new look that she has is very different from the amanda bynes that a lot of people watched grow up. She has pierced cheeks and just acting really erratically. Reporter: Bynes taking to twitter saying she has an eating disorder and saying, I'm suing certain blogs and magazines saying I have a mental illness. They take pictures any time I've gained weight. She was even kicked out of gymnastics class after she reportedly showed up wearing wigs and fish nets. She said I'm suing every blog that said I was kicked out of gyms. She was arrested for a dui after crashing her bmw in a cop car. A judge later suspended her license after a series of wrong turns behind the wheel. Then last fall, she was reportedly dropped by her management team. She's been in constant trouble with the law but what's different about her and other childhood stars is that she seems to be facing this alone. We never see her out with people. Reporter: Bynes' fall from hollywood grace is heating up the mommy blogs with one saying "it's a shame because she's so talented and funny" others calling it "sad". For years she was this sweet, innocent star, someone you laughed at, someone you took your children to see her movies. Moms can't help but internal lyzing and feeling for her. She did not respond to request fora comment. Both charges she pleaded not guilty. A week ago she failed to appear in court for one of those charges. She doesn't have the entourage or friends or close family. One person in her life that could get to her. We've all heard about lindsay lohawell, last night she

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{"id":18922087,"title":"Child Star Seen Reading Headline on Own Downfall","duration":"3:00","description":"Amanda Bynes' erratic behavior is seen in paparazzi photos from the streets of NYC.","url":"/GMA/video/amanda-bynes-twitter-piercings-raise-eyebrows-child-star-18922087","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}