Angelina Jolie: 'Really Grateful for All the Support'

The actress made her first public appearance since revealing she had a double mastectomy.
2:03 | 06/03/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Angelina Jolie: 'Really Grateful for All the Support'
up, too. Angelina jolie making her first public appearance after revealing her preventative double mastectomy. Thank you. Reporter: Amid cheering fans and signs of support, angelina jolie returned to the spot light for the first time since publicly revealing her very private surgery. Eel great. I feel wonderful. I'm grateful for all the support. Reporter: She first wrote about her decision to have a preventative double mastectomy in the new york times two weeks ago. She said she went public to make other women aware of their options. I've been very happy to see the discussion about women's health expanded. That means the world to me. Reporter: The 37-year-old actress who will reportedly undergo a preventative hysterectomy later this year was at risk from a muted gene that increased the risk of breast and ovarian cancer. Writing after the surgery, my chances of developing breast cancer have dropped there 87% to under 5%. After losing my mom to these issue, I'm grateful for it. I've been moved by the kind support from people. Reporter: And for the man by her side, brad pitt, these words of affection. He's been extraordinary. Just extraordinary. He's such a -- a wonderful man and a wonderful father. And I'm very, very lucky. Reporter: And we spoke with brad one on one about ang leer th -- angelina's decision to go public, he said it made their tighter. They were moved by how many other families were dealing with the same issue. More on that in the next half hour. She has done so much to open up the dialogue. They've made a real difference.

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{"id":19311323,"title":"Angelina Jolie: 'Really Grateful for All the Support'","duration":"2:03","description":"The actress made her first public appearance since revealing she had a double mastectomy.","url":"/GMA/video/angelina-jolie-double-mastectomy-actress-grateful-support-19311323","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}