Arnold Schwarzenegger Stars in Bud Light Super Bowl Ad

Sara Haines explains what has people buzzing on the "GMA" Pop News Heat Index.
3:00 | 01/19/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Arnold Schwarzenegger Stars in Bud Light Super Bowl Ad
Thanks Jeff Katz campaigns in Los Angeles southern Iraq. -- news in the -- and -- we wish you weren't here -- -- -- got them. Great headline for -- -- sharing deal in addition to these awards -- that we can't get enough of you know what this time of year means Super Bowl Sunday -- it's just fourteen days away. As can be expected the advertising are bringing out of state guns with Arnold Schwarzenegger -- -- the -- of -- Bud Light commercial. The top secret -- won't be revealed until Super Bowl Sunday but in the meantime here's -- Can you -- to whet your appetite. The terminator star reportedly raked in three million dollars for -- for. Performance which might explain why they couldn't afford a better -- -- And while we -- talking makeovers the brand new trailer for -- then shows the amazing prosthetics and makeup. Used to transform one of the world's most beautiful women and to possibly one of the scariest. -- -- -- -- Is it possible I think it is that Angelina until he is still gorgeous even with razor sharp cheekbones. And enormous -- Melissa symphony -- in the left a sense -- hits theaters this -- And guys I am still on -- high from last night I actually might still be in a dream state. There were so many amazing people and moments I wanted to -- some of my favorite moments with you that. From the wrecked her. As women in these beautiful dresses have you eaten today again I at a night. Big breakfasts. I had ports to exactly -- still lists the real Mary's. He. It's delicious and it just recommending just -- yeah. And that tiny sip champagne if you -- your career after someone that you looked up to you who would it be. Good question. -- I would say -- -- -- plays examiner show uses. Veteran actor and he's been working for -- and he's really cooled down to earth guy he's not affected by the. Business at all. Crowd -- -- of your dad it's just incredible yes and you're absolutely right to have the -- privilege of celebrating dad. In all his. Florian is beautiful -- then take extraordinary for. Performances. A delight beyond compare the feeling you presented last week and you say you know that's my daddy knows the little girl and you don't get that opportunity -- yeah. I'm very -- to. You are denied to have the best actress Perez on my. -- presume they might get. -- is Sachin helpful surprise when you meet people that are -- down to earth and lovely and -- this. What a classy group and you're talking about -- -- the camaraderie between the shows in the cast mates for the C Brewster in there with -- father and I think he just had the right way to button up that conversation writings and a look -- got the best. Actors right here that happened to be my daughter. He was still cutie actually leaned over -- said you have beautiful eyes and if people aren't telling you that any of the wrong people -- I do you. But -- -- of your parents Saturday. And as you at my rod asked -- to -- you have beautiful eyes. You're beautiful I look at a Hollywood sign goes through your head yeah. -- -- I think I'm I moved steadily.

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{"id":21589126,"title":"Arnold Schwarzenegger Stars in Bud Light Super Bowl Ad","duration":"3:00","description":"Sara Haines explains what has people buzzing on the \"GMA\" Pop News Heat Index.","url":"/GMA/video/arnold-schwarzenegger-stars-bud-light-super-bowl-ad-21589126","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}