Astronaut Blown Away by Realism of 'Gravity'

Astronaut Michael Massimino, considered to be an inspiration for George Clooney's character.
1:29 | 10/04/13

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Transcript for Astronaut Blown Away by Realism of 'Gravity'
Six you've seen the movie I have yeah. I've seen the movie does it feel like it takes you back it tough for me it does because at the beginning of the movie. They're working on the Hubble space telescope which is my MySpace -- have been horrible. In particular most recent mission is this seems like simple things go bad -- that has recreated in in the movie itself but I think with the director did as they studied. The Hubble IMAX movie was stated in our flight because it's exactly our payload. I think -- -- we're like oh maybe five or six other people when I was looking for things and I saw the IMAX camera or -- -- irrational or equipment. Carriers and the Hubble is like the exact -- and even the lighting is -- lighting we -- in space which is unusual because this and so bright. You see things very clearly. So is exactly what I saw even like tools. We are one of a kind Carter tool that we had to cut -- -- inside one of the instruments that they've made for a so we use our space walk and it's floating behind Sandra -- heads they're. This -- there's my wire cutter to assert this right there he didn't see Sandra first. Now it is sexual identity as I was a look at I think the senate we're looking at this -- -- -- I was -- look at that look at that tool isn't that saw the tools we ridership -- power told the -- -- -- aren't practical that Yogi -- was on the baseball. As enumerated powers toward their. So they recreated exactly so someone did a lot of work to make sure that it looked. Exactly the way the most recent Hubble --

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{"id":20477846,"title":"Astronaut Blown Away by Realism of 'Gravity'","duration":"1:29","description":"Astronaut Michael Massimino, considered to be an inspiration for George Clooney's character.","url":"/GMA/video/astronaut-blown-realism-gravity-20477846","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}