Teen Kidnappers Demanded Ransom

Court documents confirm Ayvani Perez's abductors asked for a ransom, before returning her unharmed.
2:35 | 09/20/13

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Transcript for Teen Kidnappers Demanded Ransom
Now, to new details on the abduction of the teenage girl in georgia, snatched from her home at gunpoint. The 14-year-old says as many as four men were involved in the kidnapping and holding her for 36 hours. And newly-released court documents show they did demand a ransom. Abc's gio benitez has been tracking this ever-developing story. Reporter: Unbelievable. Good morning to you, robin. The big question is, was this just a random home invasion? Newly released court documents show just hours after the girl was taken, her family began receiving calls demanding cash and drugs, in exchange for her release. Something that at the time, police publicly denied. The fbi now says it tracked down this man, wildrego jackson, by tracing call records from the blocked phone number used to demand ransom, from ayvani perez's family. Jackson seen here in a courtroom sketch, appeared in federal court thursday, facing charges of conspiracy to commit kidnapping for ransom and possession of a firearm. Investigators also say that just days before the kidnapping, jackson's girlfriend rented a gray dodge challenger. At the time of the kidnapping, they say a witness saw a gray dodge speeding away from the home after hearing screams. Abc station wsb reports that jackson, who goes by the street name, dreco, has a lengthy rap sheet, going back ten years. This morning, we're also learning more about perez's harrowing 36-hour ordeal. According to court documents, perez told investigators, three to four men abducted her, hiding their faces. Telling her not to look at them. A 14-year-old girl -- Reporter: As national media attention focused on the abduction, it appears the kidnappers may have had a change of heart, calling family and dropping the teen off at a relative's house in conyers, 26 miles away, without a ransom. This case is unusual. It looks like there were multiple players involved. The kidnapping appears to be an afterthought. When they don't get any money, they release the victim unharmed. Reporter: Meanwhile, police say this man, juan rodriguez, was also picked up in relation to the case. He's being held on unrelated immigration charges. But we've learned in 2012, he was busted with perez's mom in a pot trafficking ring. Charges were later dropped. And we still don't know what was behind this abduction or even that home invasion. But we do know police are still on the hunt for two other men. And, robin, that little girl, safe and sound. That's the headline. That is the headline. All right, gio, thank you. If any of you need anymore

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{"id":20315859,"title":"Teen Kidnappers Demanded Ransom","duration":"2:35","description":"Court documents confirm Ayvani Perez's abductors asked for a ransom, before returning her unharmed.","url":"/GMA/video/atlanta-teen-ayvani-perezs-kidnappers-demanded-ransom-20315859","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}