Author Andy Andrews Talks New Book 'The Seven Decisions'

The inspirational author explains how "The Seven Decisions" can help people make good choices.
3:19 | 08/13/14

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Transcript for Author Andy Andrews Talks New Book 'The Seven Decisions'
Now the best-selling author Andy Andrews has a brand-new book out called "The seven decisions: Understanding the keys to personal success" and he's sharing his keys with us and asked you at home for some of the mantras you live by. ? I am so giving your first book as a present to family and friends and talking about the decisions. Tell us what you mean by that and importance of them. These decisions, I call them decisions because decisions are just principles that you decide to implement in your life. The principles of personal success, the principles of parenting, of relationships, of leadership, of financial achievement. These principles are floating around out there too so why shouldn't we learn them to harness them to create the future of our choosing. You say number one the buck stops here. Taking personal responsibility. You're a firm believer in that. I am and responsibility is about hope and control and who among us doesn't want to have hope for a greater future that we control. If I can look in the mirror and I can say I've had some crazy thing happen in my life and I couldn't do anything about them but I've made choices in response to those crazy things that have led me to a place I don't like. Well, if you make choices that lead you to a place you don't like doesn't it make sense you can make choices that lead you to a place you do like. You can make good choices too. You have proven you can make bad choices. That's what the other six decisions are about. You say choose to be happy. Oh, great. How can I be happy? I'm in debt. Gone through a divorce, don't have a job, you're telling me choose to be happy. Is it that simple. I believe we can be intentionally grateful and I think when we are grateful we can change our perspective. We asked our viewers to send in their morning mantras, those little sayings that got them going. So I want to play a little bit of them right now. I believe every day is a gift and I have a responsibility and an opportunity to live out that gift on purpose. Smile and laugh every day and never, ever give up. Live life, don't let life live you. Complete the work and get the job done. I'm on a roller coaster that only goes up. There might be bumps on the road don't let it stop you. Sun think summer day. Don't let anything get in my way. How important is it to have that mantra, those words just to get them going in the morning? I think it's hugely important. And I think that it's important to incorporate the gratefulness into that mantra. If there is one decision that a person watching this morning can take away and apply right now and be most effective? It would be number six, it would be I will greet this day with a forgiving spirit. I see more disasters in relationships and in businesses and in teams because of a lack of forgiveness than any other thing and a lack of understanding about this principle. It is a decision to for give and it's important we do that so we can press life's reset button and begin again. And we've said this oftentimes that when you forgive the person that benefits the most, you. It's you. It really is. Push that reset button. Thank you for your mantras. Coming up back-to-school

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{"id":24959625,"title":"Author Andy Andrews Talks New Book 'The Seven Decisions'","duration":"3:19","description":"The inspirational author explains how \"The Seven Decisions\" can help people make good choices.","url":"/GMA/video/author-andy-andrews-talks-book-decisions-24959625","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}