Barista Masters Compete in the Super Bowl of Coffee Making

A look at who can make the perfect cup of coffee.
2:54 | 04/14/13

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Transcript for Barista Masters Compete in the Super Bowl of Coffee Making
Now, in the who knew there was such a thing category, we take you to the u.S. Barista championship. More than 40 masters competing in what's called the super bowl of coffeemaking this weekend. At least we're calling it the super bowl of coffeemaking. I like that name the countdown is on. Judges crowning a winner later today. And marcy gonzales is just back from the event. Supercharged, right? Reporter: Caffeinated. Bianna and dan, these baristas are much more than the people who misspell your name on your morning latte order. They are experts, competing in what they say is an intense science and art form. It has the competitive feel of a spectator sport. But here, victory tastes so much sweeter. Baristas from small companies and cafes coast-to-coast, have come to boston to battle for the title of u.S. Barista champion. It's a huge deal. In this community, the champion is regarded as almost like a cult figure. Reporter: Each of the pros have 15 minutes to brew and woo the judges, who are closely skrut nating their concoctions for showmanship and taste. These are so much more than just your average cups of joe. The co2 is releasing into the espre espresso. I'm using a sho espresso with a little bit of maple syrup. Reporter: The reigning champion is here defending her title and all the delicious glory. It's a pretty big deal in the coffee world. A little famous in the coffee world. Reporter: And now, the heat is on for the fame, the trophy and the chance to show the world that this job goes beyond just the daily grind. And the winner crowned today goes on to compete in the world championship in australia next month. Dan and bianna, I brought you back goodies. These are so freshly created, they don't have a name yet. I can taste them. That's the strawberry infused one you heard them talking about in the piece. Verdict? Ooh. Tough. I don't know. That doesn't bode well for the australians. Maybe I shouldn't say who created this one. Maybe it's better when it's hot. I think these are served cold. That has apple juice and -- no? Okay. You should try it, dan. Thank you. Trying to kill off our co-anchor. Marci, appreciate it. And coming up here on this

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{"id":18950968,"title":"Barista Masters Compete in the Super Bowl of Coffee Making","duration":"2:54","description":"A look at who can make the perfect cup of coffee.","url":"/GMA/video/barista-masters-compete-super-bowl-coffee-making-18950968","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}