Bill O'Reilly says 'hatred' brought down Roger Ailes

Former Fox News anchor O'Reilly responded to the death of Ailes at age 77 by saying, "a lot of people hated him and that hatred ultimately brought him down."
4:08 | 05/19/17

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Transcript for Bill O'Reilly says 'hatred' brought down Roger Ailes
trip and visit Israel, the Vatican, and sillcily. Bill O'Reilly speaking out about Ailes' legacy as questions are raised about what will happen to the women who are suing him for sexual harassment. Good morning, Rebecca. Reporter: Good morning. You're right, several pending lawsuits and a federal investigation into whether fox News' parent company violated security laws. With the passing they wonder how dough they move forward. There are few human beings on this planet who were visionaries. Roger was one of them. Reporter: Bill O'Reilly speaking about the passing of Roger Ailes. He was a tough guy and settled scores and that made him a big target. He alienated a lot of people. He was very tough and a lot of people hated him and that hatred ultimately brought him down. Reporter: He told listeners on his no spin newscast, he thought he never recovered after forced to resign. His departure from Fox News break his heart. There were accusations and denied them and ultimately he walked away and he was never the same. He steadily denied them but this work with remaining lawsuits against him and his former network still at large, his unexpected death calls into question what happens next in those cases. Roger Ailes' death will probably cause these lawsuits to be settled out of court. He was never deposed in either lawsuit so nevcouldn't refute it under oath. We remember our founder Roger Ailes art his former colleagues remembering him. Roger's legacy will live on through the Fox News channel. There's no doubt about it. Reporter: Roger Ailes is survived by his wife Elizabeth and son Zachary and those who brought allegations against him are declining comment saying they're keeping that family in their thoughts and prayers. Joining us is Dan Abrams. So, we heard in Rebecca's piece, do these cases have to be settled. They don't have to be. They might but they don't have to be. An argument who it could help. You could argue it helps the plaintiffs because Roger Ailes isn't there to respond so you'll only hear one side of the story, oce his estate could say you shouldn't be allowed to private conversations if he's not alive anymore. There is an arcane state law that typically doesn't apply in cases like in that they my T to get to about testifying about private conversations. A bunch of legal rulings. Pending cases where he's not listed as a defendant. There is a huge difference between the cases where they're suing Roger Ailes versus investigating or suing Fox News. Any case that involves just suing fox or investigating fox is going to continue as is. He would have just been a witness. And those cases are going to continue. The tougher question is the ones where he was the defendant. He is the defendant -- he should lose those and his estate. In a case where someone dies, a scar dent, the estate of the person who died takes on the responsibility. The plaintiff is then suing the estate of that person so that's going to be the case here. Anyone suing Roger Ailes in effect now is suing his estate and moved to Florida recently, probably in part because Florida has good laws when it comes to your home not being subject to any lawsuits. A lot of maneuver going on even by religion before his death. Thanks. We swish to a scary carnal accident? Washington state where three including a child tumbled from

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{"id":47507993,"title":"Bill O'Reilly says 'hatred' brought down Roger Ailes","duration":"4:08","description":"Former Fox News anchor O'Reilly responded to the death of Ailes at age 77 by saying, \"a lot of people hated him and that hatred ultimately brought him down.\"","url":"/GMA/video/bill-oreilly-hatred-brought-roger-ailes-47507993","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}