'Blade Runner' on Suicide Watch After Charged With Girlfriend's Murder

Bazi Kanani has the latest news on the double-amputee Olympic athlete from South Africa.
2:46 | 02/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Blade Runner' on Suicide Watch After Charged With Girlfriend's Murder
We're gonna turn overseas now to new details about the double amputee athlete they called blade runner reportedly on suicide watch after being charged with murdering his model girlfriend. Oscar -- stories burst into tears during his court appearance yesterday quite a fall from grace. For the athlete who just six months ago inspired the world with his performance of the Summer Olympics in -- -- canady has the latest good morning to you boxing. Good morning be on a police are still coming and going from this luxurious state where Oscar the stories this home is still an active crime scene. Prosecutors say the evidence gathered so far leave them to believe what happened here was murder. But the stories his family now says there's another explanation. The once proud Olympian Oscar historians -- broke down at his first court appearance. Weeping as a judge announced he would be charged with premeditated murder. Local media quote police as saying his cover model girlfriend -- steam comp was shot four times through a bathroom door. With a nine millimeter pistol recovered from historians his house on Valentine's Day major south African newspaper the field at reports the first neighbor on the scene. Found the story is trying to read by sixteen -- but with CPR. Future. I think cut short relative -- -- -- angels. Prosecutors dismissed reports the story as -- -- his girlfriend for an intruder. In his defense that the story Stanley issued a statement saying the alleged to murder is disputed in the strongest terms. Nicknamed the blade runner and he was the first -- double amputee compete at the Olympics and inspiration to many around the world. Most government so it isn't really. Flying here. And say they believe the shooting must've been a horrific accident. Ex girlfriend Janet Adkins -- I have dated Oscar aren't off for five years not want -- ever lifted a finger to -- made me fear for my life. But police say they have responded to domestic disputes at the home before though not saying if those involved Steen com. A 29 year old law school graduate whose modeling career was taking off. -- -- -- -- Included in -- south African reality show producers say it will launch -- scheduled tonight with a special tribute to the life of the young woman. Because he didn't -- and he -- -- Should current and -- and so popular so they won't -- -- -- -- -- Seeing -- funeral will be held on Tuesday the same day Oscar historian makes his next court appearance when his attorneys will ask that he be released on bail. -- -- Have to think about this poor -- -- -- to having to parent and daughter.

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{"id":18518824,"title":"'Blade Runner' on Suicide Watch After Charged With Girlfriend's Murder","duration":"2:46","description":"Bazi Kanani has the latest news on the double-amputee Olympic athlete from South Africa.","url":"/GMA/video/blade-runner-suicide-watch-charged-girlfriends-murder-18518824","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}