Blizzard 2013: Power Outages for Hundreds of Thousands of People

John Schriffen discusses how Americans are dealing with the lack of electricity.
2:53 | 02/09/13

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Transcript for Blizzard 2013: Power Outages for Hundreds of Thousands of People
You're in New York City where people are normally skeptical about whether warnings and everything else. After sending the defiance is dramatically diminished which is justified take a look at the numbers more than. 600000. Customers in the dark including 400000 in Connecticut. ABC's -- and is out on Long Island in New York which had massive power problems -- sandy John hasn't looking right now. Well -- right now we're seeing about 101000 power outages that's because the power company says this time around. They weren't ready for the worse when the storm started we had those painful ice pellets being whipped around and -- strong winds now at progressed to this soft. Fluffy snow and as you can see we have almost two feet of this stuff here a Long Island. And it is not easy to clear this -- Out of the way it is pretty tough here now because there -- so much snow covering trees covering power lines hundreds of power crews from all around the country's far away as Michigan. -- in Canada were called in. The -- -- whether that's wreaking Havoc. -- snowstorm intensified like the ports of Long Island. With a foot of snow and technical points. Cars stranded on the Long Island Expressway were stopped dead in their tracks. The road conditions became too dangerous. As residents wake up this morning some are finding their lights -- -- it. The local power company expects the number power outages that violence with a 100000. Customers. Some who -- more than a week in the dark after -- -- sandy. Weren't sure how long the power will be out this time. Couldn't get much more ourselves for helping to the back. Over in the rockaway section of New York City it's a similar feeling if we go again. This was flooded during sandy pushing -- -- might output to six weeks. But this time he's staying -- it's a little disheartening. -- -- -- -- Learning the hard way many decided to stock up on ice in gasoline for the generator -- -- -- Long Island National -- who controls the power lines here says this time around. The response will be faster. -- -- you have learned their lesson. Making sure crews were in place. For the snow started falling. What part of the. Storm concerns you the most -- -- snow and potential wet snow. But winds in excess of sixty miles an hour. Now it's up to cruise like this team called in from Ontario Canada. It'll work in the polls are down on the ground that's in this his -- comes out. They've all -- in Newport. And that process how does that take. Could be hours could be minutes don't know where it is. And is Chris who have been called in from out of town so they have no clue how long they will be here. The power company says most customers can expect their -- go on within 24 hours after -- reported going out -- on a. 24 hours is better than the weeks they didn't have power -- sandy all right John thank --

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{"id":18449286,"title":"Blizzard 2013: Power Outages for Hundreds of Thousands of People","duration":"2:53","description":"John Schriffen discusses how Americans are dealing with the lack of electricity. ","url":"/GMA/video/blizzard-2013-power-outages-hundreds-thousands-people-18449286","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}