Bootleg Butt Injections: A Dangerous Price for Beauty

Young women in Venezuela risking their lives for cut-rate backside enhancement procedures.
3:00 | 03/18/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bootleg Butt Injections: A Dangerous Price for Beauty
-- seemed ideal Bonnie has always come at a price. They hear -- in Caracas Venezuela clean UN crossing over into the dark side. We are looking for a Doctor Who runs and -- by escalating out of his apartment normal normal -- York. We'll call you doctor -- he asks is not to use -- really that he is a medical doctor. He doesn't cut rate currently in his cluttered home. Because they're not legal and gusts believes that he should be which is why after months of contact he's agreed to let us film we'll be -- this. -- Just think -- -- and they have tortured animals took home -- where -- job. Just okay. You boys who were here. And what he does though considered so dangerous it's also banned in the US -- has become very very popular. Along with the life. Book. And in Iraq -- the extreme beauty capital of the U. -- -- -- -- -- We came here for the local my kids. They had told me that's been fun panic in the big fun but definitely wasn't expecting a ticket. -- -- One of his patients is -- me to list followed by NASA Fiat. I have a lack of -- -- games. Her family has begged her not to do -- over the past year Caracas at least seventeen women die from botched bunt injection. Dill who -- -- -- and that's the way apple and -- off an upset him. Place on any moment -- and rules of the F unsafe planes saint ENEA. Hit -- -- us. But I find that May Day an analyst Nancy selling general SA don't get asked him if -- -- -- landing -- us feel safe and again. We'll -- he's -- Kaspersky will be in my -- Have and I have a funny thing. You know -- -- -- -- sign and banner -- some that can invent it. And when we needed her doctor got. -- for the surgery it's actually not her first time. She was here four years ago when she was sixteen years. To their fifth. She's back because she feels it's. It's not -- Larry years and AM Jimmy -- when he. Can't keep -- I'm really only. -- cam looking up. For the second -- mix of fuel remaining moments of 300 dollars. Money she borrowed from their friends. -- -- -- about the cocktail he's about T zones of C he first tells us that he would use silicon. Later he tells us it's highly ironic -- He's about to begin and -- an -- -- he threw. So -- -- is very important that we hear yeah. Yesterday stared -- area is reduced to Denver clues. I do not and so he could over power -- this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But -- it got -- little Cuomo you're releasing. And asking her why it's important. Denying German -- -- -- campaign. -- -- -- is a and Lisa analysts she's given him 300 dollars to -- it's a lot less than a legal procedure. We -- fact it's transparent from the stomach to the backside. That technique is out of reach for -- because it costs more than 101000 dollars. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Doctor -- announces he is but with and a static. Then he installs reports from there he will begin the injections. Not -- -- -- sentenced -- Focus. A little that is. What you're doing -- day. -- -- -- -- -- -- Each seeming to stand screwed into the ports and using sports doctor gust ponds and -- solution into -- It's great seriousness and the -- Cameron even after -- -- Dying more like -- One after another. -- arranged after -- the procedure continues and nineteen minutes spent on each cheek. I can't let me thank game. -- -- Those who need it. Doctor and got through considers himself an -- Stents tiny little thing is putting his. -- -- Is excruciating. I want this yes the great -- The three day. Call three days reading eighty here we dated in the room you will -- hope. I am free agent have to sleep she's laying down used to being here. April reckon that if people they. So tired I love. -- Harding nabbed in carrying out its case. But he and possibly assist that a police are looking so good he can't he -- He's very pleased with his way. -- Crossing into the -- Earlier. -- -- And when her friend comes and picks her up from doctor gases since -- racist or an uncomfortable ride home. He admits many of his patients become addicted to injections. Chemical -- -- funeral mass Tacoma girl -- kittles had moved to kill bit me in the last. My own mask blue you can get me he can get media he can you media does -- -- -- -- -- -- diesel that the way. Morning that it took this claim it's -- I mean typical -- -- -- -- Wendell access into my -- let passengers -- -- -- -- got a -- I think that. -- -- utility job I thank you -- be -- who get into that in America -- isn't overly. But for a lot of people in the US watching this they would consider you to be doing exactly that. To be doing this basically -- money this procedure that is dangerous and illegal what would you say. I wouldn't negotiate any of those that he had been slacking off at least you know -- didn't have to believe that. I don't get -- pretty -- -- adult equivalent that. We went to see -- he was doing. Challenging economic bus and that buddy that things are not back yet. They seen. She came back. From the doctors three days ago. They hate gay thing and dancing down came out of that I think -- so ever since she got and actions he's. Tax -- laid out like it's all day. For three days now. So one more week -- laying down like this rest. Avoiding walking gasoline is sitting down but is he says she's not finished. And before we departed Caracas she tells us she plans to do it again when she -- you didn't make it possible he thought -- happening. Saint animal for them I had -- -- game -- half an -- And despite the risk of pain -- should be even death and women like -- are willing to pay the price. Chasing what will become for some of them. -- -- -- -- Nightline I'm Diana fans out there.

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{"id":22954172,"title":"Bootleg Butt Injections: A Dangerous Price for Beauty","duration":"3:00","description":"Young women in Venezuela risking their lives for cut-rate backside enhancement procedures.","url":"/GMA/video/bootleg-butt-injections-dangerous-price-beauty-22954172","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}