Marathon Bombing Suspect Armed, on the Loose

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev escaped after an overnight shootout with police that left his accomplice dead.
4:11 | 04/19/13

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Transcript for Marathon Bombing Suspect Armed, on the Loose
There's a scene right there police swarmed the streets in a massive manhunt for suspect number two. He's of the state pictures that came out overnight at the suspect suspect number one tomorrow on so and I -- dead in a shootout with police in Watertown. That is suspect number two on the elusive fugitive right now. Believed to be armed and dangerous described as a terrorist by the Boston chief of police he was caught on camera last night he has been on the loose now for several hours. And it took all of Boston the entire city of Boston surrounding suburbs in lockdown right now. That's -- ABC news just spoke to those boy's father he is in shock and enforce his son to quote give himself up. He told ABC news that he thinks his sons were set up. And he insists they were very nice kids. He said they'd never touched explosives and he may never learned how to handle weapons according to him he thinks his younger son. -- and is in hiding because he is also are afraid these -- words from their. Other and we talked to -- -- classmates of the of the fugitive right now they described him. As fun loving peaceful never saw any indication at all. He was capable of violence didn't -- -- war but we -- reminded by Brad Garrett RF BI former FBI special agent that often these terrorist leading a double life. Our entire ABC news -- -- out in force on the story we begin with chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross on the ground all through the night in Watertown. Brian a night of gunfire bombs police hunting down the terrorist right now. Indeed Georgia he was last seen about twelve hours ago here in Watertown -- but since then no sightings of him so the search is urgent almost desperate. This morning law enforcement officials here are -- -- suspect number two. Who has been identified as so cars aren't is armed and extremely dangerous and may be wearing a suicide vest. As he desperately tries to evade police. Indications -- on the current Al -- party -- and -- An apology in the parade caught Brooking any party that that is the idea -- party. It began last night with the robbery of a convenience store in Cambridge at approximately 730 a surveillance camera inside the store captured the image that -- the man identified only five hours earlier as suspect number two. In the marathon bombings. A short while later on the campus at MIT and Cambridge a shootout that left at MIT police officer dead. Mix the two men carjacked a Mercedes. Police have a vial violent chase the streets of the payment in the neighboring water Tuttle. Look very close to the scene there are closer to reducing. -- open hand to hand grenades and automatic try to. Two men firing weapons and tossing explosives come. And pursuing -- The chase ended with a gun -- residential neighborhood in Watertown. Where one resident took these pictures showing bullet holes -- to evolve and of the Massachusetts state police. Several explosive devices were discharge from the car -- the police officers. In the exchange to the gunfire we believe that one of the suspects. Was struck. And ultimately taken into custody. Suspect number one. Who ABC news has learned -- -- millions -- later died from his wounds. He was in -- dramatic arrest was CPR ongoing. We spent about 1015 minutes of trying to resuscitate this patient at 1:35. In the morning he was pronounced. But suspect number two got away triggering a massive manhunt for the residents -- to stay inside. Not pick up any strangers as they drove through -- We believe this to be a terrorist we believe this to be a man who's come here to kill people. We need to get him in custody. Now this one man this one terrorist hesitant to hire a major American city is completely proud -- people here have been told to stay inside to lock the doors not go -- there's no traffic on the street whatsoever all stores were closed. They don't know -- areas and they can't right now say with any certainty when they might find.

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{"id":18997333,"title":"Marathon Bombing Suspect Armed, on the Loose","duration":"4:11","description":"Dzhokhar Tsarnaev escaped after an overnight shootout with police that left his accomplice dead.","url":"/GMA/video/boston-marathon-bombing-suspect-armed-loose-18997333","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}