College Freshman Johnny Manziel Could Win Heisman Trophy

John Schriffen reviews quarterback's successful football season.
2:41 | 12/08/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for College Freshman Johnny Manziel Could Win Heisman Trophy
Tonight, history could be made when they hand out the heisman trophy to the best college football player. Past winners include tim tebow, jim jackson, herschel walker. And for the first time ever a winner could be a freshman. A young man they call johnny football. And johnny schriffen is here with his report. Reporter: Good morning. What makes this story so amazing is that in the preseason, hardly anyone knew who johnny manziel was. His team playing in the s.E.C., the toughest conference of the country, wasn't eto win many games. But he proved the doubters wrong. And tonight, could make history. This was the moment when the country discovered texas a&m quarterback, johnny manziel. Watch this as he fumbles the ball, chased by 300-pounders. How about that? Reporter: And calmly throws a dart into the end zone, pulling off the improbable upset over defending national champion, alabama. It's just surreal. The best way I can describe it. Reporter: All season, the 20-year-old wracked up touchdown after touchdown, making it look like something out of a video game. Now, he has a chance to become immortalized as the first freshman to ever win college football's biggest award, the heisman trophy. He had one of those experiences against alabama that really catapulted him probably to the top. Reporter: It's down to a three-man race, with manziel, notre dame's manti te'o, and collin klein. For most of the season, it looked like he was the front-runner. But after an unexpected loss to baylor, that opened the door for manziel and te'o to get back in the race. It could go either way. Reporter: As the only defensive player left, te'o is no stranger to adversity. In a span of six hours, his grandmother died and he lost his girlfriend to leukemia. He came wac the next saturday, rcepting two passes, leading the fighting irish to undefeated season,aking notre dame relevant again, playing for a national championship. Tonight, the voters will decide who deserves it more. And at this point, experts say, it's anyone's race. A few days ago, college football handed out the other individual awards. Best quarterback went to manziel. Best player in the country went to mante'o. That could be a sign tonight on who is going to win the heisman. Can't they share it three ways? Reporter: Not how it works. Johnny schriffen. We should call him johnny basketball he has good play. Reporter: Expect when I hurt my ankle.

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{"id":17912165,"title":"College Freshman Johnny Manziel Could Win Heisman Trophy","duration":"2:41","description":"John Schriffen reviews quarterback's successful football season.","url":"/GMA/video/college-freshman-johnny-manziel-win-heisman-trophy-17912165","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}