Colorado Flood Rescue Caught on Tape

More than 300 people are still unaccounted for after devastating floods.
2:25 | 09/18/13

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Transcript for Colorado Flood Rescue Caught on Tape
I'm standing in what looks like a hole that's made for construction. But it's not. If you look a little closer, you see pieces of grass and land that have been gnawed away at. The river of water that came through this neighborhood. You see the picket fence behind me. With so many still missing, this story is still going on. This morning, homes like this, teetering on the edge of destruction. More than 300 people still missing. Soldiers on patrol from above, spotting a white cross on the lawn at this home in jamestown. They realize it's a cry for help. A stranded couple running out, hoping to be rescued. Roger that. Reporter: A soldier drops down to save them. And with only the clothes they're wearing and a backpack, the pair are pulled to safety. We went up with the civil air patrol as they assess the damage. This major highway, now impassable. Huge chunks of road, severed the and carved out by the floods. Even though there's no way out, some are still dead-set on staying in the isolated towns. In larimer county, sheriffs deputies are showing pictures of the destruction, hoping to convince the holdouts to leave. They may be there for a long time. We can't force anybody to evacuate. But we are strongly encouraging them to do so. Reporter: And then, we found matt and linda, trying to get home to longmont to save the animals on their farm. On sunday, they tried and they tried with a canoe. But it capsized. You can't tell looking at this how deep it is and how swift it is. And so, I wasn't sure if I was going downriver or not. Reporter: This time, they wade through thigh-high floodwaters, cautiously, using rope to secure themselves. And they make it. So, how long does it take to fix something like this? When I was up there, they said a lot of the places don't have estimates yet. Weeks, even months. Ginger, incredible images you've been bringing us for almost two weeks. And I didn't understand how tough it was until you get right there and you can see it. The images are shocking. But until you see what these people are living through, you can't believe it. In that zone today, we have a little cold front. There will be scattered showers. It's the kind of thing they don't want to hear. It makes you jump, even though there's showers in that area, even though it's not a lot of rain. Going to take so long to clean it up. Let's get the other top

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{"id":20289582,"title":"Colorado Flood Rescue Caught on Tape","duration":"2:25","description":"More than 300 people are still unaccounted for after devastating floods.","url":"/GMA/video/colorado-flood-rescue-caught-tape-20289582","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}