Court documents allege Porsche hid evidence in Paul Walker deadly crash

The "GMA" team of insiders analyzes some of the biggest stories trending this morning.
4:55 | 02/17/17

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Transcript for Court documents allege Porsche hid evidence in Paul Walker deadly crash
We are back now with our big board. We got our legal team here, Dan Abrams and sunny Hostin. They're at the table to break down this morning's top stories. We're going to start with new claims in a wrongful death suit of Paul walker, the "Fast and furious" star died, the 2013 car crash. Now court documents allege Porsche purposely hid damaging evidence including e-mails and according to new documents in an e-mail from 2006 a Porsche employee joked about reports that his car's high crash rate and how that made the value of the remaining cars increase and what could be the fallout? What walker's family is saying is this is critical evidence that makes our case stronger. Another quote uncovered, total worldwide production of the Carrera was 1280 and over 200 were already totaled. The family is saying, look, this is stuff we ought to have had. How could they have hidden this from us and now asking for sanctions. That could range from money to saying, we should win this case. So, this is a big deal in particular because the driver of the car already sued Porsche and lost. Judge threw it out. Said, you know what, there's no evidence it's Porsche's fault. The family of Paul walker would say his situation is different because he was in the passenger seat and as a result there are different legal issues with regard to the car, et cetera. It's interesting, sunny, because these types O cars can go up to 200 miles per hour. How does the law distinguish between the driver's responsibilities and the car's capabilities. The law looks at it case by case by case and in this case you have to determine who made the mistake. Was it the car company or the driver? If you look at the evidence so far, the L.A. County sheriff's department, California highway patrol both conducted investigation and found it was going 94 miles per hour. They're saying it's the speed of the car, not the car. I guess the biggest question is do you think this will go to trial? The driver's family, the case was thrown out. Do you think they'll take this to trial or be a settlement? Before these things came out I would have said I think the best shot is to get the case thrown out for Porsche. This could force a settlement. I think we're talking about a little girl, 15-year-old who lost her dad and when it comes to emotion you take your lawyer hat off and put your parent hat on and it definitely goes to trial. She wants her day in court. They need to get past the judge first. All right. Now we move on to a heated divorce debate. A Texas lawmaker sparking controversy by proposing a new bill that would repeal no fault divorces making it more difficult for couples to end a marriage and, sunny, I just want to say personally there's no such thing as an easy divorce and I just think that's a very important point to make. In a statement he said proving an easy way out of marriage greatly undermines the institution so first talk about the difference between a no fault and fault divorce. You have to determine who is responsible for ruining the marriage in a fault divorce, right? So no irreconcilable differences. Some reasons are adultery, mental or physical abuse, abanment or someone who goes to prison. In a no fault divorce no blame is placed on anyone so irreconcilable differences, you get out of the marriage. So you probably have to air dirty laundry to say the least. Yeah, and, listen, the bottom line is a marriage is a contract. What contract can you get out of just for no reason at all? You have to have a reason or I think you should have a reason. The idea of making it harder to get out of a marriage, this lawmaker is trying to make it 180 days instead of 60 days and so you have to give specific -- to drag kids through that -- I agree with Dan. And say we'll make it that much harder, we're talking about adults here. This notion that the government is going to be able to tell you, well, you know what, take some pore time because we're going to make it that much harder. Shouldn't it be more difficult to get out of a marriage when there are kids involved? The sanctity of a marriage -- By the way, I'll say this. If you have a no fault divorce you have to make up a reason. Sometimes there just isn't a reason. Sometimes the reason is you just fell out of love. That's okay. I don't need a Texas lawmaker to sanction his morality on me or anyone else. What contract, legal contract can you think of you can you get out of for no reason at all? Both people want out. This is a different contract. Let agree marriage isn't like every other contract. It's probably a more important contract. As a result, as a result, not dragging kids through a lengthy process of fighting over how to get out of it. To me seems like -- and, by the way -- You've been quiet. Watch the argument about a fault and no fault divorce makes you really how hard it's on everybody. I've been there. Not an easy conversation. We can all agree on that. Coming up, we'll take a look at this incredible video of lava

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{"id":45557038,"title":"Court documents allege Porsche hid evidence in Paul Walker deadly crash","duration":"4:55","description":"The \"GMA\" team of insiders analyzes some of the biggest stories trending this morning.","url":"/GMA/video/court-documents-allege-porsche-hid-evidence-paul-walker-45557038","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}