How to create 4 unique outfits using 1 sarong

Learn how to save money by styling four different summer looks using just one beach sarong.
4:08 | 07/18/17

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Transcript for How to create 4 unique outfits using 1 sarong
director Lori bergotto is with me. She's going to show us how to create four looks with one beach wrap. How do you do it, Lori? You give us great information. All about practicality too, Lara. This is as you mentioned not your old sarong. The new way and there are ways to shop for that. Three things to look for, the shape, should be rectangular and not square because generally people are longer than they are wider. Okay. That allows you to maneuver the sarong. You can buy very reasonably in a beach towel and throw it in your beach bag and make different looks. We'll show you right now. Shall we? We shall. Look number one the cute beach romper. Come on out. Now, the thing I want to tell you all of Theresa wrongs are the exact same. $50 at cooper and Ella. When you see four looks it's like $12.50 a look. I can tell you I guarantee you, America, you can find a sarong for even less money than that and make these looks. We've got video showing how you actually do. This is a romper as you mentioned. You want to hold this vertically. Tie it around your top and then pick up the long swath of fabric through your leg, wrap it around your waist and secure it in the front. This is obviously a very beachy look and want to wear a bathing suit underneath because it's not full coverage but we think she looks fashionable and it's something different and haven't seen this. This is a way to up the fashion ante. Very cute. Thank you very much. You look great. I like your braid too. Next up, we have the high neck summer dress. Yes. I love this one. Isn't this beautifully our model yala. Let's see the video of you doing it. It's really important to see how easy these are. That's the thing too. You mentioned earlier it's a great thing to throw in your beach bag. This takes about ten seconds to do. Wrap it around like it's a beach towel. Crisscross it over your chest and then secure it around the nape of your neck. I can even do that. That looks great. Does it feel comfortable? Do you feel like you could wear it looking great. So that's look number two. Thank you. Yala. And then this one I know you guys will say, oh, a skirt. That's just putting on, you know, like wrapping like a towel. Not when it looks like this. We have Karen and this is for something like a sunset cocktail. Again, we know that you can do this on the beach with a bathing suit but wanted to show you a different way to elevate it. What we did is popped on the white shirt, the collar and added gold and straw accessories and the key here is again simplicity, wrap it around. Secure it around the waist. And then you can kind of move the knot to wherever suits your body and your look. Yeah, I see -- a double knot is never a bad idea if you're wearing it without a bathing suit. It never is. I love your skirt. Again all the same sarong looking four different ways and final big night out on the town. Come on out. Okay -- That is the same. Same sarong. I knew I would get you with one of them. This is Sam in her tube top and just one sarong. It's important to look for the rectangular shape. All we did is folded it a few different ways and folded it in half. Looking at the video is important to see because there's a lot of fabric in this. When I'm looking at the model it doesn't look that way. Important to wrap it like you would a bandage and this requires one extra accessory, a handy safety pin to secure it in the back and in the front so we have no wardrobe malfunctions. Okay, I like it. Does it feel secure. Yes. Is it tucked into the bra? The top pleat is tucked into the cup of her bra so it's nice and secure and adds a little something. I'm hearing we should wrap, no pun intended. Thank you very much.

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{"id":48692257,"title":"How to create 4 unique outfits using 1 sarong","duration":"4:08","description":"Learn how to save money by styling four different summer looks using just one beach sarong. ","url":"/GMA/video/create-unique-outfits-sarong-48692257","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}