Daniel Radcliffe Discusses Life After 'Harry Potter'

Actor reveals upcoming projects to Katie and how he keeps work exciting.
2:25 | 10/10/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Daniel Radcliffe Discusses Life After 'Harry Potter'
-- Harry Potter and Europe they have -- very Smart about sort of cheesy as she said interesting roles that keep people engaged in your career he starred on Broadway you weren't request yet and and they -- later did how to succeed in their. Performing on stage compared to the films that you've done is getting. I I -- -- film so I'm I'm immensely comfortable on the film's -- Lovett. I think I find it cheesy kind of educational -- stage -- cannot nine a huge amount from animal -- And as always -- -- -- and there is something inherently challenging about doing something -- tonight -- tonight. And finding ways to keep it fresh so that because if you'll -- doings -- be old Selena you gonna try and find ways of keeping interest things you end and that's -- and my love them on bond and again. As you know lucky enough to being given opportunities to do it several times. So what about this miniseries that you're doing. Because you know you've done stayed out gunned down and I you're doing television yeah it's one of my personal favorites -- people's personal favorite joke on him yeah. But right about addressing meticulously Daschle -- and he -- and -- -- He can he get he's made many Beatles were ambushed yeah -- this series called a young adult is -- book and it's then it's basically about. Adults in Russia in 1917 -- -- adultery is played by John Hammond on the younger versions with Steve. -- with the -- parents if you can get past the height difference then. And. I'd say it's a very very dark comedy about -- trying to learn how to be encountering rusher in 1917. I'm with very little help -- -- this kind of comedy -- you guys it's a very dark twisted we had succumbed like Italy scrubs expand terrible equipment. Yeah. Is that what really got see when it comes to -- taking on roles because I think your your choices have been so interesting and so varied. Thank you and we don't have packet radio once a single act as -- I -- They have in common is that they have incredibly very diverse the bodies of -- allowing them and hospitalized but nothing the pop anything else. It makes my job more fun to me like it's it's the way I have the most funding my job is by keeping things -- not repeating myself.

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{"id":20531308,"title":"Daniel Radcliffe Discusses Life After 'Harry Potter'","duration":"2:25","description":"Actor reveals upcoming projects to Katie and how he keeps work exciting.","url":"/GMA/video/daniel-radcliffe-discusses-life-harry-potter-20531308","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}