Daniel Radcliffe's Dog Day Out Is Trending on Facebook

Gio Benitez has the latest in the Pop News midday buzz.
2:29 | 07/01/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Daniel Radcliffe's Dog Day Out Is Trending on Facebook
Happy Tuesday everyone good afternoon I'm -- nobody has been here the top four stories buzzing online right now coming in at number four and trending on FaceBook. Then -- with new role in the movie train wreck. Appear to have gone to the dogs literally. From the look of these photos but Harry Potter star has quite the talent for dog walking count on their -- right there all want. In fact Dan dog whispering skills were so convincing even director -- up with -- on where. -- -- was that on the movie that he was simply build the rules with the -- what. -- at number three right now and bouncing around the Internet. Pickup is amazing video from the folks that -- epidemics they called him young Hollywood and he achieve the seemingly impossible look again. Dunking right over the top of a very brave woman who is standing on a fair -- meals and did I mention he's only five foot and -- the fact. Number two right now fireworks parades and -- of them are in full effect today. But not for the fourth of July it's Canada day and there's plenty of famous faces right here in the US who. We're willing to bet you didn't know were actually brought the great white north. That's right break right there about -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And her notebook costar Brian Bausley they're all Canadians. And wonderful old -- we thought -- there. And even though we support team USA in today's World Cup match well. Let's give -- -- the book -- And speaking of dollars. Coming in at number one the celebs were out last night in full force or that's what celebrity lookalike photographer Allison Jackson won a beautiful. She hoped it would appear to be the fashionable lifetime in London with party just like George Clooney David Beckham. Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. Johnny Depp and even that we've heard so. They're relief actually just her shocking the level -- -- -- clients but hey. At least the hope they -- the event was for a good -- to -- the spine when. Carry out. Be sure to check out GMA for more pop -- tomorrow for ABC news on -- -- of the New York. -- --

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{"id":24385175,"title":"Daniel Radcliffe's Dog Day Out Is Trending on Facebook","duration":"2:29","description":"Gio Benitez has the latest in the Pop News midday buzz.","url":"/GMA/video/daniel-radcliffes-dog-day-trending-facebook-24385175","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}