David Blaine, David Copperfield More Like Celebrity Stuntmen

Magicians keep looking for next extreme.
3:00 | 11/20/13

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Transcript for David Blaine, David Copperfield More Like Celebrity Stuntmen
-- you go about it. What you are about to witness is magic unlike anything you have ever seen illusionist David Blaine drinking terrorists. All in the name of a trick that is just -- deadly. He spent more than twenty years trying to master this stunt despite warnings from every expert telling him not to try it. You get any of that into your lungs -- -- -- I -- information along. Christian was severe damage there's a chance that you could inhale some of this and you could. But then again this the guy who famously throws himself to near death. Held his breath underwater for seventeen minutes lasted for 44 days. Buried himself -- most. Stomach felt like somebody. Kerosene was dripping from my notes. I could hardly -- And on an ABC special. Drinking all that kerosene he lived to tell once again senator my first attempt -- success because my -- group. Green made -- name for himself pushing the limits of all that is humanly possible and audience -- are eating it up. Wanting more from magicians turned celebrity's stuntman. To keep those audiences coming -- the big names are taking even bigger risks only bigger rabbit out of even bigger hats we -- are rarely looked behind the curtain. -- In Las Vegas the capital of -- billion dollar entertainment industry. This city where extreme magic -- there's David Copperfield. Worth an estimated 800 million dollars reportedly selling more tickets than any solo performer ever. He's walked through the Great Wall of China and even make a statue of liberty disappear. And yeah that's -- On stage right there with the magic man himself power tools hard -- -- all making my debut as a magician sidekick. As Copperfield shrinks shrinks and shrinks himself -- to almost nothing. An illusion that mr. -- -- perhaps even Copperfield admits he too has had to step up its gain in the face of fierce competition I -- -- -- How are you push yourself. Ten make it matter -- -- at this point where it's danger there is dangerous you take educator risks you have backup plans but things do go wrong. Things do. Screw up you know -- -- you depending on lots of people who you trust Smart people there really well trained but sometimes things do go wrong. Five years ago one of copper field assistants was severely injured on stage. Holding -- would giant fan blade. -- Think having to raise the -- constantly adding that could be a risk that but safety is our number one priority. MGM grand president's got to -- was happy to talk about Copperfield -- -- But reluctant to discuss recent -- gone wrong on the Las Vegas Strip -- are easily performer trying to balance on a wire. Delta -- -- the MGM this summer and just this past month and another -- just a lead performer at the we have resort casino. Was hospitalized -- The danger doesn't just sell tickets. It is selling that. It's what drives these extreme magicians to go deeper and deeper into the danger zones that it's. Yeah and -- -- When I would see. -- dangling off from the building or evil can evil riding off over buses you know. Things that were death defying that you knew there was things are involved those are the things -- for months. Is that just an one of the risks of being a magician. You have to go that far to to -- -- When I don't think it's a sell tickets I think it's a matter of you pushing your own boundaries of of of what you expect of yourself in the audience of course it's a big respect to the audience through and treat them to not the same -- thing we respect them. And show them something that may be taken to another local level it's -- really. Has to come from past -- here. They closely guard the secrets to their six -- I have to promise not to reveal anything eyewitness on the right to life of Copperfield magic show the ceremonial signing of the secrecy agreements have to -- this is -- what am -- signing away here reinforcement. Saying it. Here's what I can't -- If it looks easy it's not what the public release via the Internet and it didn't and ready -- -- -- matters. Pretty damn good there ten minute training purpose as we do when -- temperatures. One wrong flick of the hand from -- and I could loosen hand for -- hold trick up. -- -- -- right -- underneath you right here at. And you're watching the show the direction that hear them. -- -- denies being permanent don't screw up. With that it's show time. Okay. What is secret Copperfield is willing to share. -- look inside his usually off limits. Very bizarre collection of magic memorabilia. -- -- 432. -- All 40000 square feet -- And I -- -- the first residents -- -- Whoa he's a spikes -- -- hung from a straitjacket burning ropes strip you build it Sutley as what do you do it it. You like it at most that can keep everything which you keep everything you order a little bit magic order and celebrity -- So that's me getting to say. And in the safe remember that includes come watches them over here. There's the largest to -- collection outside of The Library of Congress do you see all of this stuff and find inspiration -- effort new sometimes -- -- -- -- -- -- things that Houdini inspired. But his really. His legacy is -- does need my help. -- saw. And this the room that really freaking out is this creepy only -- -- little -- lot of people -- -- -- -- -- -- People who really love it to the man who has perfected the disappearing act has no plans to disappear any time soon. So when you finally say okay national never really the. They'll carry me on the during this thing we know it's a trick or not. -- that it may not have -- left in. Fresh off his latest trip. -- was back added again today. Hiking in fish tanks and playing with fire on working on a specific group project I don't wanna talk -- -- -- here's hoping he survives his next new project. We have Victor. For Nightline I'm Cecilia Vega in Las Vegas yeah.

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