Deals and steals: Bargains on home and kitchen must-haves

Tory Johnson brings discounts of up to 67 percent on products for your home, including a dustpan and broom that require no bending over and hoodie bath towels for children.
4:31 | 10/19/17

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Importantly for your kid for the starting at. Just six points not six maybe. God without so this isn't wasting this place is sweeping this sweeping to a whole new level. Because as you see you don't have to bend now you press your foot right not that special dust can't. And boom all the dirt in one slight comes into the cancer that even. Please get out of an awful deciding exactly and then bristles are designed specifically to get the dirt on the first time you get the two pieces like that for around your house eat and you get this little all. This little hand held one. To be able to put in your car glove compartment or it's this is the best thing for pet hair that staying get rid of pet now so yeah that's me you're gonna leave it here you really think they aren't. If for different colors for the waste it will change the way that you clean your house normally forty dollars slash half twice freer I have. Okay. I we. Six cents or exquisite we eat it have exclusive sense that you and it's only on earning up. Allaire is already picked data sent that I love I ask everyone though it's been a bad and there's candles bath products. Just a beautiful assortment these are really great to also have around for the holidays. Normally twelve to 48 dollars went to jail slashed in half. It's when he poured. It also ruinous Greg spoke just them. Best water bottles because they have triple installation so they keep drinks. Or cold or long call cold or hot or longer was ever an entire bottle of wine and yet they visited six you know that. Isn't getting out honey we have nine counts just sixty counting canteen and Tom was and it all assorted on the products for alcoholic beverages in the front who else laughs have gone to. Ferraro thing the mint okay normally eighteen to fifty dollars do you trust apple has not acknowledged there. Bag that replaces plastics so no more plastic. This is the great alternative and you can do that so many things in this you can cook and it confident of my newly if it can't go in the dishwasher can go in the freezer. It's great for snacks you can do. Everything in the stack share. You'll get two in each sex depending on the color is an assortment that you choose Greg Burke both again snacks as well as me else nor elitist that twenty to twenty foreknowledge slashing at ten. Strong box for your status yeah. Okay. Lives pillows shower curtain that my dog Marley and showery Friday. Even on the shower curtain there's a picture of you to the non union guys are I love rather an amber pillows that you can put any praise on the praise the border photos. Annie all of these are such great pieces and really affordable price is. Normally forty to 79 dollars everything it slashed by at least 63%. And I'm zucchini you tabulate these nurses they're just adorable how warm and Mitt. There isn't size and toddler sized hard to choose one that's that's a favorite doesn't have not. No there and a steam jet Macs and snack follow shark and Eric. How the moms. These are slashing half. Eighteen to nineteen dollars and a better. Yeah. That I love texting products to find new stuff today yeah you're gonna lot of and so I have chosen nineteen products it's a mix up full size items as well as. Still lock sample size is all from nineteen top beauty and wellness brands. Just if you love the fun but the surprise attacking trying discovering new things. This box is for you valued at 168. This is 3690 night and three. You want a wrong way. Something special from coli.

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{"id":50577669,"title":"Deals and steals: Bargains on home and kitchen must-haves ","duration":"4:31","description":"Tory Johnson brings discounts of up to 67 percent on products for your home, including a dustpan and broom that require no bending over and hoodie bath towels for children. ","url":"/GMA/video/deals-steals-bargains-home-kitchen-haves-50577669","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}