Eating Healthier While Eating Out

David Zinczenko helps you find healthier options when dining at your favorite restaurants.
2:59 | 05/02/14

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Transcript for Eating Healthier While Eating Out
Are you coming with me? I'm with you, girl. Where are you going now? Dave zinczenko, how to fight the fat. And we have all that butter out there. We'll explain. We're walking out to Dave zinczenko. -- Should come from fat. The dishes blow right past the So, there he is. Dave zinczenko. You are our guru. And tell us how to "Eat it to beat it." We basically are eating 85 1/2 pounds of butter a year. Yes. This whole cart wagon right here. This wagon cart. 1 person, 85 1/2 pounds. And saturated fat turns into belly fat. I like that. We're starting here. We're at outback steak house. You get the wings. It's four servings. It ends up being over 2,100 calories and 180 grams of fat. Let's look at the equivalent of that. That's the equivalent of 15 cheeseburgers. 15 cheeseburgers. When you're at outback, get the grilled shrimp on the Barbie. This is supposed to be two servings. But only 325 calories. And you're saving 1,832 calories and 160 grams of fat. you want to be a voting member in opec. Nicely done. What's the problem here? The problem here, at chili's. A quesadilla explosion salad. But it's an explosion of oil and two different dressings here. You have the citrus balsamic. And the chipotle ranch. And it is the equivalent, right here, of 14 tacos. 14 tacos. Think about that next time you order that. Instead, get the six-ounce sirloin. Only 250 calories. And we end up saving 1,180 calories. And finally, dessert. This is the tgi Friday's Tennessee whiskey cake. You're going to need a shot. That's equivalent to a dozen twinkies. On both of them? Good morning, everyone.

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{"id":23559363,"title":"Eating Healthier While Eating Out","duration":"2:59","description":"David Zinczenko helps you find healthier options when dining at your favorite restaurants.","url":"/GMA/video/eating-healthier-eating-23559363","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}