Ernie Johnson discusses his new book 'Unscripted'

The popular sports broadcaster opens up about his new autobiography.
4:48 | 04/14/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ernie Johnson discusses his new book 'Unscripted'
My dear friend Ernie Johnson, he is a three-time sports Emmy award winner. The host of the popular show tnt's "Inside the NBA" but he is revealing in his new book "Unscripted" the unpredictable moments that make life extraordinary. Will you please welcome my good friend. Thank you. Love you, love you. I brought you yet another copy. I read it on vacation and thought I would do the courtesy, read it cover to cover. You are such -- well phenomenal broadcaster. But an even better human being, father, husband. I'm going to give you 0 minutes to quit talking like that. So tell people what motivated you to write this. I think it was -- actually what happened, robin, a couple of years ago, "e:60" did a piece on our family and have a lot of Lacey from adoption to special needs kids to the special relationship my dad and I had and a battle with cancer I went through at one point and took it to the next step and said it's time to write a book. The one everybody has been saying when are you going to write that book and instead of waiting I did it now and my wife and I just hope that it -- that it would speak to people who were at that situation. Should we adopt? What if we have a special needs child? What do you do when the doctor says it's cancer? And so really it's not a sports book. You know, it's not like here's what we do on our show. That's kind of the background and the rest of it is real life and how we've navigated some pretty tough times and basically said, look, when the unscripted comes up, you embrace it, you don't run away from it. I love how you said layers and that's what life is. Just different layers as my mom said different seasons, you write so eloquently about everybody who has impacted your life. Your daddy. The voice of the Atlanta brave, a great pitcher himself. The lessons that you learned from your father you wanted to share with people. Yeah, you know what, because robin and I worked together or worked at opposing stations in the -- well, in a different decade. A different decade, 1980s. In the 1980s we were both in the Atlanta market at the time. But, yeah, my dad was a great broadcaster. He was -- he taught me everything about being a husband and a father and a man. And a professional. And he always just said be yourself and he said, don't think you're special because of the job you have. He said always take the high road. He said don't get in a fight with a skunk. It was always this kind of encouragement he gave me but you say the voice of the braves and really one of the stories that really happened skip Carey said here's the voice of the braves, and he said, skip, if it's okay we're all the voice of the braves and it was that kind of humility and it wasn't like he lectured me. I just watched him and I think as parents these days I think we all have to remember that kids have superpowers. They see and hear everything. So they're watching you all the time to see how you react in this situation, in that situation. You don't have to preach to them. You're modeling it and so it's been -- I wrote the book to honor my dad and -- You've done just that. Also a lot of people know you from that studio show with Shaq and with -- Kenny and chuck. And all that. How -- because they got big personalities. How do you keep them all in check. Stipes you don't. In yes, right. Sometimes it's better to let them go and try to rein them back in and people say, hey, you're the traffic cop on that show and I say, no, I'm kind of like the rogue traffic cop because a really good traffic cop at an intersection doesn't want any fender benders. Me, I wave Kenny into the intersection knowing Shaq is it going to t-bone him stow I would be on administrative leave hors d'oeuvre duty in NBA finals -- NBA playoffs tart tomorrow. In he predictions? I'd be surprised if golden state doesn't win the whole thing. Ah. You heard it here first. Golden state going -- Hard to beat that team four times. And it's hard to beat the kind of guy you are. Here he is as busy as he is out promoting the book, has the playoffs and his wife's birthday yesterday and he took her out to dinner. Look. There we were last night. 35 years this summer. Ernie, we'll talk a lot more. I have the podcast. Everybody's got something and tell people about blackberry moments and so much more. Had to have you here on "Gma." Love you and thank you, bless you. I appreciate it. "Unscripted" is in stores

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{"id":46790899,"title":"Ernie Johnson discusses his new book 'Unscripted'","duration":"4:48","description":"The popular sports broadcaster opens up about his new autobiography. ","url":"/GMA/video/ernie-johnson-discusses-book-unscripted-46790899","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}