Eva Mendes Launches New Fashion Line

The actress reveals how her mother and sisters convinced her to do it.
3:45 | 09/19/13

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Transcript for Eva Mendes Launches New Fashion Line
She looks flawless on the red carpet and everywhere she goes. Now, she's offering to let us in on her secrets with a new fashion line she's launches today, in conjunction with new york and company. You look beautiful. I'm so happy for you. You're such an inspiration for so many women. Thank you. Back at you ten-fold. How did this all come about? New york and company came to me with an offer to do this. I had been a fan. I'm not sure -- my first reaction was nervous. I'm not sure I have anything to offer. I went back to my strong base of women that help run my life. My mother. My friends with me today. We've been best friends since we were 12 years old. So, my friends are like, are you crazy? You wanted to do this. I love a bargain. I'm shopping at shift shops. I'm buying a $6 dress. I'll get a coffee. Where can I get your dress? Your design, any woman is going to look great. Right. I want to show as many of the line as we can. Sizing 0 to 18. Absolutely. These are not models. They're women that work at new york and company. Danielle is first. Oh, danielle. You look gorgeous. How do you feel? Really comfortable. The same necklace, right? I know. I love this necklace. It's inspiration from an antique necklace I have. You can get that. Looks to be modern and feminine. I feel comfortable. Easy. And cute. It's time for laura to come out. Oh. I love this soft pant. You can roll this up, as well, and wear it with little booties. How co-you feel? I love a soft pant. And polka dots, right? Superclean line we're looking for. Laura, thank you very much. And christina. Two more looks. And the leopard skin. How are you feeling in this? Very feminine. You look it. I was obsessed with a pink coat. It was a vintage coat. I basically live in it. I love the prints, too. I'm cuban. I love an animal. It's never going to go away. It looks good. You can wear it with tights or boots. Everyone come out. Come out, emma. And everyone, too. I love this. A girl after my own heart. She's taking the scarf and made it into a turban. And with great hoops. A beautiful black dress we all need. Little black dress is a staple. It's superclean and feminine. These are all the looks. You could be models. You're gorgeous. They're like, these women are real women. They're models. And you're wearing one of the designs. Eva's new york and company collection is available starting today. Going to be flying off the rocks.

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{"id":20304285,"title":"Eva Mendes Launches New Fashion Line","duration":"3:45","description":"The actress reveals how her mother and sisters convinced her to do it.","url":"/GMA/video/eva-mendes-interview-2013-actress-launches-fashion-line-20304285","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}