Family Battles Over Mysterious Death of Illinois Lotto Winner

Judge grants authorities permission to exhume body to investigate alleged poisoning.
2:07 | 01/12/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Family Battles Over Mysterious Death of Illinois Lotto Winner
First, the latest on the mysterious death of a lottery winner in illinois, poisoned just after hitting the jackpot. A judge has now granted authorities permission to exhume his body next week. Alex perez spoke to family members on both sides in this bitter battle over his estate. Good morning, alex. Reporter: Good morning, bianna. Urooj khan's family has spent the last few months looking into what happened to him. They are hoping the decision to exhume his body will get them answers. For the first time, urooj khan's family is speaking a out about his mysterious death in july, one day after he claimed his lotto jackpot. This morning, his nephew, says he knew something wasn't right. The next day later, he passes away. It raises some eyebrows. Reporter: It turns out those concerns may have been warranted. The medical examiner initially ruled khan died of nap ral causes. But after concerns, siblings demanded more tests. Authorities found a lethal amount of cyanide in his blood, turning this case into a homicide investigation. When we found out there was cyanide in his blood, after the toxicology report, someoned that to kill him. Reporter: They have no suspects. But they did question his widow. Ansari, working at the couple's dry cleaning business, declined to speak to abc news on camera. But says the night before her husband died, she cooked a traditional indian meal for him. And said everything seemed okay. Positively, she had nothing to do with her husband's death. Reporter: Ansari is now locked in a legal battle with his family over khan's estate. He didn't have a will. But he had more than $1 million in lottery winnings. And some in the family doubted that the couple was married. Authorities are one step closer to learning what happened. A judge friday approved an order to exhume his body for further testing. Khan's body could be exhumed as early as tuesday. And authorities will be tracking every second of this investigation.

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{"id":18197597,"title":"Family Battles Over Mysterious Death of Illinois Lotto Winner ","duration":"2:07","description":"Judge grants authorities permission to exhume body to investigate alleged poisoning.","url":"/GMA/video/family-battles-mysterious-death-illinois-lotto-winner-18197597","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}