Why Do Female Models Earn More than Male Models?

Gisele Bundchen earned $42 million while Sean O?Pry made only $1.5 million.
3:57 | 10/11/13

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Transcript for Why Do Female Models Earn More than Male Models?
They -- the fashion runways of Milan and London and -- smoldering good -- heat -- fat. Selling everything from fashion and -- But no model in an industry where female models lead the way. Has its unique challenges for us from learning industry where remainder -- -- -- them. -- -- -- David camp is perhaps their best known and most successful male model in the world. Set apart by his manly physique. Rocketing to icon status with an eye popping don't think of them -- I have a personal -- -- picture changed my life but that it was that it changed the industry. Authorities -- thinks that. But that's six best paled in comparison -- the likes of Giselle were -- And Kate. They get in the -- -- amounts of money. Particularly because of coverage -- people learn the names. Forbes dot com has examined how much the top male models make compared to the top female models. Number one on the men's list -- outcrop earned one point five million in the last year none of defense but -- plunging. Raked in 42 million. And the disparity continues down the ranks. Still on average male models -- around 200000. To 500000 dollars a year for females. They'll make up around. 2000005. -- Seven years ago on our -- was discovered thanks to his MySpace page and his career quickly took off he -- -- for a vote. Versace and Hugo Boss and is featured in a Madonna music video. You can -- -- of pride he has also been -- as the world's top model could even with all that. Even the first six -- of his female counterpart. Hey I don't have to Wear high heels and I don't have to Wear bikinis so I mean more power to Italy and his people wouldn't confirm or deny his earning -- -- regardless. I'll thrive with just expressed faith and personal -- -- is clearly at the top of his game. On -- five points out that there is there reason female models lead the way definitely feel women go shopping more often advertising is based towards. You know it's just been -- this. Parity comes from the general idea that well when their parents think by twice as much as men do there's a lower return on -- When the male model in the campaign. For those new models attaining super model status has been no cakewalk. Our male models. Misunderstood -- I think the fashion industry. And all models a coincidence that there's many cliches there's mayors from many -- a stereotypical views of of morals but the -- -- -- very easy targets. A target that can be summed up in one more Zealander. The famous Suzy landa. Yes that's. Well I guess didn't -- best known for his view Steve. Starring Ben Stiller as they dimmed -- self centered male model Ben Stiller cured -- leopard cannot recruit friends are caught help but love that -- But -- wholesale change the perception of male model. -- -- -- -- It's in the interest in the -- is considered one -- -- that something different is just what it takes for a male model and that. They remain seated male models ever close the -- -- with their female counterparts. But they deserve -- that they have a huge concern to share in the market and until then good for you -- is -- Good real. You're beautiful -- could do what you're doing for Nightline I'm -- robot in New York.

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{"id":20542517,"title":"Why Do Female Models Earn More than Male Models?","duration":"3:57","description":"Gisele Bundchen earned $42 million while Sean O?Pry made only $1.5 million.","url":"/GMA/video/female-models-earn-male-models-20542517","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}