'Fit Mom' Meets Her Adversaries Face-to-Face

Maria Kang talks with mothers who say her "no excuse" campaign is "fat shaming."
3:00 | 04/08/14

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Transcript for 'Fit Mom' Meets Her Adversaries Face-to-Face
-- -- -- -- About body fat -- Buried in there at all like -- -- noticing how much you love -- -- it's not true I -- you laughing. Reverend -- Howard Stern -- -- for showing up. That's wrong you are sending a message it's OK stay back to get diabetes. And -- the clean classy adult lives. Let -- -- go India had he not. You can also be serious. I young using your hands says says it's what brought her to with tinted -- And now the biting his children from the front pages -- Home pages. When his mom who didn't like the only excuse it's sparked reaction from loses thousands of women proud of this woman is selling -- be -- for fat shaming them. It says that Cheney is in no way my name -- come and I. And that -- thinks he is enough for us to meet the big mom Maria tank. Mother of three big east fanatic and accidental investigator of the latest battle in the body wars killing meaning -- Elena and I'm -- I've heard that mom. Parents and actually my pulling are ready for the same what's -- excuse for not making it. -- parent and I'm happy -- are now yeah Maria has turned her controversial. Line into a movement. I don't think asking mom to work out a statement that he had never went to print time in the day at 820 -- In just six months no -- mom clubs could -- the world. And to -- -- her -- in nineteen. No excuse for brain it's what drove a soft spoken Kansas City -- to hits don't -- Patiently -- dismantling its. That -- -- she -- was a job as an overnight security guard at her day job caring for her two kids. So she routinely does 36 hour strike is with this week. So cranes like it months posting with -- and some friends who plunged we don't median excuse powder and fit. This makes me feel -- this makes me feel like. -- -- that's what standards. I am now after months of battle it out they've asked Vietnam to -- to keep the city and challenge her to walk -- -- Houston -- one day. You know what if that's half life -- wisely chose me for this assignment and -- -- -- -- this guy for about two and a half months. I feel the pressure to get back in -- in fact them. I'm wearing neck compression tank -- has -- LN. -- need to put Maria in California who assures us. She doesn't work out cold day. She runs -- -- homes for the elderly. She says her three -- around. And even as a regular local news segment I think I felt like. Next stop. The home turf with a mom's will taken off the block and to the kitchen table if -- Pretty on apologetic sound I feel like it's gonna going -- -- happy hour. She's not counting on a movie and increased the leader of key city of excuse -- -- as a back up. I don't wanna come into this situation and -- about myself -- the -- countless by these moms. They can legal hands but we still much. Yeah did you guys. Think that in any sense that Murray is -- I don't at all. -- you. Yes part of the reason I think that we had so many body issues particularly in this country is because we've come by today none. He Cardenas -- you're intending shame. When people feel shame they feel powerless saying that somebody housing needs an excuse it implying that they are at fault for something. You mentioned look like me you don't have those disclaimers on that photo and -- -- -- you're not responsible for the spots that are and other people's minds. But that's very similar to celebrity saying I'm not a role model for children. -- you aren't you plummeted yourself and -- -- 800. Top. People that any moms its -- and gone now. -- -- -- -- mom because I had something to say I mean sure I attracted to you with my knees -- -- -- that caption. But when it comes through tonight tracks now when I love you baby and nuggets again sign an attack to detect heat -- -- to tankers to. Shoes. The next morning the distance between -- -- -- even greater good morning classes. Apparently. For twenty minutes by appearing on. A I didn't get any of. Russia and that she is willing to CE. Any other side -- -- Manila I need to -- morning -- -- I don't know what it means today. NIC do you know a lot of -- -- -- Three adults one child -- car -- in -- and stop and go with -- fact that given. What better way to bring people together -- -- -- in the. -- -- -- -- -- -- Which means a lot of time in here. And I just felt like oh come on I'm I'm Andre and I waited so all the solidarity took my and my mom bad -- I mean I. So worried that Amy do you feel that -- Our first -- Diane home schooling group. What is the rain comes -- -- -- -- -- Sarah contributes -- time here a few days a week I would never ever save businesses a bad game or obesity is a good thing. You have to determine. What works for each person I have a 36 hours in every week. Because this special needs. I'm not visible -- activities all over town and did not hear or read anything she sees a clear window of opportunity yeah. And they have access and hour class C dollars and fitness. I do not have any kind of -- exercise brings -- -- -- soccer practice element and economic impact on the hot sun actually. For Maria -- good mom means taking care of yourself. Which is why she started the no excuse month club. -- beautiful baby cool thing. She and I didn't meet Sarah and the eyes of the Kansas City chapter -- -- -- -- -- some movement is all about. Maybe. -- -- But series soon on the sidelines. Unable to doing it. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That team maybe you -- Carson time of the -- south. More to privilege way you're going to the finest thing for myself and I have actual time to sit down an exercise that would seem like -- me. Deanna and ceremony -- She just again. Point that so many people are misinterpreting his message is it worth it I think that the majority of people get the message -- -- I don't Matt yeah. You spent the last twenty yeah -- What did you learn and accidentally eat you know -- Barack and her life. And I think that we're a very different paths in our lives. And I don't -- intersecting anytime in the near future but I have a very deep respect -- time. For Nightline I'm -- -- in Kansas City.

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{"id":23235700,"title":"'Fit Mom' Meets Her Adversaries Face-to-Face","duration":"3:00","description":"Maria Kang talks with mothers who say her \"no excuse\" campaign is \"fat shaming.\"","url":"/GMA/video/fit-mom-meets-adversaries-face-face-23235700","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}