What's next for Fox News after Bill O'Reilly's departure

Attorney Lisa Bloom, who represents several women accusing O'Reilly of misconduct, tells "GMA" whether she expects more allegations to emerge against O'Reilly and Fox News.
5:56 | 04/20/17

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Transcript for What's next for Fox News after Bill O'Reilly's departure
Jeb Bush's brother part owner of the Texas rangers. Bill O'Reilly's abrupt exit and what it mean for the network under fire. Mr. A dozen women have come forward with allegations against O'Reilly and Roger Ailes who stepped down amid controversy. Since then the company has been promising change. ABC's linsey Davis is here with more on that, good morning, linsey. Reporter: Good morning, Amy. While change typically doesn't happen overnight the network which touts itself as being fair and balanced is sending a message that is loud and clear but many are asking if there is a sexist culture at fox as many accusers allege, how deep will the cuts go to eliminate it? One by one they stood up against a media giant. Women from in front of the camera like well-known anchors Megyn Kelly and Gretchen Carlson to guests on the show to women who work behind the scenes in production and payroll. It's time to come out of the shadows. Reporter: Together they are shaking up one of the most powerful networks in the world describing it as rife with sexual harassment and racial discrimination. We are calling today for an independent investigation into the culture of sexual harassment at Fox News. Reporter: These accusers say it's a culture that comes from the top down. Allegedly from former CEO Roger Ailes -- He tried to kiss me three times. So, I rejected that and when I rejected that he asked me when my contract was up. Hi, I'm Bill O'Reilly. To its newly fallen top star Bill O'Reilly to female employees like former head of accounting Judith slater all forced out under the weight of the allegations against them. Despite O'Reilly and Ailes blanket denials of wrongdoing. The question now will this be enough to change the troubled culture at fox? We need a massive investigation, probably by an outside agency. No one believed they could come forward and use this so-called anonymous process to make a claim. So, they've got to start there. Reporter: Parent company 21st century fox has literally paid a steep price for these allegations paying $20 million to settle Carlson's suit against Ailes. Another $40 million to Ailes himself after his ouster and a portion of the 13 million to settle five claims against O'Reilly over the last 15 years. Now, the justice department is investigating whether the network failed to inform shareholders about settlements made over sexual harassment allegations against Ailes. He told me early in the dinner he thought I was a very beautiful woman. Reporter: As for the woman who case became the proverbial straw that broke the back of O'Reilly's career at fox she said it was never about money but came forward in the hopes of bringing about systemic change. I think it will have a positive effect at Fox News. I'm sure we will see many people come forward and I hope that maybe I played a part in that. Reporter: The lawyer who represented several accusers including Gretchen Carlson says she will continue to fight. She says that until fox gets rid of the executives who enabled the harassment, the workplace will not be safe for women and now new reports this morning that more women are coming forward and joining the racial discrimination lawsuit against fox. Amy. All right, linsey, thank you very much. Attorney Lisa bloom who represents several women accusing Bill O'Reilly of misconduct is here with us now. Lisa, you're not surprised by what happened yesterday, the removing of Bill O'Reilly. No, I told Wendy Walsh months ago if you come forward I will stand with you. We will have a legal strategy. We will have a media strategy and we will take him down. Because it's time. He's driven out too many women, not only out of Fox News but out of the television industry entirely. Simply because they opposed him on sexual harassment. Bill O'Reilly released a statement in part saying it is tremendously disheartening we part ways due to completely unfounded claims and completely deny the accusations and now reports he may be getting as big a payout of Roger Ailes upwards of $40 million. Aren't those conflicting messages. He says they're infounded but Fox News did an 'and we participated behind the scenes and had every economic motivation to keep him yet they found the claims were good and well founded. All right. And then Roger Ailes, obviously, let go last year as we mentioned. Fox News said they were working to maintain an atmosphere of culture and respect. Are they making good on that promise? Well, this is a very important first step. It's 1 years in the making since the first sexual harassment claim against O'Reilly but at least they're doing it thought and give then the credit for that. There's a lot more to be done, the lieutenants of Roger Ailes and Bill O'Reilly, the people who covered up and silenced women for years. That all needs to go. They need to clean house and show us that they really do respect women. What do you make of these massive payouts? Well, I think every woman gets to choose for herself what the right path is. I do a lot of sexual harassment cases. Doing them for 30 years. Some want to take a confidential settlement and move on and some want to file a Hewitt and some women like the one I came out two days ago wants to file an anonymous internal complaint so it's up to each woman to decide for herself. My job is to empower women and help them decide what's best. I don't judge anyone. Everybody who speaks out against sexual harassment is helping all the other women. Do you expect to see more allegations come out in the next days and weeks against bill O'Reilly and Fox News in general. Yes, my phone has been ringing off the hook the last couple of weeks. I represented all of the O'Reilly accusers for free. Among of the ones who I represented asked to are a penny. Do you think that made a big difference. Yes, we've received a tidal wave of love online. I mean it's really been amazing, the support that we have received. Yes. All right, Lisa bloom, we appreciate you time this morning. Thank you so much. Lisa will be on "The view" later with one of her clients. Bill O'Reilly's latest sexual harassment accuser speaking publicly for the very first time again on "The view" later today.

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{"id":46905912,"title":"What's next for Fox News after Bill O'Reilly's departure ","duration":"5:56","description":"Attorney Lisa Bloom, who represents several women accusing O'Reilly of misconduct, tells \"GMA\" whether she expects more allegations to emerge against O'Reilly and Fox News.","url":"/GMA/video/fox-news-bill-oreillys-departure-46905912","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}