Gas Station 'Skimmers' Target Credit Card Information

Authorities are warning consumers about new criminals known as "skimmers" who use devices attached to gas pumps to steal credit card information.
2:01 | 10/19/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gas Station 'Skimmers' Target Credit Card Information
Back with that warning at the pump about Crips taking valuables and your credit card information so we want to get to T.J. Holmes at a gas station here in New York. Hey, T.J. Hey, good morning, David. When people talk about getting robbed at the gas station sometimes you might think about gas prices but watch your back. Make sure nobody sneaks up on you. Really sometimes the biggest threat might be hidden inside the gas pump and a criminal sitting across the street on a bluetooth device robbing you blind. They are brazen thieves, caught on tape at gas stations around the country. Watch as the so-called slider moves in, quickly snatching this woman's purse before she even notices. Authorities are urging drivers to stay alert as they fill up. And law enforcement is warning about another growing threat at the pump. Skimmers. And they're even tougher to spot. The secret service has noticed a considerable increase in the last couple of years in the amount of credit card skimming that has been discovered. Watch this suspect caught on camera break nothing a gas pump where he had installed a device to steal or skim credit card strip. You never know what's going on or what can happen with your credit cards. Reporter: It's nearly impossible to tell by looking at the gas pump a device inside could be secretly recording your data. And some skimmers even send your information immediately over bluetooth. The criminals don't even have to come back to the pump to rob you. They could breach it and install them inside the gas pump and could be there for weeks or months without being discovered. Although this is inconvenient, instead of paying at the pump you may want to just go inside the store and have them swipe your card inside the store. Reporter: That's one way and when buying gas Stuart officials recommend choose a pump close to the it and dance. They normally like to set up out of sight and monitor your account frequently for fraud. I have one more tip for you. I hope you're sitting down. You can go inside and use cash. Whoa! Novel. Thanks, T.J. All great advice. Good reminders for us.

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{"id":42901008,"title":"Gas Station 'Skimmers' Target Credit Card Information","duration":"2:01","description":"Authorities are warning consumers about new criminals known as \"skimmers\" who use devices attached to gas pumps to steal credit card information.","url":"/GMA/video/gas-station-skimmers-target-credit-card-information-42901008","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}