Ginger Zee's Try Out at the US Open

"GMA" meteorologist attempts to work the courts at famed tennis event.
3:20 | 08/25/13

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Transcript for Ginger Zee's Try Out at the US Open
All right, switch gears. When it comes to weather, ginger zee is on the ball, but the question this morning, can she throw a ball or catch one? Vital skills if you're a ball person at the u.S. Open tennis tournament here in new york city tomorrow. She tried out for the job and how she did. Get ready to laugh. That's really how I have to get into this piece. Thank you for letting me try out. But prepare yourself. ♪ as if I haven't been challenged enough, now I'm getting a physical challenge, joining the u.S. Open as a ball girl. This is one of the most prestigious jobs in tennis, u.S. Open ball person. They do the work. They take care of the players, make sure the match moves along efficiently. Every year, hundreds of hopefuls compete for a spot. Judge you on speed, agility, throwing arm. I need help. And who better to give me tennis tips than former prochamp and u.S. Tennis official, patrick McENROE. Try not to be noticed. That's number one. Also around to help, a group of veterans who have been doing this for years. People get anxious and causes you to make mistakes. Relax and stay focused. You'll be fine. When it was time to hit the court -- bring it on. Wait, don't bring it on. First up in the trial, the net position. You're going to stand right here. The goal, run and get the balls away from the net and off the court. And I throw, right? That's not bad. Over, and over and over. That was pretty good. Thank you. All I had to do now was pass part two of the trial, the back position. And you're just going to go one, two, three. But, really, how hard could throwing be? Oops. That went on the court. That was meant to go over there. It's windy, what was that northwest about 5, 15? Oh, I have to be quiet, right? Go back to the running part where I was okay. Throwing wasn't my thing. But would I make the cut? A-17. 17? Out of 100? Yep. Did people do worse? Regis did worse. At least I'm in good company. I got a nice parting gift, honorary ball person. It counts, kind of. Thank you to the usta for letting me come and try out. You can catch all the u.S. Open action on espn family of networks starting tomorrow. And thanks to tracy, she ran to my office and got the shirt. Tracy, you'd make it. She'd get better than a 17. You were so winded. I was. And I couldn't throw a ball. It's so light and you have to throw it across the whole court. I was looking above the shot, and those were wall clouds above the court. Really good. Do you know I was sore for about 7 to 10 days. Really? My whole back. We need to call abc hr for a gym membership. Thanks. Thanks. One boy's frantic call to

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{"id":20060310,"title":"Ginger Zee's Try Out at the US Open","duration":"3:20","description":"\"GMA\" meteorologist attempts to work the courts at famed tennis event.","url":"/GMA/video/ginger-zees-us-open-20060310","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}