The 'GMA' Gang Performs the 'Running of the Interns'

The show's interns mimic the Supreme Court sprint and race to bring the anchors iced coffee.
2:39 | 07/01/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The 'GMA' Gang Performs the 'Running of the Interns'
An epic showdown right now in social square. I'm here with ABC's gio Benitez. And he's here to explain the viral sensation, running of the interns. Gio? Reporter: Are you ready, Michael? I'm ready to roll. Reporter: The summer internship. And in D.C., so many interns are being put to the ultimate test. It's part of what is known as running of the interns. Our friends at buzz feed helped us out with this video. No recordings inside the supreme court. When a ruling is handed down, interns run the printed copy across the street to where TV anchors are allowed to broadcast. We thought it would be fun to host our own running of the interns. Our interns will be speed walking. We don't want anybody getting hurt. Our interns must carry ice coffee for the anchors. Speed walking through times square, through social square and inside to the desk. The first intern to safely deliver a full cup of ice coffee to the desk and rings the well, wins. Those anchors, if they don't get their coffee. I'm an intern, I'm looking at who I can trip first. Okay. Interns, are you ready? All right. Ready, set -- Reporter: That's speed walking. Yes. Good job. Good job. Nice. Cheers. Cheers. All right. Hey, that, I must say, that was a great job. But which intern is going to be the first one to sweep up all of the spilled coffee? Look at this one. It didn't make it. I ordered a latte. You didn't know the Muir latte? Reporter: Who won? Without question. We should have slow-mo. There was the table across. And made it. Long strides. Outstrided everybody. Reporter: The lady vol's a pro. Can we see the reaction again? No, no, no. Tell everybody your name. I'm Sierra. And what's your dream? I want to play pro -- play professional. You helped yourself. Great job by all our interns. Coming up, the latest.

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{"id":24377049,"title":"The 'GMA' Gang Performs the 'Running of the Interns'","duration":"2:39","description":"The show's interns mimic the Supreme Court sprint and race to bring the anchors iced coffee.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-gang-performs-running-interns-24377049","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}