GMA LIVE! (02.06.13)

Josh Groban answers viewer questions and joins Josh, Sam and Lara on "GMA LIVE!"
16:40 | 02/06/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (02.06.13)
One dollar and Spencer and we have got a lot. Can -- you have special our first special guest -- Josh Groban yeah. That's the only Charlie Sheen -- -- sit in front I don't know I got over so welcome thank we do you wanna get -- -- a big big day here. And -- found the welcome for Andrew Nguyen in for his birthday also means. The anniversary of -- he's never gonna forget either. Yeah it is -- -- 23 -- yeah. -- now we've learned the hard way that you need to buy separate president yeah. I'll -- never get married on your birthday I have so I want you Jessica because they've -- -- an amazing job I think would ideally three or four but I was really worried. Should people might get some discord in the -- Andrew fashion item on Friday windy shiner it is an off fracture in his nose. It's. Terrible he -- my -- -- this morning. That he does it look. Actually I did I -- I did defend my woman in a bar. -- -- -- like a soccer game stand. Playing a little too aggressively against. Salon. Yeah and I'm -- -- -- people thought that perhaps because it's you know what's great is like conflict into I think he's going out on the shield area that -- you athlete his make -- on the early RA it's finally here in about that being both all amid lingering after midnight Tuesday as gorgeous family time being -- you. So accidents as a back she's taxi and they get to be late for school the. For governments to the other half -- three other boys that aren't aren't here -- -- Now but we're happy to be your thinking is for surprising -- -- totally Internet -- you a happy birthday. Thank you very -- stuff. -- congratulations. Mr. number one now I want I want you -- I also want to point out a very enthusiastic fan -- My entire family -- -- I don't. Today they've come all the way from Russia actually to be here with the noted that at -- -- to what did you -- Rebecca. I don't even know I -- -- -- I'm evidence sometimes I think -- and it just bring your welcome back -- let's get let's just look at the Internet -- -- -- -- friends and blue eyes. And I hear you episodes old media is there -- who we'd like to welcome with the hell alone spur. And good morning and sat down even asking anything you want my hands yeah. Fly first of all I would be remiss if I didn't say hello from the girls. At these Fairmont high school class of 2005 and -- Virginia because you're our prom song rain day. Love you might suspect that might bring -- when my friend Caitlin I have a lot of my -- -- Thanks for a look at some real quick he's a -- edge of what do business one note that your your problem. I just and a musical -- I mean that I -- better than mine with soft. I mean nine miles I don't know. -- the same criticizing it aren't. Actually now that you met today I don't -- show bearden. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- While you have speculated grunting have we got some questions and whenever you does yeah. Josh Saturday served at -- Groban and if -- -- -- about Amy's husband I cut through talking about mixture Vietnam -- apparently not -- opera and I haven't vocal practice do you view that hit. It's beautiful high notes. Hi I'm semi critical thank you mod mod mod -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I I you know it's it's always a very tricky thing is they're facing certainly deported to you know to kind of sector body out -- -- -- it's 8 PM negative 5 in morning. So you know you just trying to be -- the simple -- to try to get much press as you you can possibly put his stamp on the did you sample and I try to get a little -- arrest but. Under lots of water I do I I'd definitely do scales every day that I tragic lessons to a defense we've just -- -- you. How are always these students and I -- -- a student tellem tellem an old man I don't think. Similar -- when you when singers performers come on dish. They are actually eat sound check. -- they are excellent when he rolled in here and you know -- -- becomes 5 AM there -- experienced. Singing I've noticed you don't make the movie actors do a monologue from their -- NN here's Robert educator -- -- -- environment take it away at. They're acting -- here it and I think it it's when we have to come out here we have we got a gut it out so so it's. It's a whole part of the promotional -- -- to keep your voice. Kind of primary to go through in any situation so there are some voices though I gotta be -- you were singing in the break before setting up just caught just busted out and -- there are some voices that are fixed and aren't really real. This guy is the real deal he would want to hear him saying if he was just walking down the street. He comes out perfectly feelings -- thank you all agree on giving very in the -- really Larry you have -- within the -- Good reverb in there and really excel at a karaoke reverb unit -- yeah -- area. I'm happy ever considered Broadway and I would know what -- what you wanna be answered questions thank you for that question I actually moved to New York a couple years ago so that I can actually closer to. The great Broadway theater here and and close to the arts community here itself. Farm yeah it's been my dream -- went to Carnegie Mellon university for the very briefly political theater before got signed great school and and I I've always wanted to to do that so it is willing to great dreams that I haven't. Been able to kind of died -- -- yet and the -- You -- -- -- right now they'll give you anything yeah -- about it Aladdin. Garrido and hitting a level is -- coming to Broadway where I was glad when this is resolved and we're all gonna fix your first level to be one -- aren't impacted run the I think yeah isn't ready and when -- -- I don't know come all the -- -- chase. I want to let you know I like I'm big Stephen Sondheim fan I think I would -- do like this and an apartment George Sweeney Todd company one. Is he really are I would have real bottom line when -- -- era should be -- -- release. -- could be -- Stewart John Josh and Josh Graham actually what we -- and that thirty -- we actually. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Crash. I -- Broadway -- with the -- kid -- and I was a little but you're okay. I I got a sense this I I I you you've now got Sweeney Todd in my hat yeah I really think that would -- -- -- -- it. -- -- -- -- -- Cause you -- your next -- when you're -- you're nobody. We'll -- a little bit now and I. -- -- -- -- And I don't see how one thing has to do with the other but that's awesome thank you turn it -- allegedly showing college fund government and -- taken right to the big screen like he should have been the lead role in pregnancy jungles and -- -- -- -- -- -- you could be that we shall. Only single would be a little dogs don't know how my -- -- I was looking allow you would -- Whitney yeah and then music and -- a little bit nutty. Then I'm thinking. Although I am okay let me -- Ethel Merman hello. -- yeah -- dollars a -- ago ten years. I don't know Broadway I'm not a Broadway guy I know I hesitate -- I just I don't you know -- -- just. No I do like I -- like good morning Baltimore I have seen her for a few times and on always makes me laugh -- on groundhog day's news -- work but is he and it's Leven and Ricky Schmidt. That she and I always say legit veteran of the great Rula I don't know how you sell mr. -- I would let. I was out there just doesn't theater that's awesome. Angela hunt era -- -- oh what I would do. I actually would love to be that genie in Aladdin so immunity yet to goals could affect. Conrad I'm Dave street all right look into this you're -- -- ultimately hopeful and the. So I had -- that they won't let me W I think competition here two. -- and you was that that's out there now they can't make you angry and it clearly. Not. Norman late at eleven counties don't tell me this morning that he would be our live pat I don't didn't -- enterprise -- -- Oh yeah and not permit he's a -- here is she is able to view he's able to do everything we a couple of he didn't he -- was -- space shuttle orbiter Bob -- program. He's been and how you look he's drooling he -- someone who loves me or is very hot -- unarmed and innocent. All I really hope -- ruling -- -- you have gone farther we didn't have a tiny little sad you -- -- yeah. -- like 57 in Maine Connecticut. Let me first on -- -- -- an actuary rightness of their on this program -- its current. Yes right yes -- -- so yeah this is -- tell him to learn how to do this for instance you can learn lessons births about three years. Three -- interviewed an ordinary person good boy -- -- who. -- he apparently got cash back Norman's parks and we just -- the thing -- introduced so yeah immigrant a case. How many hours a day as Norman working. He practiced for maybe an hour -- in all different tricks and and we you know oftentimes performing you know we hear the usually happy right. You get the sense he's on this keyboard you're gonna see you get really excited when a proposed. Fairly certain amount of room for the discus -- -- yeah. If -- -- Yeah. Definitely quieter and yet it -- -- a little -- be the best we can't breath. -- -- Friends -- food. Oh and you. Channel movie. -- -- -- -- Hell why do you like -- he once stuff to do. -- -- likes the kind heart out did you know when Norman with a puppy that he was specially gifted dirty just terra rugs and and he on the carpet like every other dogs he just had a lot of drives you to keep them busy constantly give us something to do. So we can take -- sheep herding and find something else to do. When you know night in the -- He's -- danger crazy dresses desist skateboarding now piano Armitage -- -- the dogs. Tomorrow yet is that now that no danger to the -- -- don't -- pretty happy. I felt very happy pricing and I guess an article is writing that's keyboard better than anybody else in this turned up what do you -- -- -- -- We know we try to get a helmet but it won't -- -- time. Helmet or activities you're right there alongside him so he's definitely say zazi was that you wanted to -- you know what I'm kind of drove an honest -- Johnson and -- White of 100 NAFTA the free drinks periods by the way Josh Groban -- and handlers right now what what that -- part of that I. -- only human on a scooter is not nearly. -- -- I can't do as well as he can probably would -- I put my arms like over it like he'd. -- continue to look how. Done -- he does not -- at all yeah sorry I am sorry. I just got ninety thank you know let it cool it was that dangerous for growth that would get them more dangerous -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He had put his arms over the thing -- here and you Norman. I keep and then there's. There's been on personal out of -- -- appear -- there we have it we have we have extra pond. -- -- Follow along wow because I'm glad -- that. Yeah we -- me yes I didn't look at a different agenda that they didn't have serious business here yeah yeah to the prompter yeah. Now the. -- Mr. and mrs. America -- that its Internet it always -- Hello World what. America and Helsinki. Now to our pop music extra Valentine's Day is right around the corner and step aside cupid -- Cadbury is swooping in to help you sweeten things -- they are. See if they aren't the jobs the company is actually -- you customize your handy for your Valentine is really beyond me but for you did you just. Can you make -- he can be. It's gonna -- that I really can you make dirty you can make whatever you want you filthy filthy I don't know the group is launching joint dominated -- Personalized service lets you design your child with a heart. The -- however needs is not your arm. It's what she gets -- -- you like that it turns everything contagious laugh every old sounds turned dot Christiane are you get down low light. Very -- I've -- in the car it's here dollar 95 minute now. -- -- Don't you get -- -- you get -- giving up by. Got a penny under three -- -- under three dollars and -- -- -- remarks highlighted on its I want it I want him. Fall in love all over again with the rest of the Internet -- -- I am physically. Madeleine you -- Matalin all she wanted to hear from her third birthday it was right -- -- -- -- Well little. -- -- Yeah. You don't like yeah are you probably I want to do -- -- I'm hanging in this country we can targeting kids -- really matter. Do we get a -- somewhere wearing her on the show -- current superstar. Because of my museum. New -- -- -- product for a company America and you don't hire her to be -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- NIC all that I also think -- -- saddle on nor any -- in the control room didn't -- you had a good suggestion what was it. I just it is. And you -- maybe she can I don't really he had to give her my job. All the dogs and I was just I just doctored up to this -- -- having her my job I think maybe he figures that way fine fine fine I'm not all idea shot incredibly -- once again I don't know anything. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Actually I think we've had on yeah we lovingly universities come back. I think -- had. That's -- everybody Josh Groban John yeah. -- now starting number one on iTunes he sang for us today brave which was incredible in its. -- -- February hours over -- that -- -- -- -- ladies must log. Thank you for -- I meet -- the last. Alas he has if they give you can't ever hit -- -- -- -- allowing us. He'll be up here few perfectly level out and about -- and you're welcome talent agent -- now now the next young that are in America. You're welcome an eleven lot of great and importantly real money. -- --

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