GMA LIVE! (02.07.13)

Josh Elliott, Lara Spencer, Sam Champion discuss special deals and Robin Robert's return.
3:00 | 02/07/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (02.07.13)
Okay. It's possible that if that was -- I couldn't do that much of a two hour broadcast now we had a big and we are. Think fairly big -- -- in post traumatic don't like what's happened. You know what did happen we finally got Callender who filed circled the. February. 20 and -- -- Robertson back. And studio -- Global data such good news that it's amazingly I mean I just feel like it -- it. Happy happy just the right time because so quick for her five month that's unbelievable that remains -- and -- -- -- And -- death tax on the onions and he just feels like I don't I need to use of that word put Robin got my. Well we you know what's it -- its biggest you know when you when she talks about it and we're going to be seeing a series now. Pieces about her journey back to this moment. It was around the Oscars last year she started to feel something was a little off and -- got the diagnosis of she. She looked at the county sent out by next year's Academy Award housing there one year -- going to be back and Aaron are relieved. I mean that when she told us that we -- like class amazingly after NASDAQ. Right right you know I'd better tell Alaron Enron aren't they want me in their warrior com and -- now in the middle of -- it seemed like it was forever now when you look back it seemed like it was. Very quick. We've got some amazing stuff that's happening on television leading up to it like one of them we rolled out -- -- today that -- I don't know just give me -- -- a look at these guys still -- -- Robin Roberts yeah. -- back girlfriend. Better -- -- relatives say welcome back. Robin Robin a loving god bless you. Welcome back and they love you. I am delighted to note that Robin is coming back on the air we have -- you. Shot -- seven time yeah. Everybody on the. And so much love online from -- for our Robin after sharing is great news or social media producer producer Andrew springer. -- -- -- Good morning as -- say Good Morning America -- of that isn't isn't the morning. Where nobody really cares about my job because there is still months -- then -- To -- about time's running about. And it look at this breaking hash -- this morning team Robin was trending number five in the US. Right. And we know that training -- and everything but it does show how much love there is a barrage. The people are buzzing about absolutely actually take a look at some these we've actually Michelle Williams. From Destiny's Child -- -- so happy for you Robin. Just such an inspiration. Good to see was well welcome back that's great that there will definitely got a ton of tweets like these -- I can't -- -- it GMA made me cry again. Welcome back Robin so many people saying that they were in tears this morning watching that it's a little -- that you dissolved. That's how much he won't really really just I got I got that the body -- you know the little. -- skimping when nothing went on it was immediately you know having a chance to be down in New Orleans with him just -- -- -- be around again. You realize how much -- mr. women. To see her. Back end of -- as she is. All she really wants is -- -- wants to present -- over there. Angry about being up at the crack pray to god and end again thirteen days now and -- com. -- top thank you springer and thank -- -- season that night. I have. We've got -- we had deals and steals but we also. Happy birthday that is -- -- -- Okay. Our -- air force itself we always we always like to recognize the day when somebody can finally have a legal adult beverage that is. What -- Andre again happy -- -- and he has a bill. I feel old yet -- -- Oh -- moderates say it's that birthday before a big birthday that you've. Like just don't want to say now. Holds -- -- -- actually has won only I don't know you're twenty yeah that's amazing one problem. You are now technically I think it just now -- out you're no longer producer some -- that you're gonna have to now do what we want them now you're gonna play a special little game. Chris what we called in the summer just married -- for. I'm really up here on it's a couple of numbers looked up yeah. Can I think that -- -- -- I feel like get out all right -- or how much self. Wait wait wait I think we all know that we'll get the game right you got just one man and one and then -- one half things that you didn't. -- you can kiss my day we basically Strahan. Com. John got America's jobless Jonas Larry -- or firemen cannot you do your blood yeah I was also looking -- -- -- my guy got some. And it's you know we're live yeah we're alive and -- -- -- don't primary here. Okay. -- -- Peter Bergen golf gas and now you get to walk yet to walk the -- somebody in the. -- -- You really know what. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know I don't know and I. Okay how -- you. -- -- -- Trash. And human dignity and we not I don't know hardly any. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. Birthday. To you here pat -- regarding day to you do. Happy birthday I don't know I don't -- more happy happy birthday -- -- Happy and don't change no Belgium yeah you know are getting our world and many more on channel four that's terrific. -- -- This is -- this is -- Spencer's. Speech today. Because it -- -- whistles and sirens and yeah. All -- -- yeah yeah. -- No -- yeah. I think he's scored in Napa auto how good people won't -- co star from -- Hey everybody I can't -- immediately and if you're online right now we know that it was hard years sometimes we really loved siren I know that. He I don't there's some I think we get out and that's really do I mean I think you give you the flashing light and not -- the -- I'll. You is out of -- sum -- boxes that you can I do I would Donald drumming Amanda yeah I'm that and I are doing a lot of things that you think you've. And mrs. Ford pretty well under a deal today I -- not show that to watch a look at that somewhat went out -- one of them right now. It puts you at a special deals -- are saying good for you. For -- -- -- -- I don't think there Thursday and Friday bag you and I love this company did yeah they're who lives. -- -- tonight at Madison name put him on the canvas bags and so regularly -- rents them the the -- while 3229. Dollars depending on what you choose slashed in. Starting at fifteen got to get a Thursday Friday -- -- and I. And he Davies an hour I've -- -- and he didn't name them on this Christmas present thank you all all a lot of them as well you're not -- -- -- -- -- you're gonna Wear this yourself. It is -- Lara Spencer sterling necklace. Able to sleep -- -- -- look at is the damn I'm on it seems I have my hat Tory Johnson and should get over Twitter or -- and a sound. According and that you have to -- and -- -- you know you might the wouldn't be -- next story what you -- deal on the hill on these gas had consented to. -- regularly a hundred is -- 260 dollars and ideally to slash I didn't. Good Morning America that coming out what you'll get all the links of probable cause for these two items slots as he said every hour until 10 PM today 10 PM eastern time we -- -- the -- plus the talked about this morning I mean can -- ask for anything mark Torre. We always a you know law get -- -- get there but -- not kidding but how. How flat -- these things -- you know all the and the thing is every company has. Thousands and thousands of units so that you decide when he went to think like we put people on TV and they had you know 200 -- and they're gonna sell quickly everyone has thousands and thousands and thousands but we have. More than five million US's so now there's nobody they can have five million of something just waiting around right so but we try really hard I don't want anything to sell I want everybody to be able to get with they want to sound they -- and then he's so much to all of me in two. Very bottom -- the hard work I'll tell you. What else is hard work how to -- -- -- that haven't well BP did not always meant breaking a world record with a cocktail. Now there's an idea we're gonna try that this morning there's a new show on -- -- called Guinness world records gone -- out every episode is full of people. Trying to break some kind of record. Here are these real if I -- these we have video of this like people jumping over cars but see that's that's a record. -- -- Yeah that thing I would keep my job over it got old don't do this don't don't no don't do that at -- don't do that sit -- and I don't know how. -- -- -- It's really on the -- please -- show that we thank god also how many nails hammered with that head I don't see don't CN I don't. -- -- And not her real and please don't do this you don't like -- -- doing I don't know and can you don't watermelons being sliced not a person's body. -- -- that what we don't we don't know now that they can't disappoint shoulder -- Now what is. -- -- And between yourself elect but -- kind of at -- shoulder blade configuration that would actually yeah it's it's a little you -- actually it's a little unusual. I mean look at that there's another little unusual is real news and -- everywhere and I don't think of the -- he decided I don't think. People -- his. Green ballots not gonna get broken but we are gonna break what -- -- -- -- is here with us with the -- And Sheldon wiley is here is a bartender and New York City right there how are you not see coming right back behind -- -- -- now we are going to break the record for most. Cocktails made in a wide and one minute in one minute ladies and gentlemen. Then why don't -- -- it's we're gonna you can actually show up -- hard right handed do we have a minute on the clock committed on the -- it was all very official and they did his fellow. We could just let us know when we're gonna go. -- -- -- Not a problem. -- just nervous and very quick guideline of four -- hotel must be made in the long -- The jury must also -- should be at eight ounces minimum effect you can't make more than one -- but each time. And and you are -- bodily contact Africa that is when they candidate accent it's definitive have you can't make it -- -- -- half. And you can only start each cartel office of finishing the previous one the federal commission -- understood that you -- you all practical offering club. That that he. You know these bottles get really sticky and so I learned my lesson the first time working with syrups and troopers slipped -- so. Just a little. -- -- -- -- I haven't read are you -- Cameron you ready for -- and marina. I'm ready for my close -- you know go further industry and has with its sixty seconds on the clock. You wanna give an account -- -- -- -- pleased to make an official thank you okay begin historical debate is fifteen. Your time stops in five. Full 32. One got to follow. And okay. -- -- All. Let -- you and I have. About half an 1112 they're important. OK if verified. -- we have eighteen meetings here if there are. I hope I -- -- Gripping television. On the Internet. OK so what we think you're right I just I'm I'm so okay this is official and I'm a little nervous and -- it. McKay show them why didn't you just -- -- the most hotels made in one minutes. The Quetta -- -- debate was fifth -- in. -- a record you have just a chain and AJ why. -- -- -- -- -- Not around Hollywood at its. Alcohol -- -- I don't know. And died in alcohol only 9 in the morning -- I actually don't I have we have a payroll that certainly do we want to hear from -- what record do you wanna see broken we actually. We have choices for -- Most hot dog swallowed stop and Spencer. Most ice blocks destroyed by -- that the into the how do you do not done enough. Actually I don't know fastest time to -- fifty meters blindfolded. These are all good or -- more -- a garlic for it. Longest birth a look at. I don't even know which -- I like better than those are also good. Hot dog hot dogs thought August I want I smashing -- -- Maybe -- -- -- -- -- popular -- not by one's body or by a body just five -- -- body because we couldn't afford to. -- articles because it is -- are very don't GOP look into the alphabet while belching I mean I rather be yes that could be great again great TV especially thinks we keep. We want to thank you we actually want -- six years Chief Justice Sheldon -- -- camera. Okay. -- -- -- And candles on the -- up. -- --

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{"id":18429659,"title":"GMA LIVE! (02.07.13)","duration":"3:00","description":"Josh Elliott, Lara Spencer, Sam Champion discuss special deals and Robin Robert's return.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-020713-18429659","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}