GMA LIVE! (02.08.13)

Josh, Amy and Sam discuss the approaching blizzard and play a game on the history of the Girl Scouts
3:00 | 02/08/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (02.08.13)
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I didn't actually use that helped a lot -- them. He lot of emotions tells me at -- low fat would you that overnight tonight into it and thereby cutting it too much they can we do we get it to get a look at sans kids this is a candidate what this is -- good -- -- goes everywhere with a -- and that's green -- right Jack I'll do them all morning long and has been -- agreed -- he's -- -- -- -- that this -- look you've -- that country and. Honey I -- but give me park avenue. I gotta tell you that you guys we know -- the -- down. Okay yeah. Does government go notes go ahead -- not let me let the world know that you make fun of us -- from the south that's not true. I didn't love them back to get from the south fact the rich history and heritage of that part of the country deserve you that's never talk about that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If all we have a lot to -- to get a it was a brisk morning Sam step in his -- with the achieves. We had found still -- him all my lunch. I don't. Do it isn't the last mohicans and Daniel Day-Lewis said I -- signs yes that's right when I think he hasn't. But we have Jack thank god that salmon -- -- -- I wanted to talk unbalanced governor and all that. Deep inside skinny arms going on with the show I love that show. Let's not ignore the. In line in the of the end -- I -- yesterday is becoming increasingly dismayed. By the coming Sonoma -- lips as -- Tag and -- LY telling -- thirty -- giant Josh is given it in his own name it's no my ged and lips as an apocalypse to finally admitting. An -- but now I am I guess I'm sure about the -- -- -- get a lot of -- well let me -- -- let me let me let me just say this about that that that you know the forecasts. REN at this point the models of kind of decided. That these two systems form. One big one nasty one out later on tonight don't really spin off -- the wind into the snow if all of that. So make sure that you take -- -- while you can in areas they're getting rain to get prepared because I think there will be power outages I think there will be trees. Out of those grocery stores get a look like Friday that don't get plowed and atletico and like they're gonna look at just what they're going to be radiant first and then -- Yeah. Are you yet he got hit I think -- taking pleasure in the fact that the mighty spoiler it's no I -- -- A weight on top of everything you tell them what what did it I'm -- animals don't think -- and so last weekend the boiler -- -- wouldn't. And it's flooded our apartment OK and then I think they took our boiler that those who aren't levels. And had it do extra duty as a last night it was one goo goo goo guru guru and then an important. As of now we -- -- So to let me just this is Cheney's week. This is in these weeks of the beginning of the -- -- starts to get the creeping crud that's been going on GMA where you lose your boys and I'm getting him yet I get all the -- Yeah. Exams -- magic -- yeah. And my husband of the yeah yeah and her husband has a black -- -- had a head injury from a soccer injury hill Holliday needs friends thought she hit him. And Emmett -- all of Amy's friends thought that so let me just let me just put that out -- world name and then -- -- then the apartment above. Leaks -- -- she -- she loses furniture rugs. -- at Blackberry cannot really descendants crack 1010 then her boiler goes on now she has no heat on top of that -- and John and -- you wrote I have always been. The yeah. Authority. Hi -- say the number at -- -- reporting and habits and did for them for the lots of them this is the best dressed and take -- I'm not quite -- tuxedo and I think and that's helped me keep my voice and it is it is a secret known to many of the entertainment world demand. Wider global stock that I -- -- -- -- -- -- doing it. -- -- do about it. Elephant in New Orleans hello and we had called tons of links we like three of knowledge about the call -- here. Other guys forgive me for being exceedingly professional and -- -- every day. From a New Orleans who global media have no idea how that that wasn't all of that -- my L white PS are sealed. Failure led by CSC is definitely. Not let students know -- -- lives okay. You know stop -- -- exam does. That Barbara Reynolds yep yes and she was here and tells all about her amazing -- drug -- products and none. I was yeah. Don't -- -- he was eating a banana and it was a little confused by how you didn't know you're reading a minute I got it gives me it was amazing that not only that it was on Twitter -- -- -- to me and I love this one bad there was a young woman wrote this we. -- -- anybody quotes. -- -- democratic. I well it says -- about what -- Daniel that's her and her Twitter handle is. Just Marisa and -- expansion -- next. That's have been and I hanging what did you think it was that it has acting immediately that game yeah hey I want to get big that the show isn't just a transcript. Albeit entirely different show yet -- was here that was something that was ridiculous I thought it. Another that was what I think our delegates like -- -- a frozen lake of frozen yogurt. And that's the trick -- trick -- you don't have to eat ice cream if you just freezing and have an -- in the emerald it's many -- the -- doesn't -- -- make it into chocolate chocolate started on them and a -- but it's really. The health chocolate. -- and I think it's dark chocolate. -- -- -- -- Then you springer the pat Good Morning America yeah question of what -- my question for -- -- to cancel my birthday party in my night. Happy birthday to you -- -- Monday 1 AM and I look at hello hello aquarium yes it does this whole string of us are alerted on Sunday turning twenty now -- -- -- -- So maybe you guys who get together after the live TV I don't know her mom that they -- basically -- Spray. What a great great great moment role model about Italian -- I'm actually -- -- -- because. I think and I don't really part of my job. Is actually running a social media -- in breaking news. And those Santa been asking people to tweeted photos and not all morning so we've been collecting some of those some of those continued on the -- -- this morning. People are tweeting around this is drama our friend Rosie was crossing the verrazano narrows bridge this morning they -- Staten Island in the Brooklyn. Careful not for that -- a couple of hours as we go back and forth between lowering a little freezing Max -- -- again Israel's really trying to make all those overpasses. A little slippery -- -- And this is from trumbull Connecticut. So the -- has already -- there as well. And by the way she's got rid of the picture later -- show us the actor. Right the same exact like before and after merger will use that Annan -- on we'll get that yellow and hey I'm just saying. In Delaware she's she's one of the big big big yeah yeah I love this horrific day do you regard it -- look up from channel haven't. He's got his -- ready. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah insulation here now -- mom. And I want to -- a -- thing a little more or less serious -- head of the day. Our big friend -- Meanwhile watches and by the way -- -- no watches CNN live everyday look at that -- our. Of the doubt that that's easily and -- apparently since losing half. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that's very popular that body -- yeah. For all that look at. If you've been trolling for dates on the -- where can we find you tomorrow night you'll learn that part I think I'm going to be town of Davie the offices. -- -- We'll battle turning on how to be rollicking. Yeah -- will be in the west village come on down. And quickly -- a year you get to the to Chicago was this the -- No this was yeah we were we were going to do a big thing in Chicago with our friend not chef art Smith and -- and I had to cancel because the blizzard we're gonna stay here and -- coverage. So the lovely ginger see -- -- in Boston. I'm in New York needed to the big cities are gonna get hit so we'll be doing the world news GMA world news all day all night part of -- on the we got friends -- go to the girls that's been really quickly can we hit. That picture that you and ginger today coming home from Chelsea mass. Alex I'm sure you or you John -- -- -- out look at that case while they were okay so we're gonna just now. -- wait for now it's she's standing on the salt. That is going to be distributed to the Greater Boston area right -- could get up to three feet. And now I'm I really think -- probably spells it wow I hope -- they stand to be category I mean the most snow they've ever had in a one of and it's 27 point five inches Daryn we're forecasting the Dalai spent 38. Ours is not ice all salt -- to combat that we're forecasting 24 inches right now but it could go a little bit about that pile. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- OK so just again if you stay with slim PS recovered. Does this mean again conjoined here later this afternoon. And then we hope that this is I love you Sam I'd look -- what is what I'll put it that really wrong just as I always hope you really wrong and unfortunately solace right. -- -- -- -- -- -- Very important -- -- Girl Scouts -- US state Clinton landed him on February 8 is the first level ever national girl scout cookie day Obama -- men got -- hit me guys well. So we've got some girls got tips from new York and New Jersey -- -- Yeah. Hot -- it's a little game we like to call Eduardo. I would these little game we like that at all a lot of market could. So I want to first give a big welcome to -- -- -- -- Smart could give Bo and first question what -- Holland -- art -- work and girls got cookies first sold. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 1904. I'm not -- you -- -- -- -- -- We'll get a freaking -- that it is cool around. But I think good -- yeah. -- What did Girl -- -- instead of cookies during World War II during world war two and Sam Champion a cold pop. Yeah they got -- Johnson and that is not correct and I. -- the yeah. And -- We think judge yeah calendars and and. -- and I thought -- are okay. Hands on -- if we -- all about thank you got -- on in this day and it's up kids it's going to be breakneck. What is the most. Popular girls yeah. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah modestly generally and about -- goods -- now let me. -- -- Living on unemployment. You know okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Lord -- into war and what do women and girls could with a coconut into everything all up. That is. We're coming back -- I don't -- that. I have read your office not a -- not your bully and a good. -- -- -- -- -- Question number five why do some Girl Scouts sell -- -- and other terrible collapse. Witness Bryant -- wild yeah. Why do some Girl -- Obama was and others think he'll be able to miss Tiffany wanted even -- -- -- -- I was gonna say -- but Marc Bulger is -- working. -- -- -- -- -- -- And finally he goes the other party runaway. Not a -- -- -- -- -- Thought the questions 61. And analyze the honorary president of the Girl Scouts is who. Aren't present. And robot Michelle Obama that is -- -- With -- it up and it turns out that the Girl Scouts. Kids -- you know what. -- it felt really loved him. I don't wanna hear -- now what is your favorite girl scout -- you can go to wherever that flashing whole thing is -- -- I don't care -- here I'm here there is. Actually hang on camera areas. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- OJ and VMware and we show back to the -- the Gaza in the -- And everybody can -- Elizabeth and the girls got the New York. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I've never bet I'd never been more embarrassed to be a colleague -- -- off a clean clean your name -- It asks questions he had never answer them there's a lot of pressure that he's like very Smart girl scout eyes -- no one about let us. You know letting at least -- got a couple of mop up. -- waits that is girl. Lott is definitely not -- beating -- -- exactly after all the blue cheese and didn't -- -- not. Just hours after a what it would have forced the room. But you aren't going to find out what really got we told you yesterday outrage here or over -- on the big show Good Morning America Diet Coke -- -- Marc Jacobs has its creative direction and that day. It's now these -- but life is teaming up -- Justin Timberlake wow writes the actor and singer no stranger to. Numb -- a reference to -- to the record hand. But they can't is also a platinum -- Blackhawk Hockey. Q are you. Is gonna be the face about what -- and he's gonna provide. Creative. Musical. And culture cultural -- -- For the fun for Bud -- Grammys Sunday night that's where you see the first that sprung from. Justin Timberlake and it's gonna -- the -- -- suit and tie. Maybe drinking -- -- -- in his -- attack. Well I mean findings on a scale Ines I mean is the idea -- to make this like a classy -- class here brew. Well you probably about and you you probably drink more beer that I you know I'm just guest actually not -- Indian guy it's had. And it until it. Regular from the coast to throw it right here particularly tender but apparently somebody's got to go out -- a pioneer expo mascot really are you are not like -- you didn't. -- that's ultimately. -- is locked up. -- today upper upper big set up audits could be brutal this because she's like excuse to do. -- -- -- -- -- -- It is the -- and Zellweger Obama than yourself in my apartment in -- -- And we -- mother about it I had a little bit of I have few problems this week and I feel like I deserve a little Bruschi the end -- you don't I felt we were a little late here -- girl's death here months here. Yeah -- very good I am forty snow. Yeah I'm not gonna let that go and we're gonna bring you -- we have. -- -- extra and by the way nice Beaufort today planet XI believes it. The next day and night long yeah. There's nothing wrong -- that -- so yeah -- Yeah -- there's more it's nobody they happen to the basement of plagiarism continent. Please. Update your all and then all -- you -- yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Mom and -- yeah. At that and I gotta tell -- that's cool -- cue to head banging one year old Little -- on all remnants of her -- you know Miguel party on. All right we can sit here for hours now isn't our -- and we had to get it. We have to get hold because -- -- snowing. Yet what I see -- out there. But there was a load all the lovely people there's paint on the Internet sales go to -- lovely studio audience yeah. -- the -- job but they the other one. You girl scouts of. Every morning another lately yeah.

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