GMA LIVE! (03.25.13)

Lara Spencer and Sam Champion celebrate National Waffle Day and check out impressive beat-boxing.
3:00 | 03/25/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (03.25.13)
And out before and I everybody. -- -- I've fans happy Monday -- mind that I'm -- very nice show up you know what I do I brought up the top -- SA mom. One thing disturb me and I saw your face to it was that by -- -- and like that that that really was disturbing to me I was very upset about it and I don't know. How to get through to these young women who are looking at -- on Tumblr wherever they are. But it's not looking like someone else that makes you beautiful. It is everything about you that you -- is just it's unique you do you that's just unique. Yeah Tom yeah it's -- -- your right Denise just as we need to explain it because it was on the show we have this story about these girls were obsessing about needed -- out. Not a new problem by the way I'm I'm no spring chicken and I can remember being in junior high and high school in thinking that. Dinner was matter right and and that's basically comes down to being so -- the united slaves that we elect -- -- on your collar bones and all that's nothing new it's something that all women go through -- I it's our job. As broadcasters and has moms. And as human beings to just say that beauties from the inside out and that and by the way don't -- really like a little softness and a little current. At every gallon tours -- good luck I. I will tell you every every guy I know every heterosexual guy now doesn't look at the skinny -- -- and think oh you know she's she's sexy beautiful. They generally like a little bit more mean look at them and animals look at the pinup girls you know event that's that it -- it but we -- these. Beautiful models in magazines and -- And the reason that there are choosing. You know for better or worse I -- worse but they're choosing these very thin women is only because they look good in the clothes so don't but our daughters are seeing how that's what it must be. The right way to look it would. One of those things -- -- this is this show we gotta talk about Addison Allen things that was an interesting. And god was food for thought but on on a positive note I love Devean George back. Yup Don it was great to sort of have most of team I need Josh yeah you need Josh come back tomorrow yet -- But it was a finds John and excited for tomorrow kind of this we're doing this seeing double paying where. They've put out a national call for our look alikes -- I get to go -- to be frightening are -- I know but here's my concern is I don't know what to say. After the initial wow you really do look like Laramie. Or wow you really don't pop then what we sent them. -- I think we say thank you thank you. Hello I'm well yeah. And this is this is this -- from -- At all -- I need to say this is compliment -- awful ending this now have you seen their cards and you guys want. Yeah hello delicious if that's like a -- I think it's a little -- thing. I always wonder what -- this was followed you've seen the signs. It's didn't just ask engines see music they now live I don't know what that is what is the -- I don't know what it is no one seems to be able to tell me earning him on. Tell us online and will know what it is I don't know what it and now it now. -- -- -- -- -- -- And now it's all gone bad but you know anyway so its international -- -- and we thank you. The thank you don't -- -- -- doing it. We have a -- -- have a -- all -- a -- -- over -- I can opener got that -- what are your fake wall bulls deserve an international holiday. One -- could be us. This position there's a load all of it was representative would you urge regulators gonna do good you breaking a rule that -- -- -- -- when you're out here on TV. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Holidays -- former presidents. We need to know your answered very important that we know there are conservatives first. Here's our -- extra the new Robert production of Breakfast at Tiffany's it opened last week I'm really excited to see this show getting great great reviews -- without. We're all from -- thrown sentenced nearly all are all all love her yeah lover I -- his -- -- -- Truman could bode look at what could be back. It's like having a waffle on -- in the amount of -- it's perfect servant. Tom -- -- had a big star of the show not for not. The Emilia Clarke -- -- apparently this feline superstar veto Vincent. There's a shot and then he played the role of tax -- right now all I'm not movie a lot of lives. And you know. It is wrapped up in some behind the scenes drama now with his understudy -- Monty thing -- -- all listed on the play and how he went out publicist and production explain. -- not he apparently got badge due -- bad behavior. I guess time will tell who comes out as top calf. -- yet this aren't acting all the local papers here in -- -- is very important and there are not -- that's our pop back stressed. That's I think that a very nice woman and someone else in the room does -- maybe that was in the united. Delta over there -- and -- -- and see. Thought it was great and I hope our play of the day extra this one's for the dogs. A look at the cab to take like digging take a look at this video it's proved that even little -- Can move back. -- I don't know she's she's like. Calling about the -- Pop pop pop pop pop pop pop up it is say -- that the higher you make your voice the more exciting until. That is completely true and that I haven't been need to have been. Well that's how we get glad down -- is that. Description for the -- -- like -- Actually. Yeah. You don't think these things are gonna work out and they worked out really beautiful landing as I thought really the dogs running upstairs that's going to be good. But it was Donna and I did vote for morning it is a both firms this morning about the way when I don't know what is so win -- win a dog wants to play. They don't take no for an answer. -- -- -- So. -- and other guys like -- hundred and now he's like yeah. -- named -- -- you it is I don't know whether I'm a can't -- We're thankful and I'm glad I'm a little I'm congregating on my -- I'm back here and then look it's been confident. By the way we have some friends here you're hearing a -- beat box. The personal -- them. And internationally. And they basically have their room and a -- circus perform. Every lightly. Gets right hip -- -- -- that they shop at another way to look at it now. Rick Blalock and -- -- flower yeah. And what is your name. My -- had been ebooks hello haven't. -- and I got -- so tell me just before we see some performances tell me a little bit about the universe soul circus. -- -- Probably the most interactive -- is in the entire world is summit's planning is great for kids and adults as for the entire family that's what we're at where we originally started with that concept that -- We wanted it to be sending that -- -- -- -- not just in attendance and the eight Bob yelled at its merits and more modern take on death. Handling look at there are some beautiful stuff going on it very colorful very athletic it is about speaking of colorful athletic. Wearing stretch pants and not much else. Our camera there are two performers. Here -- great you tell us Reggie Whitten who they are and what they're gonna do dividend saying Brothers and -- are frowned at Vietnam. And they -- gonna do. -- there consortium is actually. Only a candy -- -- and Brothers that are lights are a little low in the studio so I don't -- -- that they know this though they if I can either hurt this isn't gather at city. -- -- -- And it's very why so many acts -- -- yeah. -- -- -- that be legal. How -- I can't come. May flowers -- a little little hairs on my -- they're delay. I did -- I can't even -- -- -- So what's your setup I need you guys -- you know win win that when the performance begins do you come out like that -- -- -- -- -- regular sort of master of ceremonies. There have known not exactly but actually bipartisan that does happen just like that I come into the crowd. Hands interact with the crowd has died segue into introducing the ringmaster how did you learn how to do that make all those -- as if you're it's incredible. Thank you -- actually learned by just. -- in the car listening to music and just going along with music. It's back. When you see someone do it can be really really wonderful because all of that comes out of just one person and now with. Synthesized sounds to know that you can do that yourself is pretty -- what's the toughest. The fox sound to make. -- doesn't really -- question. Probably you're doing earlier doing the Latin beat the same time it's very very tough it's the. -- -- -- That's coming out of the back to your throat while something else is coming out of the front of your team that's finally got on my idol outnumbered are looking for something that I. This guy deserves -- -- You definitely get it -- part of it is that -- us on this morning and we thank you the universal circus. For being with this we also you have an -- -- group -- that are actually gonna sing us out so this is -- this is our way of guys -- I want to predict that this is Vincent client ladies and -- Very nice to see it. Add data Monday GM -- have them pass -- the -- players off the show with a little music thank you Lara Spencer W stands behind you Robert Watson -- and everybody. Do we do -- Do. News. Yeah. It is -- -- isn't it. -- We. He and real world do. -- --

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