GMA LIVE! (04.15.13)

Josh, Amy and Rachel check out Tax Day freebies on "GMA Live!"
3:00 | 04/15/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (04.15.13)
-- -- -- have you'll forgive us. That's what happened but it seems. Coffee or hot water with sometimes -- -- -- -- in the mountains -- you know what it's not about is that you are a bunch of people -- jumping literally. Feel like an odd man. Where to begin. But it still actually Rachel you -- -- the represented and yet it came so well how was how I feel hot and these -- explain what we're seeing here. -- -- -- -- -- Let's look like if you. Yeah well listen I got probably -- That they got into the waiting by the economy and certainly didn't like the new crazy things that are going it's going on at crunch again -- -- class passage right. Yeah. That Allen had no I have not gotten anywhere from 53045 and sixty minutes yet forget about it at a know how to -- That Monica and I thought the bush -- out there yeah it's pat -- a -- LA times trailing by quietly and. I can't do this let's I have -- Apparently -- wondered about it -- the megabyte drive just -- wasn't. -- head and Pavarotti indict anybody how to minimize this guy and the ones -- -- -- -- Yeah. I know the graphics this year. Compared you. TJ here on my little -- Towards him ahead right here. I want stop stop that that -- -- all right that's good he gave finally stopped you'll notice and snow. I don't know are now cheerleaders they're down right there that some -- I'm talking just put food on our -- yeah we knew that it. Sheriff my favorite part of not and it says tax day likes -- like slipping its. Its previous -- -- there is all about taxes that the dreaded tax -- so if you haven't already filed we suggest perhaps you have until midnight right to do this today but their businesses. They're feeling your pain. And for that they are offering some freebies -- you can soften the 7-Eleven -- -- Media -- -- you can also stop by McDonald's -- -- free coffee from the headache. -- how have they changed wrestler the since nineteen. Ninety he now -- -- it was about. Business and that's how long it's been fans. I never had a slightly -- that happened -- wow. Wow what it turns out raising -- don't go away. And Boston market is going to -- my -- he's really got his limited. -- They're hungry. Not that I'm leaning over the Pentagon didn't -- he's offering are seeing it on come on just I'm really wanting any passenger when they're getting your name here. Actually I've heard today that fancy just let -- -- walking into any store just say you want to have her bring. Now exists that stands for and everybody will be very forthcoming -- -- the other goods and service a great idea that it planned and then comedy -- car dealership left. I haven't seen this yet to the I think I just say -- went. What a -- I mean they made us Garnett had a -- I know I know you two were -- when I hear golf that's my view check out I get it. But congratulations to you Adam Scott and -- you Australia you got your first masters champion there's no -- Thank you -- -- on help Cabrera Argentina she was in -- was -- a playoff -- them. And literally in the middle of what has to be the most tension -- the most pressurized situation either of them will ever face in their careers. This is a given thumbs up to each other they'll laugh and five throughout -- that final moments. To use force when one had to win one -- to lose it with Adam -- but it was. Theater for the ages knew it was terrific and it isn't great and you are on Twitter fire yesterday that the only way I mean what was going -- figured out. That -- his tweet I want -- to call me because I have a breakthrough for Twitter or are you folks okay. This is what you need. There needs to appalled but public caught you can cause somebody's -- forgot how. -- actually punch yes it's here's that. I like it cause I tried as I send warnings like 150 yesterday that OK for the next five hours. You're getting a lot of masters -- that's just what -- -- if you're gonna get some soccer tweets every now and get on -- Sunday and you've you don't want to -- -- Also coming out and come back legs but -- -- that big pink background in sight and it's looking back and I -- -- But it turns out -- But -- -- I indulge yeah we discussed earlier this morning that last night. The MTV movie awards went down so it can mess that you don't have time to the back Hillary -- a whole thing. You can now wants another way with. Yet standing -- and gifts yes I think it's jets jets jets yeah. -- -- -- I don't believe in good yeah. There you deferred hardly -- you don't go subjugation spelled -- the Jenkins that you ultimately today on the wooden sailing what is that hit a slowdown in. What exactly. -- Re winding -- a loop of an inch of of like on TV -- -- -- you have confidence is like an embarrassing moment I mean the end of you have to get us. -- -- -- -- -- And that -- -- -- -- hand and as ingredients of the aids alliance and the best week ever hey dangerously. -- evening and as memorable -- into bite size moving image and may even turn it into their own. -- -- -- -- -- -- it seems the gift do you think. Net winners -- with winners and categories like the end of what he's totally over -- sexiest red carpet what. I'm sitting here this this actress actually saw -- -- land she and the name of the movie she's. Look at -- not suggesting that. From the very awkward around -- and I want to play now for all the youngsters in the -- that's what happens when you sing songs about whiskey Xanana. Since he -- out -- -- that the premises and Hudson isn't and that's what she sheen's first show what show she can move on because they are. -- -- ballparks and Bratton the money yes right parts and that. That's one of those what began -- right -- terrific. Exactly -- it -- -- -- and then -- believe -- I turned I actually stumbled upon will Farrell's. Acceptance speech definitely -- -- and it was you know. To -- its funny -- very very -- incredibly I cannot wait -- and -- there definitely sample some of that. All right before we get. And I mean you'd think given what more -- we bring you. I haven't Gloria -- to drum solo kind of magic of editing check out this little one. Killen on the drums and little help from -- -- Just let -- London that's. I am just I am always amazed at how much time people I don't know that's and that is that's that was terrific that was that was that was -- -- -- off well done the that was liberated. Your final thoughts on the on this Texas might as well I am praying hands and I want -- -- -- Only time will tell me we want to thank you first -- -- -- debut bouncing people here. Okay okay. Okay -- on an audience. Okay.

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{"id":18957244,"title":"GMA LIVE! (04.15.13)","duration":"3:00","description":"Josh, Amy and Rachel check out Tax Day freebies on \"GMA Live!\"","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-041513-18957244","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}