GMA LIVE! (05.19.14)

Ginger Zee, Sara Haines taste some Nutella treats and discuss a keyboard developed for Google Glass.
9:42 | 05/19/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (05.19.14)
Get ready for some GMA luck. It all starts now live backstage -- GMA. Okay. -- -- And -- in Eilat is. See Jennifer and Good Morning America that come and you know we always have food to start Sara Haines to. And are -- -- shift yeah and its fleet street they have from -- -- and youth jam confident look at how much to me to hang million what I'd been Ade Jimoh because they -- become the evening. Our French Fries and -- -- their meat out of something else come what does and it's there and come into being the top prize until -- we're guessing that -- I don't play that probably delicious public somebody that can't -- Not getting married this year -- This year it's you know what and try that's been. It's a new talent million asthma allergy. Again also -- somebody out there it got so they'll tell us how that is an element that we'll check Nextel. At that happened while -- -- -- it's Monday Britney this and it's like having. Pizza at breakfast will like the desert for breakfast basically that -- whole idea some got a couple different at -- zone with -- -- if not how. And then the pizza. Think yet what a way to start of the day do you really -- -- start like that you're -- going to be in trouble you know what else slide started the day in and brought this out here had enough. Let's concede this. I comment Flintstones computer that we is here. And I don't clean skin it I always feel like and leg bracelet I can't -- -- it may be because -- is the other company. Most often at home but this. Saying every neck and then it starts -- so you know I've never bent on it before in my life of -- street. Ellen and I'm holding on it -- this up Jana upstairs at Texas Tech extraordinary man convicted in fact that because I'm not letting anyone take this that I don't want -- -- ten minutes tomorrow what to -- in the morning when an awful way to start from scratch every day every night. I'll put that some -- that -- with the kids it's become kind of a weird -- and now they've got a bad joke hazy new into this group in the morning. Now given a crappy computer with -- -- it takes -- Yeah I don't anymore they really give Allen and someone switched it out -- on Friday at nineteen ginger we're getting this thing yet we are. It did speak -- Anyway after the weekend I feel like we need to see some unusual but. Very cute pat yes probably do some kind of a -- and airline has has seen the bizarre but adorable panda dogs found in China where maybe you haven't had seen -- there's -- -- vote. So now we also have a red panda -- that -- kitten. I'm -- tally found a fun guy while browsing through a -- market in. Beijing -- -- usual array of different colors on the -- -- like water red panda panda Don a red panda hats while. We don't know what's next few weeks without an -- even created though because I don't hang the breeding process and I haven't thank you. We'll get. There and get their guy kept by the way -- the food. You keep beating that we're not let all of these showed your chocolate covered -- yeah. We are we five. But what did not the other -- yet they got -- you didn't not ready -- right into our play of the day. And this political one as if Google collapse is -- crazy enough for Toronto based company called minimum. Has created a keyboard for the device that allows the user to send and receive messages now remember these -- -- your eyes right -- using a keyboard music and actually tight ends and -- is yet. By tapping attach pat Heiser trained on the local kids are -- simply using subtle head or eye movements. The company is even taking a step further to allow the user to pull up virtual keyboards wherever they go. -- tricky that is put this on Israel but no this is not this is not the Twitter helmet wearing. I don't any kind of everything idea CN NC got me and it buffalo say with a Twitter -- Yes I was doing that it all morning I kept funded -- is treated you and I talk -- -- -- Pick up some Twitter on and that that he's having -- -- -- how funny LC a picture with an outpost that he thanked her home. Let me pick your head over there death yeah anyway so that on Israel -- -- -- know this is legit but how crazy that you could do it all with your I like the -- idea. What makes me think about like when you -- a Bluetooth how weird it is passing people when they're talking like me howling like -- and their like not even talking to you imagine when he start doing like I always react to those people like. Yeah can help -- I'd I'd sit there and I complain to my mom hasn't. New York City center principles everyone's talking to themselves in the largest technology -- on the well when -- that are coming and that -- that's what we'll be -- So he can't engine technology without talking about and to them yet course Jessica Simpson is always then an outspoken advocate for the post pregnancy struggled. And we've seen at all yeah and she is using instant and this weekend the postal like -- healthy. That's an it's a nice -- out like me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well and calf muscles and second to may means less than two years the actress and singer now knows that really act color at the -- and Shoemaker because that's what. -- -- -- -- In this instance those extra pounds they see on the other but now she's showing it but she's not afraid of and Romanov governor they'll be I think when she was one of those people anything is weak growth -- -- -- reaching your top when -- pregnant be careful be careful that there was -- time when everyone was loved getting -- to eat whatever they wanted she -- that was their first -- she talks -- -- Spotter on -- popped out. Didn't. And if that first part let me damaging unite here is -- some -- and -- -- headlines you bought at a pop -- three years later you could look like -- did well. -- Yeah I'll give you hope -- Italians. This flick has hope this like had had eighties and it doesn't look like that yet but I'm working on it yet -- network I heats for. Haven't we have to give away the food that is how we do it -- I think next we are going in both we've got -- -- square yes. You do you get an approved it would have been kissing hands Pontiac pregnant -- -- I should bring my computer don't anybody take it dinner don't take that it's not it's not right. It's ancient and it's not like but it still can you guess which city is the most filthy crazed city in the world healthy trains -- -- crates. Play like per capita I'm sure I was thinking because we have some people that there. Since he's been that was fun with the polygamy. At left tackle -- whenever we think something funny -- bring -- the last. Check please know what yet it's not your city not you inner ear and we have some -- Twitter collars and let's see what they said here air is stat says. She thinks the Big Apple which is what ginger also thought pay and then Lamar Richardson says that they act but Steve me. No -- -- -- -- legal on most self centric city in the world and it Lamar Richard and said that the apple and soda ginger which actually London. Has been named the Celtic capital of the world and social media analysis done I suggest -- -- -- -- more than 14% of -- he's on the web partake in inland and many of them spots like the Buckingham Palace and Big -- And but the world's most felt he'd spots of the most attractive like the biggest attraction of sorts which isn't -- an attraction is that Roman coliseum. -- not even in -- But New York City -- second -- clothes with from Times Square and statue of liberty yet not shocking. Amsterdam is the third most -- the city -- can say that. And it actually a tweet from -- Laramie at -- museum. I don't quite return at a level that's not everything yet that's not yet even about even eating some of these. Yeah. I respect to -- he was something in the background most of most of mine have my capturing dogs because it's not. We SL any longer as someone treated us after we kind of promoted that we're doing this they added that just some random back and -- -- seven. Something plays as you know -- -- -- -- One minute I'm gonna make it social square I -- a -- -- -- -- -- himself he would be in -- and the actor. Flexing girls have much more easily put dogs not only -- and now we have to figure out what Saxony is the most -- feed. Well that's the new -- -- -- club -- LA's probably good place to start Fukudome would want to -- local player beat the most self -- -- a ginger and they're gonna do a little disheveled. -- -- -- -- the united. Not even though I don't know that this in this -- that let it. We -- as a Fast Eddie has -- semi Twitter you -- here on out and he knows how to do anti near his body and get ready to put the I -- -- -- winds -- -- an exciting and the coliseum. And I yeah. That's an idea that it yeah I got an okay yes we got -- money in this happened as a parent and it yet. Meet the band -- the Philippine he shouldn't circuit well that one -- over the ends. -- adding that does it think he's so much prior to joining me on this Monday and -- you -- eating for us audience yes -- think -- the dollar -- -- -- -- -- everybody -- -- -- -- -- happy and -- every morning and I'm okay.

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{"id":23777680,"title":"GMA LIVE! (05.19.14)","duration":"9:42","description":"Ginger Zee, Sara Haines taste some Nutella treats and discuss a keyboard developed for Google Glass.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-051914-23777680","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}