GMA LIVE (05.28.13)

Josh and Lara celebrate National Hamburger Day along with Robin on "GMA Live!"
11:18 | 05/28/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (05.28.13)
-- -- -- Apparently somebody really loves Jim Padilla who got -- -- -- -- -- Hey welcome everybody to GMA alive or GMA stuff your -- as we again it's up to that -- the lovely talented Robin Roberts. We cut a deal -- it's not paying her to -- its you can stick around for him we'll just this summer smash burger in your base. It is national hamburger day here in the -- US today curious stunt for the day after Memorial Day when I think America consumed. What roughly beaten. Billion hamburgers but I couldn't drive -- you drive trying to round ballot with the windows down you smell all the grills the -- -- Sounds -- words reacted -- being very accurate here it is regional all. Domenici. And you're out your -- you guys you are you not say anything to -- fully born half minutes so apparently they're delicious. Yes OK sort of picture things both my from. -- back -- them how much everybody's I would -- house everybody's Memorial Day weekend -- -- -- -- -- -- wonderful little -- little red little rain the rain but you know -- who can I really sweet my sisters went out. To my parents. Final resting place to Biloxi national cemetery the flag out now. It was wonderful that they were doing that it national cemetery fell across. The country -- -- was just the kind of like you remember what the moment with about I know you and I. Were both in central Connecticut yesterday. -- almost literally raining heavily -- -- incredible beautiful Atlantis. Place for lunch not knowing that the other point -- -- that -- sort of in sync with each hour. It's weird I would've freaked out and there a tiny little towns all over with the tiny little cemeteries. To tell you yesterday just in these tiny little towns each having a memorial that paraded him. And you see you know the people who sacrificed for our freedoms and see amounted to generations of great Americans on board and -- -- some with yeah. Pressure that area where we were where we Americans. And what it was a -- to hear why he'll weather though Campbell -- didn't just. Wild weather we had snow. In upstate New York it's going to be ninety degrees -- -- like two days. Don't know what's going on how to get at least belly I want you guys keep the unit -- I'm so sorry America I -- so hungry on our show VAN and then we want to you're just -- -- comment. Thank you got so much for national yeah did you jump through to you don't get worked up an appetite -- him. And how we cannot go I -- can't wait to -- offering these free classic -- is this true. Two people with any variation all of the name burger. This is great so -- murders Rosen murders -- Otis mass murder -- cash. There is the name -- more common than you think there -- 22000. People in the US with the last -- -- but that over 15100 people of the last themed hamburger is that true I can't I know one of them. And she was amazing Karen Berger. Now she was the first girl in -- middle harbor no I don't care just burner out but just different -- Karen Berger the first. The -- all star -- my Little League she was. Although our Erin Carter might -- crash that's -- -- yeah. McCarron missed it you water it might finally get a free burgers -- -- -- how what a coincidence that's amazing. -- commandeered their delicious -- And route to wrap -- search for an important. We'll see you back out there widow Barbara. Snuggle yeah. There's a dead beautiful kids do this against you again tomorrow that's a look at what my name -- -- good unfortunately but I would I would have little. Onion breath aren't yet up. -- -- -- Yeah yeah. OK. Yeah. So where Larry I'm so happy now I -- I can concentrate Hulk X I I -- -- did -- because he doesn't always shocked and protecting their. It's like I what I worry. They don't urine that that I welcome like I just what might be out there I know I like him and not deputy general for the show I usually eat lightly today -- like a little bit as scrambled egg whites and some fruits are like me you know by the time I don't want rolls around. How -- what kind of food is kind of sick -- that we re rack that that. The jump rope but god I -- actually showed us that Robin and I were discussing. -- what you can't appreciate it may be considered yet. Where are microphone are battery packs on our belts and her first. Blair has had come on -- yeah and she was still doing this happens is not -- Aaron we are looking into the activity that you can't do you are the great -- Jump roper who look Cooper on. Do you stop looking and no need to press for their no -- I don't -- I really -- -- always do -- are only looking to anything. We got into each I -- -- -- let's find the thing. The thing that -- -- because of the diocese it's impressive we -- the activities she's now is I'll try any activities you know anything that the ancient giant I don't I don't think sounds -- Nelson I think that you often think it's been really the value when something you're it was. I was at -- and drinking my bottom why -- that every other life. It's not you -- us -- -- of course. Scott this stage managers don't have -- Scott why is -- we have to go there lives. Obviously the to a video. Carter says you guys got -- -- there it's just if you guys are together before that your bill that you work for you to work. Filthy filthy -- Yang sorry that's a violation relating to have white minority -- -- dirty when he sang. Now -- on the right so those are certainly -- running gag. Summer has begun -- ninety's by Friday peoples coming Good Morning America it's going to be bombing it's gonna be like big hair kind of -- -- It's good to be southeast Asian swamp yeah mommy it's -- be immediately Larry should Wear some short towards (%expletive) -- you may be that -- and Jordan's. Maybe some cut -- Nevada and aviation -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You didn't I -- I was hoping to see him four and a half for a half days. It was you like holy father time I gotta tell it like kids that came and yeah it really nice letter -- -- -- very sexy when he has middle but I must. So why David is that -- not. Because I'm looking for stuff to talk about it a lot cuts and we do little. Billy Holliday slid an extra pop Baxter failed to this product that everybody popping extra how do you do I brought you did your mother -- -- -- there I recommend. Bodies and here's why the quick demonstration for Rosie. Rosie is a pregnant Asian elephant she lives -- -- parking -- parking lots of power Rosie pregnant girl but Rosie doesn't like Lance. She rolls over on -- side does like trump glance. You know what what you're -- -- preparing. For childbirth because needless to say pushing -- -- elephant now can't be easy. And Rosie -- -- -- not injured he's actually doing a lot of imply Unisys -- Allen -- bodies don't know had a daughter she's just -- It's barely got in the got there I just that's really fast and I think I'm not really on the water -- -- -- -- I was excited when I found Rosie didn't audience that's great. I -- -- speaking of babies is -- we have. -- -- -- So now you hear. One of our one of our lovely one of our property masters yes is the father. Of a ten pound seven ounce -- alone little person. Delivered naturally cool. I just want to say thank -- and you're here but I'm good I'm Dowling in the general direction of all of you that happened -- That is I tell you what the miracle of childbirth. And it's all -- but that's amazing -- ten pounds seven ounces. That's like -- watermelon to really do it and I. There -- up a lot easier on Saturday. -- I love Fresno my people of the central Al congratulations from congratulate your family Good Morning America about Tre Kelley you can -- She probably gonna play evident club president okay. We -- to it's been it's literal today. Okay -- we showed you this video. On the big show this morning. Picturesque lakeside running in Georgia. Took a detour. Probably get a -- that now -- -- conjure up and -- -- take a look at other. So there certainly had died and Patricia parents despite a 60% chance of rain it. Was a picture perfect wedding date for newlyweds frank and -- fearing that is until they sent. 29 people in the Georgia's Lake Lanier when the dot beneath them collapsed as the wedding party was taking wedding photos. It seemed magical -- -- rain held off. And it didn't matter -- the entire wedding party. -- ninety degrees and just almost all of us. English one bridesmaids suffered a fractured humorous and a dislocated shoulder while others had minor bruising. Gridlock -- -- reason for concern at Ericsson medicine is we got. -- should -- does that pay Benton. You know senator Cantwell. Party. So how did the -- feel about being dumped into the murky water. Melinda -- even though a lot of students a lot of iphones were damaged but all of -- just left off. When god so loved him back into -- and reliability -- And their big days any reflection on the rest of their life together. Well let's hope for smoother sailing is not accurate way this -- -- like a million people cannot just that is the best thing you've ever been -- it was a black had a lot of fun. Something tells me that of the million the told them that they were not in the 29 went. So let's just. Maybe even the -- -- Great attitude let's take away here. No wedding pictures near Lana doc thank -- may -- ever. Ever worked well that's an average I think that's dramatic may never work -- there I never upload their exit. -- you have -- album on the fragile people are proud to visit the got into his dad yeah tomorrow it's -- day we can only two seasons and on Good Morning America and Good Morning America live we misusing SEC and yes all very much of -- -- watching -- -- that's -- for the rest of the -- China and eastern -- kids we'll see them. -- -- -- -- Act.

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