GMA LIVE (06.03.13)

Josh and Sam speak to two people whose surfing video has inspired web users.
14:21 | 06/03/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (06.03.13)
It's day in the way you over the the whole army in -- spirit -- just amazing. Everybody Daniel. Okay. Indeed I will talk to you only because I'm contractually obligated -- an Alabama friend always does it seem like it's honestly it -- like it was too you know. You know I'll make -- stop. Where you just diet it's stopped -- -- stop it. First of all I don't know this vacation of which you speak. Number one and number two if you went on occasion and you don't tell me I did tell you just don't pretend. Tell me how. They are not talking Josh is like doing this. NATO's here I'm leaving for ten days I don't know I didn't tell you -- days because I knew that would bring hires like ancient Egyptian -- -- like the sun was -- from my life for. The -- and I. -- -- -- -- It was just -- -- in two years two years now two years isn't just celebrating your anniversary guess how many days often you have. Honestly I don't know unless we have why did he added -- I don't know -- you were I had one I had a week of vacation yet. I think this year I remember that yet -- in California visiting my mother. And I think I probably had a weekend. Or sell off before the Josh Elliott working during the calendar ladies and gentlemen after the cal and -- on how much. Tell -- that what do you -- fantastic does one deal when one goes on mediation you know at this time I like I honestly took so don't work phone and put in drawer and did not check the news. While I was gone and all we did is just kind of like set up life were moving in a new place. In -- so we were you know we were doing the stuff they're going to the list with the contractors every day and doing all that stuff -- also about putting the other new art studio. So you know we would go back and forth between those things -- the -- Or -- management portfolio -- assess. You know -- you know exam wasn't doing while on vacation. Weathering out. With the rates -- -- Sammy. Julio that's it goodbye goodbye facial hair -- -- -- I'm busier visual area what I'd like for Christmas I'd like my two front T it's at now if you look you. I want you to keep that for a Monday may do but I'd now. When you're not when you're not mean friend immediately and that's Mets seven -- -- -- never would never go for that they would never ask. Good management powers that be -- -- -- today wearing wearing it Bob horn lake courtside. Because I'd hate you I hate to besmirch the broadcast with some good some unruh -- facial hair racial and you can probably grown like if you look at that mess that is dominated that was -- Fulton you know ten day running start -- that's the best and distilling and yeah. It's like it -- it didn't come in the end well all like here's you could probably do one of the nice. I imagine their front below dusty and I -- probably -- cut into a beer but here's the problem with the DOT what and it. Internet if you could tell me what this is -- is I don't know what it's called. But the thing with the goatee is giving it to connect -- that whatever this little dribble do you have do you have odd shifts when all this. There's a gap hurts so that's is that that's a technical Teradata sales. But it's. That's the green that's the -- -- -- I can't -- -- did you grow one did you get John Carroll University. Giving him. So. Back. -- -- -- His daughter that has been on CNN live your name -- the end Dan we matter earlier -- -- -- that's a tall enough to hold the umbrella voted -- again. Can you get -- can you give -- the mustache and connected it to the beard I probably could affect trying to look at one guy. Can see what can you guys have got to you've got you actually know I'm sorry sir you. An odd facial bald spot probably. It's -- you're not going. I'm not. First of all these guys not a government that not all -- I'm not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The outcome of -- -- -- here coming. This -- -- you can't get a ticket that. He grows that long so it's a long mustache that appears to -- -- but he didn't. Comerica -- we didn't hear it -- just I don't. Yes it. Yeah. Don't smile oh yeah seeing we have got to. There are all the way down he's faced with love I could walk on the community. That's the only one who doesn't have any honest right here ever do is a rare face and right. There currently are so many reasons. Nobody doesn't -- it doesn't conduct. So which is. You all that it would have to say -- -- a yeah. I could never get it to connect. That's the law went and that was -- about a lot of that we we dragged all these people in the finished Josh a story that needs so I had. Operation dark moment -- -- -- Malcolm it's obvious that some. I'm always looking -- -- now find that their eyewitness yeah. Being heard on television to get thing apparently. So. Also we want to thank you here on the Internet because you guys are the ones who voted for these ties. It's vote for everything what you were doing this week. So -- had the this was the sec -- -- this was gonna win. I I had ago the woman in -- -- -- -- A -- listen on keeping this this is going and in my somebody instead and you know it is it is an homage to surrender you can see on most ABC stations Saturday every Saturday morning again it's not counting percent of your ABC it's terrific. -- -- that was close I think. I've apparently -- -- con for me was -- You go to -- object to that you don't about -- -- next to Tom I'd -- I did the smiling face I do feel we face you do my ideas that I just -- never answered texts for those I didn't emoticons are just that I don't do the you know how people -- the use your word they aren't sure what -- -- you know like they'll go into the second thing and help pick the smiley face that works for them with the glasses -- I don't do that public is their -- so many a Monica and a half the time like. The house endemic. What would is that I don't even know what that and I -- happy. You angry and it took me to get three with the greater than symbol equals love. And I put along at five unlike what is that the two did to me what is that he what is that what is it that one units that aren't part of the heart -- -- -- expects. All right -- also on GM on GMA of course here a lot of and your your your voting for the plays the -- today we had a great. -- -- from island but. That's -- I'd actually say that allowed -- but I'm gonna be bolstering through the week two because there was one today solace over the weekend on a surfing -- I had to show it to you. -- -- -- She's she's a surfer. -- so. Suffers paralysis -- can't quite do it yourself but with her friend. Tie swan. She rides. The ways and feels every day. -- what is she is. Got to do one of the great things duct taped to her friends back. -- -- because anything too soon to be a surfer with your own -- and to be balanced out. He is is difficult young you don't you know you see a lot of people try to get up on a surfboard they don't -- -- it when you have someone else on you. To be able pop up on a board -- it's it's a giant thing you did and it's a wonderful thing to do for someone else and is. -- are good in them and join us actually this is this is great we are going global here -- GMA alive. We'd -- -- Ty good enough to join us I. I tell -- -- how are you we see you here on camera right now good morning -- woody did not later whatever it is that you are right now but thank you for joining us what was it like how many times did you have to try. -- to get up on the board -- to get that feeling. Well. Actually has yet I was gonna -- we do see in that there's a difference -- There's paddle surfing ride the traditional serving EC also you see the jets he's back there I thought when I watch the video -- you also when you were doing some tell win. Some told windsurfing which allows essentially you hang on it's essentially -- water asking -- -- jet -- allows you. To catch -- who otherwise couldn't catch the speed of the jet ski can put UN it. Let's just start with paddling the traditional and we side we saw you charge and no matter what I mean as you were going -- -- from the -- their very first. But what was it like for both you tie your first as you were carrying pats have passed -- in what was it like. I don't know on the Beattie. Well I just couldn't there was some break up go ahead. -- this thought to be announced the latitude to debate. -- it literally -- actually work. You know and everybody stop telling him and said he did he. You're you're doing the tow your -- of the joint and Pascal I want to ask you what was it what was it like it looks. It actually -- it looks like you to have been doing this forever what what was it like -- in Iraq. Now we -- the time. To stop it and this isn't my Vietnamese -- extending its -- Instead. And they feel the New York redirect hundreds tired -- -- really sixty it's yeah NN. Not fun of being an -- leaky blood. -- -- delegate absent parents that doesn't really don't you could hear. But it's so simple -- -- time Pascal. In -- -- duct tape this is not some. Expensive harness that you're wearing this is just your rap and roll of duct tape -- -- up how did you guys saddle on it did did did you. -- did you trust it when she was duct tape dominant. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's really hard to -- yeah yeah yeah that's a direct depressed -- -- really wanna. The -- it is important precious blood you -- -- just elated that really wanted to have what exactly on what. People -- people who want peace is too much blasted out of yeah nudity on Christian artists won't touch me. -- I want to ask that we heard Pascal saved so beautifully that it how it felt to stand up something that she hadn't done. And so long for you what it what does it mean need to be -- -- -- friendly. Job dead birds. -- History did not -- the -- -- You get it heated battle I'm again back couldn't get a utility friends literacy and -- them instead. Updated. Yeah. Who contend Ayatollah. Cut cut cut cut cut made up you can spend time with everybody in a barrel away and I say -- -- -- -- -- -- a lot of time talking about -- you -- it physically but the emotional thing that you -- for someone was absolutely amazing -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Good pick Josh could find you know you guys -- talk about the -- the essence of surfing is that endless search for a perfect way of I think we decide. Good on ya get on you both. Also we have a new segment I'm actually in the what you take this the way OR news that -- I have to -- is sort of -- -- well. Don't wait for yet. That we -- get back to the essence of this. Fake show selling -- sorry it's right there tonight speaks for itself but that -- found. Where would you like me words like me to do on the work after that really worked a camera which you -- really there I guess that's the -- -- Jim and finally death. We're starting a new segment here on GMA live -- calling it. All of the day on the grade and it -- my legs were itself -- spent the day is Ramey -- and -- but yet Hartmann. -- -- -- -- -- -- You may be wondering what -- has a grudge against well apparently it's the inkjet printer and her daughters are. Has been going -- for a while now. They're -- until all of us. We have been ink -- starts to do its work and friends the -- paper and we know no memo. You had found out just. That was. Thank you so much so -- -- -- -- has who has done. And didn't -- it has planned for months revenge. Oh yeah. It is really just give himself up I -- it went to bed tonight I'm going to out of didn't -- -- very. Mom mom. Didn't is there may have been hundreds of pages printed but barely gets the last or no should about it. Police could.

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{"id":19312197,"title":"GMA LIVE (06.03.13)","duration":"14:21","description":"Josh and Sam speak to two people whose surfing video has inspired web users.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-060313-19312197","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}