GMA LIVE (06.10.13)

Josh, Sam, Dan and Linsey chat about the George Zimmerman trial and the PRISM whistleblower.
16:56 | 06/10/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (06.10.13)
Figured him. Cavalcade of stars here on CNN live today. Obviously time we -- when favorite moments. This is a favorite moment of the morning -- degree Wendy Davis joining us. -- -- -- -- Not this letter to its suggestion that it is just. Orange and white handkerchief yeah that's good enough for -- back at it matches with the letter. Let me just let me just break down that then I'm going to wind -- yeah yeah. Yeah I did all this for -- -- -- -- in the -- My children thought I was had a chance -- none of them South Florida this weekend that is yet to see Sam and his natural habitat. Finally what I actually got on Twitter yeah looked like fun yeah it was he was a good evening and good evening I'm telling you was -- by now what you want -- sand in this town. And it is like walk around the man in this town it's the same way to the South Florida Houston mayor contends that his new York and Miami nobody if I can adopt -- -- New York that your long time that if I could it would beat Miami by the way youngster what is your name. Even come here just two minutes because this is Josh Elliott do we have a band are Steve you are used so prepared you have a good degree from Miami from all know. I mean had never we've never seen each other -- each other before right now. But -- from what my favorite hometown and the world Miami what neighborhood you live in -- -- irregular -- -- Kendall gala at is that is that your Big Brother. What -- -- residency tonight yeah crazy guy come soon and at the palace theater since we just got everybody on there. But they are all right so what is it what does it tell me -- the sign -- what would you decide to do. Things to do need a hall and ahead. -- Visited Madison Square Garden variety. -- high speed right. Some -- yes. Quintessential fired yet -- and southern entrances into the all right and one of them was to meet Josh Elliott and get on TV for Good Morning America right -- all right let's check -- -- -- -- now. Is there are about to -- property need to check it out gimmick and I and that is that that she's done. -- Very proud of cost all right thanks guys and he had no idea they went -- I had no I had no idea out there from -- Com we had a rare day on the program today and it was one of those Dan Abrams goes from end of table to end of tape. Such were the demand for your services today I do what I want them just follow up -- -- two very interest in cases here first of all the case it's been dominated the news now from. Really three days this. The whistle blower we now know who he has an -- CIA technical assistant -- Snowden. In Hong Kong. And came out -- gave an interview and said look among other things he said you know doing having done this I know that I may never see home again. Com I ask you this morning. Do you did he drop this does he do this knowing he is going to be able to win safely somewhere IE Hong Kong you say that might not. -- I mean look he's obviously taking a chance on Hong Kong right now because he knows he's gonna get prosecuted. And it almost seems he -- as if he's violated the letter of the law who so the question is what could save him now it could save -- -- Refuse to send him back there is an extradition treaty in place in Hong Kong the United States if they -- determined this is a political case they can view it differently. Com and it is possible that that happens here I think that's his. His best shot they hear him talking about trying to get asylum and other places like Iceland. Right and others. -- you know that's going to be tricky unless he gets there. He's probably got to get to these places for quite literally trends including the globe correct and this is someone who's now put himself into the public guy he was going to go to let's say Iceland to try to get asylum he probably would have wanted to do that before he went public in. The way -- You said that there were very clear steps and to be a whistle blower to be protected is such that you would have to do right and -- -- them is to go to like that's supervisor or something like that game but that isn't isn't the case that if he if if he's blowing the whistle on the government. You can go to the government and saying I'm gonna follow steps one through Tibet the casement any employer right the whole point of the whistle blower act is to protect a -- government. From retaliating. Against someone for blowing the whistle on bright and in the government would say -- -- blow the whistle on us all we know is that the first thing we hear about this is in immediate. -- so there was no effort to quote unquote. Get -- it's not he may have done that by the way behind the scenes we don't know exactly what he did or didn't do behind the scenes -- -- but more importantly. Is that what he did view. Is -- any violation of the law so it's not as if someone just can't came and said you know what I think we're making mistakes I think that there -- violations of the law here. The -- that he did which was by publicly. Disseminating this information was in and of itself a violation of law. And quickly you also mentioned the US. Meaning -- neither action -- -- hunting him down what what is their recourse right now. Can we see them swoop -- to Hong Kong you know. In Napa and now we know that's why that's why the extradition issue becomes so important -- this is going to be a real international. Potential incident on the and you -- you could make an argument that for Hong Kong and the Chinese. That this is a good cause. Addicted to it to attach themselves to because there's so much American support. Behind him -- -- remember that that this is a case where all three branches of government have effectively ruled against him what I mean by that. President congress -- signed off on this and the courts. Now people will dispute that they will say that there -- aspects of this that have not been signed off on what. But the problem for him is despite some public support. -- you have a lot of agreement within government. About the problems with what he did and how we did. -- else -- -- ask very quickly and very quickly. Jury selection in the trend among its pac has begun. Being -- -- South Florida began it was everywhere -- -- -- everywhere everybody's talking about -- heard. Actually heard people -- -- stores -- in restaurants talking about -- it seems like in this country thinks. But we line -- -- celebrity are huge celebrity trials now like queens -- landing at an airport to have -- so now need the runways cleared. It did nothing else how long do you see this this was -- six. Eight weeks but this one's different right this is not you know -- Harris dirty areas is a compelling. Soap opera -- -- right. There's no societal ramifications of the -- -- it's. The trip on Martin case George Zimmermann case is different. There are a lot of people who are going to care enormously about the outcome not just because they're rooting for one side or another but because bidding war. -- eagle that this case. Represented them yes -- that this case defines whether our justice system work rules. -- so this case is more important so to speak I think in terms of the impact it could have. Then -- Casey Anthony or Jodi area's high profile case. It's simply it's going to be costly best actor talking about forever yeah. I think -- well I mean I think -- probably nothing else like it and it is a tough case and it when we first heard the evidence come out it's just like a slam dunk that Zimmerman drove down. Yeah but now with more evidence has come out injuries on the back of his head. Witness accounts that say they sought -- -- on top of -- some dispute about what the audiotape shows of they would not what one calls of who was yelling. This is not an easy case -- -- in particular second degree murder besides -- And -- -- that this is somehow referendum on our legal system its interest because it still and it's something I feel like you and I now on the last of it -- boils down to. It's reasonable doubt it's continued -- can you get that threshold and again it looks like it's going to be and to your point. -- and that's white jury selection so important because. Who decide this case is important as anything they're not -- acts that are in dispute. Big big big basically agree up to a certain point as to what happens and then who's this I didn't do what prison do they look at the world right. Becomes absolutely course I would think about that today twelve jury -- give your peers. And the subjective. -- so the citizens of twelve. -- may not have grown up -- which way you think the outcome will go look I don't think I I don't think they'll be conviction of second degree over the questions going to be manslaughter. And that's gonna depend on how this case goes it's not that often that I say how -- case goes is gonna determine the outcome this -- -- case. This is not an easy case but getting twelve jurors unanimously -- beyond a reasonable doubt. That it was not self defense remember. That you know and and that look we don't have time to go into the whole aspect of it but but the prosecution has the burden to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that it. Wasn't self defense. That's going to be legal expert Monday that was yeah I think I'm -- I think it's -- we won't. Switch gears now on the program right now we're gonna go to play of the day all -- and this is little -- she has. A special talent apparently Steve don't like she's a dear -- -- might. A little baby song. It's vanity is vanity and it's really really sweet I am only goal. Gone a little -- -- -- now because the wild deer that they he has probably spend a few hundred takes on my house and I don't need to be all like. Remember and I remember this love everybody out advantages and this is -- dad speaking and you should be very protective I mean you know there's a difference between you know wild life and your -- This is a very cute picture but we've got to remember that wildlife is wildlife. -- can't end this something I mean living in the wilds of Connecticut as I do. The one thing when you were driving on a back country road -- UC a deer across the road. So you you really need to -- -- because there's never just one breast -- a little on. There's a very protective mother theoretically somewhere on their lives though things are right you just beat a mean it has been and -- -- -- picture. Simon and staying with the head and Trinidad and animal behavior we -- that is -- big things day to day with a very special fashion accessory and Hamas debt shall taste of bush. And sketch -- as he's called on line -- a star on social media almost 200. Now the news and people labeling him civilly whiplash and Tom selling. Got to get a lot of credit -- the picture this -- they aren't up. And they just -- the other -- photos of the dog as he got older as you can see the -- -- engines facial hair. Quite nicely announced -- I was almost six months old like the dog himself the handlebar mustache appears well groomed and seems to fit in with his tuxedo like -- does -- -- -- It's it's gorgeous and being the oldest one on the desk who would remember that its nightly -- You -- but you're not old -- or not you're not -- -- I'm I'm young and what do you got paid domestic. You must -- definitely do yeah. -- -- -- -- -- The thick of it I don't I was -- an analogous sold Patrick. You really want to use. It's different routes here have a day that is obvious candidate -- does that mean I'm toasted -- that is all right how easy would it says Dan. Bode well let's do or got out of code name finally finally we have I'm not confident. We got a -- special guests today our friend -- well Ryan -- apartment therapy is here. Don't stop airing this is great -- -- well in small spaces. Which relatively -- right gets his -- and an apartment therapy recently held its ninth annual small. Cool contest. To find the most innovative. And creative use of a small living space. Here to tell us more about it along with the newly crowned winner New York's -- -- -- I have a live in -- 115. United way this. Topping the highly rated space I -- us yeah there's another yeah -- -- here now we want your elevator and hit. That yeah. It's huge RA itself -- its contents of the year yeah I think you're NN and it certainly upon -- -- our biggest contest that is true. By that I got he hadn't won in -- One in three entries to publish. We published a 183 this here. Paid 50000 votes the house they come from all over the world some truly international contest. And the reason for this contest is because when I first came to New York Islanders 250 square -- -- over a decade and even when my wife and daughter we'll. One more time like OK. Yeah it just I don't. But veterans but it was you know it was -- something had to do and people would come over ago. This is amazing what you did here and this is this is great and gave them ideas for any size space know what he's doing and goodness loss basic he did and I'm -- you -- your -- MySpace how many square feet it's about 340 square feet which doesn't feel that got a New York. But it's -- in this -- and that. -- and looks big but actually -- outages and Garrett one -- -- Garrett has entered the contest before you actually want to six years ago. And and in a previous apartment and in this fund. He was the overall winner and it's because he passed -- three judges who he became finalists because the three judges gave -- green light. And then the readers. From around the world made him. Nationally is what what's what strikes you as yet for you what's so what what's it. We see trends every year after game for nine years money noticed about parents this -- I think. What in the beginning it was small spaces that -- cool because people that a lot of stuff and this is a stylus afternoon this is this doesn't strike you as a small certainly room for art he's got everybody looks like a very grown up very beautiful space and I think that -- The American and -- It happens when the wall that I like dating is asking can I know what I would never when -- I'm a -- and -- last I can't fall out of love with staff and iPad for far too long are you not. You do you know what -- -- it'll stop. I'm good about letting go stuff and and good about being selective one offering into MySpace. But everything there has both aesthetic value and also kind of memory because Winston. So I have fewer items of more significance to me that -- Clinton. Tom. What secret for all of this little secret for all of us sure I think that no matter what -- spaces that scales the most important thing. So even if you follow up with something make sure that it fits your space well before you bring an end because just because it looks great out there doesn't instantly -- your place. -- -- you -- -- my apartment yeah. The. I got finally won on the. Also in -- there's -- -- everybody has basically little tidbit that people can take home as well light walls dark floor. The dark -- makes the walls around our right and taller -- And and then and if you look at his apartment to. If you don't put tiny things in your small space there -- -- just noticed that it's all tiny. RT ZC decent big stuff to go and fold in some places like a big -- or a big piece of art. We saw a lot of that this year and it makes contrasts and makes -- -- -- -- Cool and I Wear white suit and dark shoes it was focused -- telling -- that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm happy to regulations want to -- our cavalcade of stars yet. Jack of all trades Dan Abrams Jacqueline Deval trade Lindsay yeah. -- tested much and consistent. Eastern daylight we'll see you tomorrow and public.

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