GMA LIVE: (07.17.13)

Sherrod, Sam and Lara chat with a couple who took a selfie in every one of NYC's subway stations.
16:05 | 07/17/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE: (07.17.13)
Okay. The cursor that's what we're all here for -- -- may live high. I don't anyway it's this show after the show where we want to show -- about it's. Great show today. It started -- You and I -- saying -- -- view of all our all I can't believe you brought -- all the way over here are. I I know every day of may put out -- you've got to get involved in the al-Qaeda. Put out a lovely little arrangement that -- on the on the other side on my side I get no flowers and I don't know why don't bring that our. Don't you think you don't think I don't have allowed his own image today Taylor goes -- nothing says love like Braun -- yeah. I I -- I -- -- -- car home or there -- -- mocha mocha and taking them and then have a bright -- -- literally -- -- let me know how I got here they were supposed to yell and yellow. In the area he yelled those are antique car I had there's another word for the -- dead but it could not. They really they really you guys you can see these right isn't -- They look -- I don't know -- -- -- Conway he's either and you I don't mean they live and David are old book I've been opening today. -- -- have been a photo album but it. Like during commercial -- this is like Sam and I -- from across the desk we like debate over is it -- or is it caromed look at my all and if there really a variety of flowers business -- -- -- to. I didn't think something during but I'm not going yeah that's no doubt that dealt with that that's that's the that's one of the things that we we we chat about so they know they're -- -- that. I think yesterday we were complaining and. I we have clear always -- I'm having a problem. I'll say I've -- but it did that we were hungry and we owner Sally we ordered out during the show clearly. After during the so now we ordered we ordered picketing and she's -- -- the Delhi while there are on they're definitely not that's the real sad is that good I -- -- I doubt. And you're like commercial break you couldn little -- yes that's the zone today you know why -- it what is -- just said that Traci. President aren't real homeowners facing get on camera and -- -- that question until. The question. -- you -- -- ran all the while I was not -- over just how. Hungry because you any city I am I dreaming Tyrone armor is that -- is over -- that's breakfast. Did hang over. Many New York I did not know about this though until I moved to New York back in the eighties that let you get out I'll roll -- and day they put the egg in there than the bacon and in the -- new coat it with hot sauce and that's -- Like breakfast sandwich I've ever had that really. Yeah -- never had before because for us you know grown up in the middle of America at its McDonald's you -- the drive through its that they are an abdominal now nothing wrong with that -- It is amazing that breakfast sandwich recently -- back so yeah. Oh Elsa is very well intern well Josh sent -- to -- pick it up. And I said hey can you get mind can you make my scramble it because I don't like Friday expressed on the can -- make -- scrambled he looked at me funny looks -- many like this yet -- There being -- goes running -- gets comes back with a sexy images. And then. And he's opening as he's like it's so weird is like my -- all covered in rain -- falling well acknowledged that he's I cannot -- -- was agrees that you know they were they sending Asian liked Remington twelve but Lara said she wanted Saran and. I god. Nine on an -- That it doesn't live I love -- well there's -- -- -- has to have everything answer yeah. Of course then just became ridiculous it was hysterical and it now I had I mean like white Eminem is an Iraq needs to Iran everything everything -- dressing -- now Saran -- litigants -- -- that what authority. As well as well I don't know went downstairs are you here in the slightest -- yeah. Detectives are -- them will snuggle and their -- well solves all. It's don't remember the moment when Lara like -- to humans that she wondered which instantly and wrap the. Can I please have -- Rambo. Leaves. Our way he and her view and I decided. -- do anything to please you. -- -- -- -- -- I love you so Amato a lunatic internal language -- dream is again looking -- -- what you're looking married there is the future president of ABC now. Probably not getting I was I was joking but you what you are rock star and thank you for -- wrapping my fried examines any. I'm so so I also think you two taking the team for knowingly hungry and and her providing on a -- had threatened to. Came from junior to hit the -- -- right the you know. Jewelers is famous juniors and Brooklyn how do junior -- -- -- -- out -- -- -- bigots they are about to give hi how you got. Breathe -- right behind you wanted to you wanna hand what do these are you wanna know. You want -- another candidate Heidi it and no one knows. Yeah you wanted to put -- bond while putting plummeted -- and -- -- When I was I want I just can I say god that your my dog is not a -- that's on the. I -- my husband's and it is this morning it's really really hot out. As -- in -- -- -- saying there's a heat -- all all across the country elderly yet I don't need to drops and winds past I don't know that I that the bill according to -- yes there's -- tweeted this picture there my dog he's doing to confront positioning -- pop -- -- he's he's got his poll on all is privately on the corner and on the left little Villanova O'Neal grabbed the police pulling down his -- I. Yeah. -- -- I don't -- Larry yeah. I've got Danny he's incredibly flexible but I -- India and even the -- dog that Bill Clinton's involvement in the public elevator and Oliver. I wish to read this morning I thought I just have my head -- I -- he wasn't really love the floor he looks like Superman first call ever. I want to thank the I don't know what is everyone thinks that what these with their dog does is unique and I'll I was guilty of that as well iPad two when I got my -- down. Because that's not unique a lot of dogs -- like -- everybody let's put that up on Twitter and they look at what my dog is doing what he. -- a lot of dogs I just a lot of guys I don't know I have no I'm no bones and can play themselves like so -- good to have you with elbow everybody. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that we have thanks thanks for rating on my ring no. No I'm not your -- thing and I -- It's really -- we all think our pets are other extra water do you like that is dangerous. All likely to moderate last. I didn't -- now. -- -- -- -- like an -- at a stroke coming -- don't the everybody Friday but Jason drew -- is our concert in the park tonight. And getting these unbelievable crowds -- -- super hot we want everybody we're cherry -- of Sam has volunteered to Wear cherry -- -- I don't know I got a nice. I did not -- -- -- -- We're gonna Wear them right where you know can't prevent another. Yeah in the neighborhood who have little brown oh yeah. Adam not are you reading it now now I've break -- he where. Very great meadow behind -- -- yeah but so is the first off. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No I'm not wearing a red -- but I think hash tag read this read speed up now I think everybody should Wear red on Friday and we'll have a good time we'll you know. It's going to be. Really caught in the -- which is why I'm just trying to create new helpful hints and you're not listening to -- -- -- -- and other new. Tolerate this black -- yeah. I thought up a REIT unit accounted I'm going to Italy -- and nobody. I think it is going to be really likes you for casualties are kind of funny -- get down and Jason -- without he's he's he's a terrific performer so everybody if you are New York come on -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Time now for -- -- -- I'm sure -- small town in Minnesota. As a -- that and the can't read can't drive has -- out of school by what he's -- tops he may be our only four year old mayor that the and he is in fact the newest mayor of Dorset Minnesota -- -- -- -- -- The man mr. mayor he won a random election. He's -- in the 22 person town last year and in two weeks he's running for reelection. In his time in office he has been given the key to the city and he's made friends with -- sheriff right into the middle school already has also played cops and robbers school. Closed end of the the hasn't -- he's running on the -- -- -- -- ice cream for everyone I don't know what. Of course are hesitant. And the homework not -- county and. I don't want to thank you -- my hair and congratulations and best of luck in your in your re election bid. Since he's he keep us posted how that goes Sam you play the day night you and I and -- they are they here in the studio. Right I can't wait to introduce you to these two because I think this is a really fun idea for play of the day we have a young college football hall on the -- James. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's always adorned -- and Todd Johnson -- -- -- -- Graduate and enter Jordan why they don't -- on the date guys but I -- my guys let's start. But let's welcome to. But -- you guys decide to take self fees and every 100 -- -- at 18118. Subway stations in New York a -- the Manhattan. I don't hello. Yeah. Something about at every station in Pennsylvania. I got you guys did this recently when the temperatures were so unbelievably brutal I like Alan I don't see how pray. So you don't want to somebody will now. You -- Look you're -- first -- -- and -- all of the artists are -- and unless you. Yeah us don't where we're glad you're here in -- high -- and James thank you greener at least we got your first -- right. Maybe you're not are we are we positive. -- -- we know where this idea come from you guys just like to consult these don't know we're gonna do it every one of the subway stations in Manhattan. -- I don't give you a couple months ago is that we're at the Renaissance Center in the Bronx commute about 45 minute speech and when you're on the train and buses that much. Some we like is there -- some -- is far and useful interest things have been a bad idea thinks they that's -- -- right. That's definitely not -- -- -- -- -- -- an average. But I had had a couple months ago I brought up there like a week and a half ago -- the -- -- you think. Sounds fun so. The Honda taking down. Nine hours almost exactly at that -- -- I didn't like it -- did you get all have blood on one of the lines and just get off at every stop or how did you how do you decide that make your rounds yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And we actually took the time -- Train the wrong way -- sort of knocked it out the day before and it's not so yeah. We kind of -- of back track and sort of figured out from the and but I'm Molly did was we take the train and it would pop up at each stop when the doors open and -- a quick picture and then trying to run back on before the doors and I'm sure. Are actually pretty -- -- -- any Enron tower that's a tough one how did you feel about the 66 street Lincoln Center stop on the one. Injury we we need that's our stop yelling it's right by -- buyer -- had to feel about Alan that would stand out do you remember -- drafters of extra. Well look what what's your favorite sought by the way -- I mean others is based on the pictures yeah. It was the thirtieth what was the -- what was once -- That -- I don't know what you're like I'll never go back to the stop comes at a fair. It and trying to move erupt just because like -- and hot bat and that you -- -- -- ditching and it you know 3 PM ninety degree day was abandoned. The doors open for about three seconds how about David Page turns -- -- yeah. God about yeah laugh and stock market ended -- economic and got madness and he. You know that yesterday pulling her -- on the train I'm -- Now this guy did there's a lot of what you -- can turn this into something other than just like -- likely what do you get you gotta be able to do something that's. When my friends prerogative like stop motion the velvet -- together we really it's artistic people the -- yeah. We've been asking around that we haven't really excited -- -- -- you got a little about the action here at our studio we yeah and we and we see. Could you imagine you have a guy like that not all got -- -- yeah latitude now one that mom that's hysterical dark in this one. Need to look at we're -- -- in -- -- and yeah. And that's -- and -- not finding your urges all over the place retail. Did you enjoy your morning here hope that we -- it's been as well let me. That an -- and hello. -- up -- guides who has served bravely to write an event to address Estrada always -- the -- dressing room and then that we ever hear -- day. Hey I love that they -- you very much so much for coming sharing with not enough feedback and -- -- you want true blood. -- yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't really excited about -- -- -- doing it. All right so do we have to -- and. Begged for Dow had a day after the devastating tornadoes that -- Oklahoma this spring the Oklahoma City zoo. We'll horribly affected well now some adorable news coming from -- For very unlikely friends playing together a baby champ a baby wolf and two baby -- It is now and right now whether there's a lot of good at it again and had any plans this is not a good video -- -- -- -- there -- no can -- lives. It looks in Seattle the -- like little high yeah. On the planet like apply here. -- though right now let's keep us on a positive note that the animals I don't come inseparable all the while -- Tiger could take out a chimp in less than three seconds. They spend their time together they hobby. About you. That's all the -- that all the qualities that. Seemingly. It's a big that you among the older than. Starting this let slip. -- -- -- -- -- Don't feel good story I near diamond Dave Kingman. It's just I mean we're right now -- -- all along the fact that these animals have been teaching is all valuable lesson when there are no boundaries and friendship. Solid these animals are showing us all that we can -- -- gap between. Those two people. You don't keep them well you're an underground Jenner. I don't think he's everybody that you -- that -- the valuable lesson. -- -- Karl thank you and I thought.

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{"id":19686643,"title":"GMA LIVE: (07.17.13)","duration":"16:05","description":"Sherrod, Sam and Lara chat with a couple who took a selfie in every one of NYC's subway stations.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-071713-19686643","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}