GMA LIVE (08.13.13)

Josh, Sam and Ginger get a special delivery from Wendy's and check out funny pet videos.
17:10 | 08/13/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (08.13.13)
-- is comes to fruition off and I mentioned. -- I mentioned all of us have is that -- -- -- try to -- I'm trying to call the birthday boy but. Proceeds because we got him the way I know -- -- cheeseburgers for four days that our business and we want you to -- want to -- the -- Hammering -- -- this -- Sammy it's Josh Lara ginger tank and America -- And greatest -- they spent at least eighteen cents on the graphic you. Happy birthday to you body. We don't hear you don't look a day over 25. Even though we all know that -- 24 -- But we just what I call and I -- you -- that we are going you can Janet. -- effort to track you down to his in the control room can we continued effort to track him down yet -- -- -- -- -- -- For me -- yeah yeah yes 3M to one. Happy birthday rap rap rap happy birthday yeah. Happy birthday. Out here -- Santa can't apparent act happy birthday to you ran not -- yeah you. Yeah yeah. Okay so we'd it was a -- news story last yeah. Yeah all Wendy's was late this is this guy that was head blown up the added their their profits are totally through the route because they they're going they're they're blaming -- They're citing that this -- Cheeseburger pretzel situation index on the Drexel -- is the reason and they just and -- and and so angry here you go we'll tell you whether hides. It's worth all the fuss. We actually. We -- mention that we like so Wendy's big tweeted right things because I know that I think I responded OK what do we do we have that we have that there is that real. Yes that's right at a Wendy's -- -- us saying hey sorry we couldn't get a -- you let breakfast tomorrow that was last week. Yeah -- pleaded that will be waiting impatiently I do believe they fed the GMA. -- the assays -- and so when these. We just want to say that you have are doing -- for doing the lord's work I mean honestly. Honestly -- -- they -- You should run for president I honestly folks I can see why this -- an -- -- I want. It's an equal opportunity here when people ask me about an analogy like a little deeper and the bun. But this did it in addition to fresh. The fresh ingredients and now the -- really old of the great bond this bond is the pretzel bond. I'm telling a different -- nervously -- television -- That -- -- -- telling you how awesome and the -- is in my mouth right now but I do believe. That we want that just she sent one over here and everybody can have a -- -- yeah. Knowing -- I going to be incredibly sanitary. Share your friends that is so it really is -- it's like except press release all see that Spain. I'm it. It's always fun on this show every not you know you have -- you have the person on the right before. Bonnie we see this morning. American girl she has written she wrote teenage dream for Katy Perry should dynamite for -- proves she's -- the -- fish who worked the captain mountains and now here she goes. We had American girl. Exhorting his first hit because a viral video of the song went out that had all her friends and it's you know her rollodexes. What you might dancing great. She before today but what you don't know. Is that the artists that performed for you on Good Morning America are usually the first fans they have sound -- that like the crack of predawn. But sometimes. When they're still like just -- ready. But their backup dancers -- -- -- sometimes. We will have -- other folks sit in for it said it started B via such as. One -- Luis. And not know this has -- -- out but it is out Kidd added at all adding that. Eddy can you can anybody -- Bad what it was a take just of his performance what were you what -- looked envoy here what we're gonna always trying to do the -- to I was doing the water bottle -- -- He might have been feeding the chicken -- one point then we might have gone onto a little bit. They say when -- where they've come wondering they said I was pretty bad yeah sitting in dignity so that the director and -- -- shop right. Yes that was -- -- I was I was supposed to just stand at the microphone but. Again. -- you -- -- artist and you had performed. I just had to do it -- part of my job -- it causes me so we'll vote was not high on my burger. And they weren't world number one show what can we just to within -- -- -- -- land on my partner -- Santa flies an island. -- -- -- -- That they do something that's not nice enough and didn't let -- -- and a lot of it was right there -- -- Now like I intercepted it. That it well I didn't you know I -- -- -- Atlantic until it I just nice -- -- it. -- scared -- that yeah and it flew away. Now via I'm all right we've been hearing the phrase what phrase -- we've been heard here -- -- turn -- -- Ted graves right. Parents deterrent yeah. -- her. It does -- to end here -- -- The -- do it after I think that trend as we're gonna do that again -- -- 31 I'd gotten. The reason you may have heard the fray is turned up nice. So you know the -- cool if you don't you're the father of a five year old he got. A lot of nick junior in the afternoons but. We we it's obvious you know that seats it's this -- film. Phil on the street thing at all. Is taking to the streets of New York two -- people to get it all. Turned up -- -- -- And it's just. They take I -- -- on yeah. A lightning and snack ready for it with the show our cats popular candidate before we start him seriously and turns out get off my lawn idyllic. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now all -- in the house and other on my kids are saying get off on -- yeah. Williams and now we aren't an eleven year old an eight year old clearly hey they were back in 1950 now -- excuses I just don't know anything good. So -- -- we have we we're in charge Skype today everybody all right let's it -- doesn't want to apologize in advance say a prayer and at least half the time. So and so here we got. When Barack does it is this right is this is the right or else -- -- yes I. All right we you do it showed. -- first took office New Jersey native. Barack Malkin thought he would never hear the end of course of the fact that he had the same first name as the president of the United States turns out it only got worse. When he didn't met and fell in love and nom -- line here Michelle pop Y last -- Barack. And and Michelle young couple they actually met at a seminar they -- long distance. Jersey for him California for her he proposed -- now the couple. Planning their wedding joining us now on -- the other Michelle. And Barack. This guy guy guy that turned up. Because there is so -- -- -- -- can you hear us and better yet and we hear you. Yeah it's obvious is wow that's an op -- its luxurious and technology park that is safer than. Then you get any better than. OK so how often especially where in anything involving the two -- is a couple. How often do you get the double take how often be here. And whenever we usually do -- ourselves you know. Barack and Michelle and then -- He -- -- and obviously you know my name -- -- named -- easily pointed out. As the months go by -- actually -- and then -- is laugh. Yeah a lot of friends let -- my friends put and I heard naming their bonus mrs. Obama. Scenario yeah. Can you imagine every single friend thinks they're the first one and that malaria is -- You might go -- -- needed to meet the president as life. Yeah. You can start right here yeah right yeah are we -- to sort going to have a cheeseburger it. Aren't -- we do anything presidential -- of the lighting tending sort of you have a wink wink about any details of the children. -- look like -- -- and in the Secret Service agent. Again I can't -- -- -- we're gonna mennonite and then you know hope that they come back. Actually think that's really funny deepest secrets are asked -- -- You do not tell us rock -- you want that you win you would still wind the end of President Obama is. It was still Senator Obama running I mean. When it started when his campaign started to find traction where you. Look at what did you have a horse's race -- -- -- -- I I had huge -- it every day where people dollars in new -- -- every day. You're talking to -- head to. Whose last name is Elliott who was in grade school when ET came outside. It all turns out it didn't -- this -- Her death somebody called and asked me and I said Brian he's elected president hasn't yet -- what did you those items were you named after him. -- -- -- Like forty result of. I so -- that wins the happy day. Next August off some -- -- what can we check in with you just to make sure things are running. According to plan after all it's it's a very busy schedules that the for double -- That's hey everybody Barack and Michelle literally. I'm only I'm kind of looking power -- It and I'm rocking gently go on Thursday basis that we -- -- -- -- I was on cumulative and Barack and Michelle no you don't. My good ideas to hurt. -- Hello bill you know he's -- -- we don't pay you enough I don't even know we pay you can get. -- -- -- but in the back -- month. -- in our lexicon. Then you turned up -- the new term we appreciate them for a yes from Port Authority bus. That was -- And -- looked like he had as much fun doing that as any that you've done -- out of the best Sonya I've we return to Oakland she's staying when people stop and say enacted and then got about a 150 people who come into. Give the Mike figure holding works better and try to make its okay. You think -- you so it turned out for around. -- -- -- Yeah. Yeah. I -- want an address that's on the under Sharia probably pretty -- -- on the golf trips up close maybe possibly for a 10. -- have cash I'm -- thing I can honestly. You eat that commitment here out of bill is that users like what. The effect Gingrich and -- Jim -- while that I don't want -- you wanna sit for better than it sure appears to prevent evidently -- less tentative yesterday is -- balance. Forget the guys in the end the guys on the end with its attendant turned -- contact married -- sorry. That's what -- -- -- -- Kansas and I now because I'm -- -- again I don't mean the little tiny kids. -- -- Has not C has not she won't smiles I don't -- on -- what about that yes what -- meant when he. May have been a good time today he was a little premium outside right. We're sorry about that you can it -- it just coming into some hot chocolate. You don't want hot chocolate BT now do you really not want hot chocolate chicken is right here you wouldn't want a valid spent a lot of yes let's do what it -- and -- I'm looking you don't. Fasting. Lindsay is that he's happy to be right where she yes and the Clinton had of the day and it's kind of funny not seen anyone -- -- -- Cat yesterday at -- That thinks he runs every day -- the dog bed. And that it hasn't hit badly I'll ask them there that is also got -- -- us that this -- -- -- you know. And you know I actually need to had a cat and a dog -- cat. The dog was their first growing up as a kitten to cat who grew up thinking she was adult now. So yes this is exactly what this is actually -- behavior we see exhibited in the wild -- -- -- -- -- -- -- My dog is very afraid of our family's cat yeah so he will be he's just -- was terrorist incidents of school. Their -- -- dog person well a we have another out of that it was a battle for -- had -- -- Arafat charged for. And I'm. I don't even now. I didn't -- Hanson and made its decision without saying I'll I'll I'll. OK another battalion eighty degrees or lower -- -- -- after applying go out as well that's fellas get -- -- can trust that person in the control -- -- threatening. -- witness that information. You all analysts say yeah where's my birthday girl needs ball -- sweet yeah and we put an end to recommend. -- -- -- -- I always like to recognize what's on rainy days the very first person to join us outside. In the 5 o'clock hour you are. Yeah and -- you're how old -- that teen wolf happy birthday to you. What's critical interest yeah. I think you share -- thirteenth birthday was Sam Champion do how about your both thirteen today. And by -- I mean you who you are the only one who's thirteen page essay -- -- and. Can't even think Sam is happy birthday and we love you yeah. -- -- and you don't want your food and but he. Vengeance shall be our us but I am getting turned up -- you aren't going to get a job and I are planning yes. Yes -- You can and it should keep in yeah. Back -- -- show for. Quincy the birthday girl -- everybody Aaron thank you my knees -- themselves. Bollywood. -- we will see you tomorrow and I can't.

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