GMA LIVE (09.17.13)

Josh Elliott, Lara Spencer talk with Sarah Dessen, discuss Butterball hotline contest.
16:28 | 09/17/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (09.17.13)
Okay. I'm pretty confused. I -- again. And so the -- but I mean we just had -- that we need to we have five minutes ago and now -- -- -- -- the great pizzas from California pizza can. Not eating Venezia and he -- continue as a really gig -- -- yet -- yourself and your -- guess what. Inside some welcome glad people from the central valley I can't think he's an artist shaft so when -- chaperones on. She helps them prepare their dash began obvious joy after the breakfast in south San Diego got a very good about yourself out for toppling of his -- my dad's from -- Watson -- -- -- thank you sharply users can now that patent. How will we we basically carry signs as they will work for food and we every day they had they known -- that won't get a better -- we. -- -- -- you you know we've passed out some new flat breads at the beyond that's a shaved mushroom and submitted with the spicy battles not just does that one whoever has the -- about one that -- -- Delicious. -- California -- kitchen -- Them -- one gentleman you just act actually yeah yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's amazing how he he has the Bianca it's whipped truffle cream Gordon's all the -- stage. They don't player and an up planner around black brand this looks good and -- it has fennel sausage -- a -- Most of -- -- you know why because I had a beautiful. Sarah Graham -- -- super get out of here kid out -- Come on out come on out yeah. Well. I think of how -- your experience. -- Just think about it was found my hand him when -- sent simpler you guys have no idea how crazy it is on this side camera like. When you must really just sipping your copying you like the -- so -- can know and realize we are going off there are definitely running back and I never once having conversations with people that you can't see you know everything stocking idea we are. -- don't worry it'll scatter diet is so. You know was great because it all sort of guys ride just gotten here to the show and. -- Twitter was really start to become a thing I think how we will where we begin using it to connect with fans and was happening we it also. Just move down into this studio we used to be upstairs and it sort of you know took us away from the people who may be would be coming -- tonight. And -- right out there and so 1 morning. I had a couple of tweets and a soccer -- -- -- -- before. There was a woman who is making their way to a storm in Times Square trying to find cardboard paper and about ten to make a sign and she was said come up snake eyes. And so I happen to turn around and there she was right before 7 AM this kind of standing out there and it was -- -- -- so come on hand and thus began a I'm -- and really a family ship and not just for me I mean you know all of us and you get to know all of us on Twitter and it really is this wonderfully connected experience. But I know our crew you spend you know when you -- New York. You dropped by just -- we're all the couples on Chapel Hill, North Carolina what a nice crystal. Beautiful theater and I got me Davis -- I didn't go to school I I wanted to gather -- -- -- was going didn't get in and Samaranch has just started as a great great graduated with highest honors in creative writing and is now the offer author of eleven. Young led. -- -- Books why any -- call the rock star in the genre by the LA times and rightfully so. Ford titles on NPR's top 100 best teen -- -- got kids in that teen -- she's she's your kids Judy -- Yeah yeah now I don't know about that yeah. You need them Judy bloom really transformed our lives as young girl's death and now and that's a really wonderful. Sense of empowerment that you must -- And an -- on that responsibility yeah I think that I mean I think. The great thing about writing for teenagers and -- just -- to -- my experiences. Adding it older readers we tend to be a little bit more jaded you read about -- you like it in your life -- suspending you may tell underrated back with teenagers they are. Connecting -- -- that. Moments where they see something on the case -- they recognize them or they see themselves and a character and it's like. And he's my -- guys cars it's like a bid -- their doors off you know it's just like low and they -- so excited so that enthusiasm comes through with a readership. You get their heads you know your your barely over teen that you're not -- -- that I -- pretty far from a teen Natalee. I I I have not tried to keep up with all you know a lot of the books that if your reading books on how to write for teen years if they hang out with teens and learn handling handling. I just try to stick to the stuff that hasn't changed since high school which is like your relationships with your parents the relationships with your friends but -- -- -- have -- -- -- -- -- modern -- -- -- read what my son hardy boys. Yeah like. This down boys and yeah. -- -- -- -- people don't talk like that and that's where and a great editor comes -- yeah my my -- for straps are awful things that I would not want anyone to say you know. And I it's something there and I talked about a lot on the show there are as we as parents with young parents and young girls. It's such a nice thing to have for instance like in the -- in in the music industry to have always really incredible young women's rights powerful. Self realized women the Katy Perry's area. Antacids it for them to. You know -- -- singing along to music you don't feel bad because you know they've got a great passage. By the same token you know -- that's something that I love about you know having you in this extended family because. I you know I I think about the world she's gonna grow up and I can lead the world to be as good as can be and and I'm just so. Happy that that you could be to be here today it was such -- it was like yeah. Really and Jane and I -- every detail -- -- -- snap crackle pop idol idol takes. Here are three -- you can hero -- this is my producer rich. And paper and read to you down in. North Carolina humanity human in my kitchen -- well how how what. It was awesome I mean she's such a pleasure to work quickly. Last Thursday I said listen I got him come I have an idea -- like basically in bed with you are now warning the C. How you how you go by -- -- she's doing a million things before. Before even 6 o'clock. -- played really and then as soon. Picture I -- as soon as 7 o'clock rolls around -- that she is glued and literally watching the show and then running around but still it was a. You don't just right while you watch the show are you all can now I only I tweets I between injuring my copy in -- my daughter is like Monica -- -- -- I'm like yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How SEC and he hands you can figure -- -- we see your chickens hello because that's their magic and there's me during some crackers and I was nice life yeah it is -- again and I think -- scared -- a little -- when I was first telling him liberally from the country and we don't have I -- -- -- -- that the college kids -- I'm coming into like banjo deliverance country and I would like I promise shareware Hayward it's don't be scared out for a Chinatown area agenda -- About ten miles outside of -- when he said it's and I mean it is it's nice in my daughter's going up. When the chickens and being -- with us you know did -- I was saying a rich watching the piece today. I love the moment where we saw you watching the show because you really are sort of sitting. At attention almost like I want what you look like you're six anchor what you really are and he was saying you knew all the inside jokes -- And models. No more than -- hundred. If it. What I don't realize how many people like me are out there he you don't you have no idea how many people are out there a -- re yeah there are no real idea I'm seeing -- when a big part of the morning you are like my husband's grandparents who live in -- North Carolina. It every day and they talk about you -- flake -- your neighbors they're like hello that smash and yeah. There's -- -- that Josh he's got the Q that is. Often -- that everybody I'm really hoping I can't thank you. What -- he had no 12 honestly it was supposed to be a surprise it was the worst -- And as it is -- all the violence in an Alley was stealing from -- guess that was Lisa split her followers when she. They -- -- I hope it is I -- I think that -- a lost a lot of dollars today had it not been a lot about the power expected in -- definitely affect us. Standout Jimmy got humor to do directs an -- also -- -- news. I don't think he wants an anti -- Keep up the -- -- out of office. Hungry China -- the accuracy Robinson. Just look Joseph we -- now. And you don't just want I can just Teresa I mean it's not a tease that were paid to -- -- it. He -- from January inside our souls until yeah. Miss you now Myanmar now my favorite and mine was a little bit unpredictable an -- declare her love for me yet until George -- -- runaways -- -- and what I was and we was cast on the -- a moment tomorrow that could be a moment you know that that that might happen tomorrow he got to it could yeah. Something will have to do get high marks from my dad actually recedes to hear from -- -- priest there's lots. Trying to get down yeah. There's little inside -- so the -- meaning come back to her. For awhile today like -- the end of the show is not to -- you all on because she was took a helicopter from my hotel I got really sex. And we almost didn't matter what we would've freaked out we could have delivered for our viewers. -- -- Yeah gamer I mean she gets a lot of credit for it even even more I had an -- -- and yes that's net net. That's still shot in the good -- -- to make it look like she's about a girl. Com and -- -- But that's exciting she's -- residency for two years reviewer in Vegas didn't see her she puts on the show me. Still -- is yeah announced I was salmon and an 18100 pretty wannabes. What -- will come from I don't know in the middle of the night in Vegas Sam put out like his -- radar actually who are we getting a Las Vegas he could round them up and about -- problem. Let's there's one place to deal via the reality is that amazing that was great choreography really good producing -- our team -- -- that takes a lot of work. We'd make it look easy on the air but trust me -- Alitalia and -- three hours earlier there so. Big kudos to Britney congratulations and best of luck on the shelf and we're never hear about from the end of that from San. -- -- you don't didn't crowding in from the flooding in Colorado which continues to be raised if that's. That's and so signal from moment that I needed -- -- Meanwhile I hosted Miss America and in case -- -- -- helicopter and while GM cars and development not getting some of them or sorry layers of guidance saying that damn you know you go under mr. -- that no apologies on. You know very special reasons but lets you Bob Heussler -- -- -- That lasted 32 years butterball has offered Turkey line. It's like a hotline this one yet yeah I got my advice to anyone talking live -- -- and is overwhelmed by preparing the perfect Turkey. I've only tried -- and it didn't go well that you call the hotline you'll reach one of the sixteen. Call center operators who -- you -- your holiday Neal hot spot all women. Yeah I I was doing that happen now I see black. He'll. I -- thinking you're you're right. And I was -- it does that -- -- so it's a it's always been women and until now. I'm now believes is running out -- the companies having a Nanette that talk blind search -- to put the first man in the butter box call center. It's -- that would not like putting a man in space a -- of Paris -- flat edging out terrorist warning at the winner will be announced in mid November after completing a butterball university training program. And -- you'll be ready to go if you if you win this in time for Thanksgiving to help. Those like me -- our challenge. Considering. It was -- -- you an irate on Thanksgiving and -- out with less than half yeah I will not be Manning and that -- an airline will not I know -- who would do great job. Changing because. He should actually you know life and we just nine months -- -- -- about actually inside relying we've already got somebody they've got some money out of jail and not let's not let's just do without telling -- -- -- Because I had -- Play of the day. But it's there it just keeps on giving this one let's all -- -- done good samaritan. There's a gigantic step for a waiter waitress after blog that. It is unfortunate -- if you know and I sometimes think in -- -- really been taking care avenue sort of take care of them back almost want to stick around and just see and see how everybody wins -- not really what it's all about exactly but it. Was if you happen to be rolling on the entire thing -- this to fine young man decided to leave. 200 dollar tips for their servers. -- if you diners with cameras rolling. They would engage them validated came to know that like -- this money can really help somebody on -- -- and who -- Stewart and Jim Warren you tell. Masks how -- -- I was do you want us to be. Hearings will remember him. Connect I hope that I -- -- -- missing loved to -- TC. -- their outside. It's. Also. Really remember was all about being a part of the pay import but vital -- not wanting to read and -- it's great. -- -- -- Okay. -- -- You can that you don't know -- it's -- I'm using great. Yeah yeah. Yeah -- NN Houston got -- and. You know what -- I do here on the controller right example for we got on I'm sure you guys have a -- head of the -- -- -- but I -- it let's save -- for tomorrow I would actually assumes -- so -- we go out with. -- regard. You acting -- yeah -- regard from mom from poppies and a restaurant. Is there mom -- I just want everybody understands -- -- as a boy dog. And yeah. He's gonna need some new arrest warrant. -- that's -- to leave a mark. Mom. -- story glad that. Barnard was with his friends he's principled on when you -- they -- No I -- aren't document on and he -- home like that I still like dogs don't. To the -- dog. That's bubble boy dog. God he was repeated in his favorite part. His house and he didn't want to leave that cannot be the next and I would you guys. But I don't have a good were interviewing employees and we really went way way way behind the scenes feel if we would've been rolling on the -- champions. Tonight a year birthday. Oh my god what a little -- one of -- might not have a career. You might you wouldn't -- who you -- you being here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Stand up way too late for -- you know you have to work -- job that you know what people regard we'll do thank you for that that I like Dallas Drake. I have to -- and.

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