GMA LIVE (10.01.13)

Amy and Sam talk mobile mammograms and breast cancer awareness month as 'GMA' goes pink
17:36 | 10/01/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (10.01.13)
-- -- -- You really not going to win. Any. Everybody's welcome I liked what an amazing and I -- -- -- -- that you did this morning because. I think people. People have the opinion that when a morning show does something like this right one of them one of the folks who gets a mammogram or some kind of exam on television. That it is. It's almost like produced but it wasn't it was -- like you were supposed to get one last year. I was supposed to get one exactly last October I got the prescription for my doctor and IA. Lost the prescription maybe it's a -- -- I really didn't lose I -- that it was no longer in my purse so all on the you -- -- of the worst part about it is it hadn't really -- me that much -- thought that you know. I don't have a family history. I'm I'm healthy I exercise I just didn't really think that it was that necessary even though my doctor. Recommended that I do it and I -- when I was first approached by producers because they knew I was forty that's the magical -- news investigate your first one -- -- -- -- How do you have one and I take the thing you should ask him. Put it up and so that's why they asked me to do this and at first I thought I have spent fifteen -- -- gonna do that but then -- when I talk to Robin. And she's a breast cancer driver as he -- the -- survivor and driver and she told me 80%. Of women. Who get breast cancer never had a family history and when she says that's -- it brought chills to live body and tears in my eyes. It's funny because we talk a lot during the commercial breaks and so were all sitting there. On the couch when we're getting ready for you to do the play the day Brett and Robin recounts the conversation that she had with you. Where 80%. Of the women who were diagnosed did not. Have a family connection I did not know that -- never heard that before either so it makes me think that all this stuff that people say all you know be be extra careful if you have a family shore. Then that you used as an excuse it right don't which is what I was doing to not get a check up so don't care about that don't care about what kind of family connection you have to get get check because the cloud your judgment and it makes you feel it made you have a free pass and went when Robert Tommy that I -- -- that's what I needed to hear. He has I'm doing it now and and I feel like anyone else who's out there. Who is my age -- around my age is having -- stain thought I -- you can make a million excuses. I hope that today was a wake up call. Then it's it's funny because this this is something this is a show. I have no doubt that we'll save lives I have no doubt that you going into that truck. You doing what you did this morning because it it wasn't easy. To do it was very very -- do it will save lives well message we'll get out. Robin said to me you know I'm a private person to -- -- and and when your health dollars and you have to make a decision you say. Do I put myself out there and and know that I'm going to help bring awareness and save lives. -- -- keep it to myself and she's you know I'm made the call to do -- and and my god she's done it twice and saved so many lives. And so in a small act that really wasn't that bad -- that people it was. It was embarrassing -- given I was a little nerve racking I didn't know what to expect to gonna happen had one before it was a minor thing to jail. Given what others have done -- locally -- that we actually know you were a little nervous so don't so. And you win you win and is it is it physically uncomfortable or is it just smiled and it's going to be a month I hit the anticipation was far worse than the actual act and that is the -- and is not always the case I feel like -- -- -- Always the case now pardon me for migrants and ladies by the way I just need to say welcome because all of you beautifully beautifully and gentlemen to. All of you beautifully covered us in paying this morning and we thank you for that -- others on the five. Crack cocaine but I have to ask because I don't I don't really know if -- so it. The last I had ever seen the image job -- It was of two. Like clear glass plates that's what that it -- and what kind of lift her breast right on the latest on the -- and then they'll they'll lay they'll machine goes over a camp until it is still it is still that way yes are back then and so there's a lot of I guess fear or concern. About -- I'm -- -- a part of my body and -- an -- and it's gonna be compressed and squeezed to little of that right bomb but you would say. Not not I would painful slightly uncomfortable slightly -- -- not -- OK you know lack. Here's what I gotta say if you're putting this off but you're gonna -- six inch platform -- that. -- got to be slightly uncomfortable that is. That's on guys like wildly worse and I can't be worse than that. No it's not it's and I -- just the mindset it's a different part of your body that you're not used to may be -- your feet gaggle torture that. -- I am sorry I have been a very good comparison well congratulations and that it was nice nice thing and I wish. -- didn't -- on the studio crew who is wearing those incredible GMA goes paying out -- yeah and campaign. But that -- not even catch one person. They -- scattered they are the relationship -- -- not. I've never seen a group of people who are less likely to get our camera darker side is you can catch. But what a great great day and I -- wrapping up and say phenomenal yes and and hopefully it does exactly what we intended with with to raise awareness and get people thinking about it the right. OK so what are we got going on today -- national popcorn -- on the yeah we. -- -- -- But here's the thing so what you hear all these days they say it's national recap those days I don't know and register them and some long what -- the popcorn gets more. Popcorn is still extra special. It gets more its national popcorn pop -- I'm in -- not just popcorn month it has no popcorn -- -- month for more than thirty years October has marked the holiday in honor of the mall corn harvest if you will and help us celebrate popcorn. Indiana sent to some pop -- form which is a popular snack Americans actually consume seventeen. Billion court. -- popped hot fresh corn. A late development every year that's enough to fill the Empire State Building if you wanted to know -- significantly contribute to that number by the way eighteen time because I love you -- are -- all my -- I love popcorn so much I. Ladies do you like popcorn. -- -- I think I would rather -- you've got popped and I mean I don't know what I would rather do it -- if you do that you don't mind and is -- Alabama to you when you. You all know each other well enough to share. Sir -- that no just hold onto it passed around you know each other well enough to Sarah -- whatever popcorn how or. I hate to -- -- people hungry carrying out all right so so there you -- obstacle we hit we fill the Empire State Building eighteen times if you will with our popcorn consumption every year. Worse things to eat. I love the -- still. I'm not popcorn guy we go to the movies and a little Italy's -- police now know what I do is every time and Rubin looks -- -- he's like really. I know I don't -- -- I hate myself for afterwards but it was so good gone down I get the small and he doesn't do I -- -- -- -- all but I do add -- I must admit -- you could get a dominant -- -- -- I'm just gonna do any of -- Bonner whose. Yeah butter are not the -- idea. I stopped adding the -- but I but I do I do eat popcorn and what does on this show we have how about a we have a weather related play of the day. -- upset about that because I think -- may actually be their first one. I'm not sure we've had animal plays the day but I'm not sure what we're quite well how -- ability to be reached yet. Q homeless people out meter -- -- -- a time lapse video of what looks like an ominous cloud rolling through Bozeman Mont. Now that it. Is some would say like a shell out and it's usually a couple of -- boundary that looks like that or an outflow boundary of a thunderstorm. But when you see -- it's a clear line that it goes right. -- and there's a gusty winds was there any rain and now this is big they tell us that went in moved through fairly dry. But it wasn't substantial change in air mass which makes me think right away that it's a it's a cold front boundary. We did an incredible pictures now Chris folks are with here yeah -- iphones or their whatever they are. That they -- -- they take the pictures and you're just saying with -- this morning or yesterday morning they'll blend together that you -- you were telling your producer Darcy. We got the most amazing photos on Twitter today he had people ascending you amazing weather I am and it. And it really you know we've been doing it for a long time but it really just took off like every morning people are citizens and your cellular whether if you would do me a favor because as lawyers and pardon -- lawyers because my sister's a lawyer -- -- -- -- -- my employers and amp -- lawyers and pardon -- lawyers -- you make everything difficult to understand. -- -- -- You would you would stand for Sam hash tag for Sam then that gives us permission to use that picture otherwise we have to ask you now. Did I mention thank you lawyers. I. Are let's move onto something here all right let's see that headed today. To -- learning to live together and I'll call eight month old kitten named -- and -- finding out the hard way that not exactly -- -- and yes losing the African pygmy hedgehog. Seemed unaffected however the sun -- -- curiosity that is -- Lucy. Be careful what is ahead targeting what they all I can we can we just give -- just as these people how you -- -- -- com. Pygmy -- -- -- common pets I don't I don't know. And -- hey look at my -- says yeah. All of the -- ideas that are unleashed its guns as mom -- yeah not. It's -- on her OK while that's so it is -- November 5 in the wrong place now expected to light equipment that apparent -- that didn't learn the first time now had a quiet night. Yeah cat -- -- ereader campers and her dog person just. Song you'll all know what you are out I just I had a cat named the stickers she will look attitude of -- are sick and we developed nations could no longer it will look at them look I have ever seen anyone put away food like a hero -- Not you know whenever -- want to know -- -- -- -- -- and it wasn't high school -- -- making this up. Bottomless pit -- tell yeah it's. I. Yeah anything -- highlight food every morning there's this big role of and -- make -- any season whatever you read my naked eye as he only dimly at your weekend when they give her too much thinking about. Monday night saying -- what do we have would. Would we have we do we do because we want to go back to our GMA going he can mall months an all -- -- -- In doing it every day ABC news -- that goes -- raise breast cancer awareness thankful that affects one in eight American women this year alone over 230000. Women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. So today we want to talk about detecting and treating the serious disease. And with -- is ABC news consultant and. Author of why I wore lipstick to my mastectomy. -- Allen -- talent thanks -- -- -- -- what I mean you have lipstick on today as well I think that it -- don't read your book was made into a movie is well at -- tennis -- -- -- lines. -- thing that's ever happened in my life. But and play. -- a -- cancer to be played by implying -- and you would like to -- deadly -- -- movie right I -- -- these guys sound incredible and I just have to thank you for getting your mammogram threatening well -- welcome to now really I don't if you eat and I got that Botox and -- an -- gas just to show women easier -- and that -- things my parents are so upset it's like night and the shooting star the actor -- And he had cancer at the -- wouldn't admit that my daughter and she's not allowed to get until she's forty -- -- not they're not -- ordinary totally how long -- and I agree daughters like don't know and we hadn't does that does that tend to represent anything for you yes actually -- hasn't just passed away at forty channel out of a breast cancer at this past may and her name is can't -- -- I got -- -- that. -- and Agnes parish semites and -- down and she actually helped pass a lot in New -- about breast density. That women had to be notified set out she they had dense breasts -- just heard doctor Jennifer Ashton talking but it's a yes you need those extra -- yes -- an issue that didn't die but she planning to say about their women and expect that when Israeli power can we just Chad for a minute. I mean you've you've written a book the books become a movie. But but what are -- I just. I feel like if there's just something people could take home just one or two things and I know I know everyone's trying to distill things and bicycle simple steps. But just if you're sitting -- at home from somebody has been doing your family's been through it. Something that would move somebody off accounts today to get something on what is that such. Good question and so once that doctor sad -- -- -- -- doesn't have to be the end of the rent it can be about in the very -- red. And when I -- when he -- then I thought I was gonna die. I that I -- it -- to -- there at eight. And now I doubters tolerant and I am so hard teen she was born in the same hospital lovely by the way acting loving environment but she isn't anything yet -- -- Pop up that I don't she does barks at flatly says born in that same cost about -- I have my mastectomy so I got to go from oncology to maternity. So that if maybe maybe it's just the ultimate fear of finding out bad news and that that bad news will be a fine -- and knowing that there's good news after -- better knowing that even whatever news you find out. It's not a final it's not a final judgment you can beat it. There are they are there's a roomful of of gorgeous women who have. So -- the bad news that you may get. It it will end up not being your last news don't be afraid -- -- don't be afraid and -- and I know there -- sent an ABC. Poll that's out today what are the findings said the findings are fascinating. We actually want women to take the -- because we realize they're not talking to their doctors that we found it a lot of women aren't speaking to their doctor -- They're not getting mammograms and they're doing last -- something fans. Which I found -- during a self exam. I was only -- when he -- and honesty and -- and. -- -- why is that because you know it it. I think it's very simple I think when I think a guy thinks of -- breast exam. I mean every day here in the shower every day here in the shower with soapy hands and -- -- -- your -- your body. So why can't you do a breast exam is people are very that's similar similar to bring him out of my MIA an ignorant fool. And now they're so Smart so here's that day but -- -- well -- -- it's not hard to. And I think people are scared I think your freedom and I signed it. I think that out of often times a lot of people -- -- me on my god I did it like when I tell them my story and how easily explained that an -- rested with an example at the start going to think Montauk into the front right start getting breast exam. But it's not that form -- you -- just know the failure brass that your doctor every -- should give you an understand it just feels like it's such an SaaS of all helped pull all of that we can have. Particularly for young when an. And don't honest I don't know I just I'd it's it's 2013 -- -- time to not be afraid of your body it's time to not be afraid of talking about what your body looks like. What it feels like it's time to stop listening to other people tell you what your body should look like let's just let's just get. No and that's a lot of -- yeah. -- -- -- pediatrician told me that I should actually start giving myself breast exams says. Know the terrain of my. But your body yeah and how -- you were only minus thirteen there that -- -- yeah it's great and she didn't even know about my history she had found a lump. And medical skyline and she said I want on my younger house just -- now as they grow up that says something they should take place and. I think it's something wonderful to talk about because I think it's something that is if a young girl is knowledgeable about her body and believe me I have a niece and we went through all the panic. As she grows up -- dating and all that stuff so I understand. But as she knows her body and she's more proud of her body she's much more likely to take ownership of it out and say this is my and a I'm going to protect it against whatever she can still have that conversation early and let her be proud of knowledge is power apple. Leon -- as -- at this saddening and our study be found -- -- underserved women are having a hard time finding access and getting -- but there are -- I think I'm so many barriers were so busy right thinking that is always the easiest excuse. I had in mind I think it's 18% of women said they are too busy and -- get our children to complete adding we have a little advantage mess and child's doctor. As it has been -- -- this could go on and on and on forever we have a short window to keep that on the show to keep -- on the on the web so folks thank you for joining our conversation this morning we'll probably keep talking about it all day long have you probably -- -- monologue that's -- -- Isaiah says so you guys we'll see you tomorrow.

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